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Tom Casey always drives fast down the road leading to the club house, because it passes through the dreaded front nine where he almost always plays bogie golf or worse. But it’s a necessary evil to prim and properly reach his beloved back nine… and the 17th hole. Had he replaced the flagpole from the last hole in one? He wasn’t sure.

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New Monkey City/New Sharon 02

In an alternate reality, the renegade or rebel space travelers from Sharon province of Wazob of Mythos planet *did* make it into the heart of Whitehead Crossing and established their base at Edward’s Stone. All kinds of evidence for this, a predominant example being the Green Turtle formation (Green Turtle was a city in the Edwardston metro area of Mythos). And of course Grey Seal, or Grey Rock + Seal Stone, is also directly predicted in Mythos’ Edwardston’s related names through the nearby city of Sealston, not a part of Edwardston metro but in the same province. Sealston stands for Seal Stone, although, again, that’s not the origin of the name. Later I associated it with a Blue Mtn. artist named Seal that the wife also knew, I believe. I saw one of her works hanging in an office I visited about a year or two back while on official business at my job. The travelers mentioned are rebels because they identify with the concept of “yellow down” over “Greenup” championed by the Wazob unification supporters. Unification of Wazob (green) suppresses or absorbs Sharon (yellow), just like Eob did before with Wurme (lower octave).

Monkey City’s Pope Project is another symbol of destruction for Sharon. Nearby Edwardboro’s POPE (Wurme) is the regrowth of same in a newer, stronger form. The POPE is represented by a beanstalk, as it is shaped similarly. In an alternate US where US Grant was hidden away in a back pocket, the South and its rebels won the Civil War.

Rock Meadows in Gene Fade’s “Fade to Moss” sought out his creator Sinclair (The Maker). But when finding his grave, realized he no longer dwelt on this plane. He instead became Blue Skies Mr. way up in the clouds, with Whitehead or white hair. The concept of Whitehead Crossing is bourne. Whitehead is X-ed out because he is dead. When your hair turns white, you are edging towards death, the great beyond. Life not death is the great adventure? Anyway, Sinclair as Blue Skies Mr. became a deity to worship from beyond the grave. This is Jesus and God in one. The colors were set up: Green(head), Red (Head), Blue (Skies Mr.), and White(head X-ing). The colors were planted in [Washington Co.] Florida, along with Noru(m), a central device. An association between Florida and Maine is implied. A gateway to Monhegan Island also opened up near Edward’s Stone and the Green Turtle. Their woodland fairies entered Whitehead Crossing and interbred with the natives (there is record previously in this blog of at least one fairy entering The Crossing from the Maine island). The offspring could easily move between the 2 dimensions. A Monhegan Island artist found the portal and corrupted it. Whitehead Crossing natives learned a valuable lesson about the damage artists and their publicly fueled egos could inflict. They distanced themselves from other artists. They are still getting over this. One of their kind said: “I want to be an artist”. And they turned him away from it.

Rock’s Meadow on the eastern edge of Whitehead X-ing was sort of balanced by Mall Meadows to the west. Famous for its 5 sided mall and 5 shot lattes. 4 Sticks downtown area of 5 Bottles was in easy view. But Mall Meadows was not to be a place for human artists and their ego, no. The rebel native would not be allowed to help the human who desired such, no. You have to see the toys and their consequence. They come from the same place and that’s the dumps. They reinforce this to the youngster who desires to be like the human. You will sink into the pits, they said. No, you will not go down that path.

Mall Meadows was a great gathering place. Those from Red Head came from the east. Those from Greenhead to the north. Those from Whitehead were both there and in the west. The Blue people from above, a place beyond the tomb and the womb (The Eternals?). What formed from this overlap? 5 sided, we know.

Orange Hill (Florida) is yet another color to blend into The Crossing mix. Home, perhaps of Mr. and Mrs. Dundee and Castle Dundee, later turned into an art gallery (same as the Fal Mouth Moon gallery apparently).

