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staying on track (enjoy!)

With all the going back and forth in time it’s always good to remember the present, the gift that keeps on giving.

Merry Christmas from all the toys at “Hello I Must Be Going” Aloha! (it’s still there!)

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The Pullllll

This was I believe the next post up in Michael Glickman’s blog I was planning to read sometime soon, and then just a minute ago it came up as the 4th hit in my Google search for “eleven sided” + “crop circles.” So I’m reading the post *now*.

A newer theory has it that the alien spaceship landing sometime in the past in Frank Park may have left in the trail of smoke I saw Saturday a week ago from Tiny Wiltshire. The mystery (train) whistle heard at the same location the next day might be directly related as well, thinking of such a whistle producing a cloud of stream. So maybe Hucka D. is right about them being gone man gone.

Seven is considered to represent spirit, revelation, the eternal feminine and that which lies behind the veil. Eleven is the first number of the Master Number series that is said to indicate degrees of contact and interaction with other dimensions. [my emphasis] Given these credentials we cannot be surprised that these two noble numbers choose to hold themselves slightly aloof from such as the ordinary fours and nines.

The Oliver’s Castle snowflake formation can be seen as a pivotal point in crop circle history, deepening a rift between those who believe there is most definitely a real mystery phenomenon going on in Wiltshire and elsewhere and those who believe there is most definitely no mystery atall to examine — just the work of very terrestrial and very human crop circle “artists”.



Hucka D., didn’t you spend some time in Oliver, Wisconsin last year?

Hucka D.:

I lived there. It was the first virtual reality town created by GoogleEarth. I hid there, yes.


Then of course Carcass-6 comes along that summer; Oliver at center. *Flower*, like in Flower of Life.



It looks to me for all the world that Screven County Georgia and its outlying Oliver (highlighted in red below) duplicates Michael’s revelation that seven lies at the root of the Oliver’s Castle formation. Screven = seven. “Cr” may even be important: *cr*op circle?



Going deeper into this, it may be significant that Oliver, Georgia’s town boundaries are no longer circular, although the other 3 circular towns in the county (Hilltonia, Newington, Rocky Ford), according to the above map, remain so. The limits of the largest city and county seat, Sylvania, is also based on the circle, but a significantly larger one than the rest. Here’s a comparison of all 4 along with Oliver, the 5th incorporated town of the county that doesn’t fit the pattern any longer. Or never did.


Why is Oliver marked as a circle in the outline above when it’s not? Was it *ever* a circle? Maybe not. Is Oliver’s Castle a legitimate (non-human artist) circle and is the Oliver’s Castle video a legitimate film of a crop circle forming and not another piece of art? How much did the videographer get *paid*?

Is this another video of Oddball Oliver killed by King Circle?



“Yes, I am there now.”

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