Link between Whitehead X-ing and Monhegan Island comes through Little Whitehead, a rock formation in Maine and a small creek in my area. A former fairy bridge linking the two realms was seen spanning the creek several years back, but is now gone. I have photos, however, and the bridge (and its subsequent absence) is featured in the first Whitehead Crossing related collage of the Falmouth series (speaking of Fal Mouth Moon), collage 45 I believe.

Whitehead Crossing closed the portal between Collagesity and Nautilus City, and allowed the former to remain independent and not be absorbed by the latter.

Grey Seal is the *original* one thing on top of another thing. Could it also be surrounded by film?

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Warmer Weather Hiking

Middletown/Ashville wilds are basically closed up to me until October. Even moreso for Mythopolis: November. I’m stuck with Blue Mountain now in terms of off trail hiking. I’m going to try to extend this into May up here.

What closes them up? The heat for one thing. Wearing shorts is not an ideal situation for off trail (Blue Mountain has a lot of mountain nettles, for example). Gnats for another. And a big one: poison ivy/oak. This goes triple for Middletown. This goes triple times triple for Mythopolis. Up here the poison ivy is around but scarcer. There’s some in Whitehead Crossing, for example, but you can pick your way around it, especially if you have a rough idea of its location beforehand. Growing up in Mythopolis was quite different. There you’d have vast fields of nothing but poison ivy sometimes to deal with. That’s a huge plus for Blue Mountain even in comparison with Middletown, where the poison ivy situation is between the two.

Then we come to the wildlife critters, and I think especially here of snakes. Don’t want to step on a snake in the undergrowth. Now Blue Mtn. has it’s share of snakes for sure, but again Mythopolis trumps it, and Middletown, once more, lies between the two in terms of the risk of stumbling upon one of the feared creatures. When I lived in Durham I found that snakes were all over the place — no chance of practical off trail hiking during summer months atall. In Blue Mtn. — Whitehead X-ing once more — you can get away with it.

So: gnats, poison, snakes. That’s the big 3 in terms of living things. I suppose we should add mosquitoes in with gnats, but they’re not as everpresent.

Other critters I’m semi worried about are bears, but I’ve only run across one in all my hiking days, and I encountered him/her on a designated hiking trail. This is one reason I don’t do a lot of off trail hiking at Granddaddy Mtn. Another is conservancy issues. Bees/hornets are also something to think about, especially ground nests. Wolves/coyotes are around; foxes. And I’ve found what is most likely a skunk hole recently at Drink Lake that I need to avoid in the future. Raccoons might be worth pondering.

The woods are just a more dangerous place in warmer weather. The now foliated trees do not allow rocks to dry as quickly, raising chances of slipping on them when wet. And heavy rain, often unforecasted, comes more frequently in the summer.

And so I don’t accomplish a lot of off trail hiking even in relatively safer Blue Mountain. Now *England* might be different. There’s not many snakes. There is *no poison ivy/oak*. The heat is much less of a problem, and I assume the gnats and skeeters as well. England would be *ideal* for summer, intra-woods hiking. If you had enough woods.

And that’s where the advantage shifts to Blue Mountain, once more. Blue Mtn. has woods in spades. Whitehead Crossing is still a center.

Still rock’n!

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Pictures (Falls & Flowers)

Drink Lake Falls.


Hermania’s TILE Falls (top).


Previously unknown Mythopolis Falls.


Mythopolis meadow scene.


Mythopolis daffodils. Springing up!


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“Spine Line”

“I seem to be established pretty firmly in Collagesity, Minoa style Hucka D. It feels like a permanent virtual home.”

Hucka D.:

Characters will emerge soon. Are you ready to begin an interpretation of the Embarras collage series? It may be done already… we don’t know.


Um, sure I suppose.

Hucka D.:

You are shifting emphasis to Mythos. As [fore]told of course. You escaped this time. You will always escape. Until you don’t.


Meaning that I’ll always get to leave mom’s house because I live in another town and have to work there. Blue Mountain.

Hucka D.:

This is mirroring the older, childhood escape. That’s why it has resonance. Ullyses was entrapped on Calypso for 7 years. Not 7 nights, but it is similar in that it is a sealing. Where’s Edward?


I don’t think he’s really that happy.

Hucka D.:




What is the meaning of the Spine Line, Hucka D.?

Hucka D.:

Escape. Eoc. [ Pearl Gray].


I must return to the flea market. Get more toys for another happening. Surprisingly, very surprisingly, Mythos still has energy, purpose. Pattonsburg is still an active center. Edwardston. Just as much as they always were, in ways.

Hucka D.:

The Spine Line gives energy to these places.


I may go to Mythopolis Saturday, Hucka D. Check out more of this Bridge02. Explore Carr Creek. Don’t think that’s the name for it, though.

Hucka D.:

Think of escape. Think of what will happen even when you live in Middletown. Mythos is just as close to Future Home in Middletown as it is to Blue Mountain… closer, in fact. Mythos can still be a laboratory. That is the wish of the parents as well. (pause) Spine Line has protected many of the areas from your childhood — Edwardston, Pattonsburg, Calypso, Eoc. There is another line, however.



After March I will not be able to explore the Spine Line locations, most likely. I’ll have to shift back to Blue Mountain.

Hucka D.:

You can still visit your Bridge02.


Embarras 09: “Spine Line”


What of Embarras 09? You said you wanted to begin an analysis.

Hucka D.:

Spine Line is within. We’ll start a bit tonight then follow through tomorrow. Get nods out tomorrow. Begin to nail down time of DOD.


Yes I will. I’m solidly in Collagesity now. Really have been since June, although I shifted from Noru to Rubi in November.

Hucka D.:

It was all Norubi[ anyway].


“I’m opening Embarras 09 in a new window. We’ll begin tonight. We have an actual spine, or a metallic representation thereof within, alongside the spine of a book. And not any old book, but Winesap. A metallic boy seems to look through the book at a woman with a man sitting in her lap in front of a cave. This is Odysseus. This is the cave of Calypso. On Calypso’s lap is Edward. E. Swift…

Hucka D.:

Not your Edward but still your Edward. He represents the Great Rubi Forest through the Big Thicket of Camp Ruby. Lucky you. He is you established in Collagesity, Rubi style or Minoa style. He is *protection*. The boy attempts to look at the lady. Yet Edward is in the way. The lady is on a red rug. On the top part of the metal spine is the same cave, smaller in perspective, with a *blue* stream coming out of it. This is the opposition of red and blue, Russellian style. The blue and red face opposite ways in front of the cave. The blue stream from the cave seems to “pour” into the spine from the top. The spine is the same as the[ spine of the] book.



Hucka D.:

The blue is Noru and the red is Rubi. Both the red rug and the blue stream pour, as it were, out of the cave. This is good collage… peak of the Embarras series so far.


Thank you.

Hucka D.:

You worked harder on this that some of the others. It shows. Refinement.


It had surprises.

Hucka D.:

You move away from the tetraptych, true, but images collide more in meaningful ways here, although you’ll return to the multi-panel works soon enough. Now you noticed the *Achilles Heel*.


Yes. The achilles heel of the boy. And this relates to Achilles, Virginia and Lady and Glass there and a particular story from Winesap, also highlighted by Faherty’s The Ordained. The blue-green horse emerges from the hole, like a cave on its side. The cyan or blue-green horse is Eoc, Hucka D.


Hucka D.:

12 Ounce Mouse or Fitz (green being behind cyan horse) sees the hole; seems somewhat alarmed. Fitz is Britonia, Fitz is entrapment in Britonia, in the house. Can’t escape. Yet the person in the house which is the same as Fitz here sees the escape through the hole. Eoc is escape through the Spine Line. The hole in the leg of the cyan horse mirrors the hole on the ground. This is also the concept of Greenup as opposed to Yellow Down.


Fitz is Britonia and Skillet is Spring Squirrel or Swamp Squirrel. This is the 2 to Britonia’s 1. Skillet seals the entrapment inside the Confederation, which is the same as Zircon. Omega.

Hucka D.:

Yes. It has been a slow process but the sealing is almost complete. Nowhere to go. Mobility lost.



Then we have a woman reading a book to the left, just like Embarras 08 has Scully reading the Jose Chung book. And like Embarras 08, horses emerge from the left of the reading girl or woman. The same 2 horses.



The 6 legged, cyan colored horse has reappeared from that collage as well. The spine of the book becomes like the [eastern] border of our Middletown property. We are afraid that people will be able to look in on us there, Hucka D., so we must create a protecting border.

Hucka D.:

You must extend the border down, yes. Else people will be able to peer in.


But the middle row of green shrubs may have to be erased… cut down.

Hucka D.:



If we could build a house as small as the one in Embarrass 07…


… then the line of shrubs (appearing behind it in that collage) there would be okay.


“This is about not just one mother but two.”



OMG, Hucka: Edward Swift and Kate Swift as one!



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Edwardston & Pattonsburg

I’m perhaps planning to head down to Mythopolis tomorrow for more hiking fun so I wanted to make sure I generate the text for this related post beforehand.

Last Sunday I parked my car at a strategic place and walked the railroad to Edwardston, prominently landmarked by a historic trestle spanning Silver Creek.

I did not walk across the trestle, and apparently it is against the law now to do so. Not when I was a kid, however, or at least there was no sign there stating such. But now there is. Never mind, because my goal was Edwardston itself, which lay on the near side of the trestle, and where the 2 below photos were snapped. The first shows the waters of Silver Creek (left) and Edward Creek (right) approaching each other to meet just below the trestle, with Silver being the much larger flow and Edward a mere tributary of it.


The actual juncture of the streams. I remember the sandbar being extended more at the peninsula representing their confluence, kind of like a miniature Manhattan. Correspondingly, this was suppose to be the site of Edwardston’s large downtown, with the city itself about the same size as our Chicago. I don’t recall the sandy island in the river you see just beyond — pretty certain that wasn’t there when I was growing up. We’ll be mentioning another formerly unknown Silver Creek island of similar if larger design in a moment.


And the alien style graffiti face is still present below the trestle, just like I found it in 2008, I believe. It almost seems that the image has been repainted, but I doubt someone would take the trouble to do so. This is a pretty out of the way place, and not on any beaten path of any kind. Most likely it was just originally crafted with some quality spray paint — present theory.



Another shot of Edwardston…


… before moving up Silver Creek toward Pattonsburg, about a 1/3rd of a mile northeast. Like Edwardston, Pattonsburg was a Wazobian city of some size, although not quite as big as the former. I rated it the 9th largest city of Wazob, while Edwardston came in at no. 3. The below picture is of Patton Creek which empties into Silver Creek just below “downtown Pattonsburg”, or at least it use to. Now its waters have been dammed by beavers, and any flow beyond must be underground, as the creek bed between here and Pattonsburg about a football field to the north is now dry. Again this was different when I was a teenager…


beaver gnawings in Pattonsburg

… as was Pattonsburg itself, seen in its present state in the below photo. No, when I originally found this place in my early teens, bamboo was growing all over the area viewable in this picture. In fact, I began construction on a bamboo hut here, and perhaps when I cut the bamboo a chain reaction set in, throwing a delicate ecosystem offkilter. At any rate, there is basically no bamboo left, although I found a little this day further south.

The stream is dry, the bamboo is gone. This is an almost completely deenergized Pattonsburg. The city is no more, at least in this location. *But* we’ll come to that interesting “new island twist” in a moment.


A bridge found in what I called Bananaboro, yet another designated spot for a fantasy burg and ranking no. 8 in size for Wazob cities. Bananaboro and Pattonsburg are intimately tied. Besides being close in size (no. 8 and no. 9 respectively) they lie at either end of the Patton Creek, and also were part of a pre-Wazobian country called Or, which later became the Wazob province of Topaz after its consolidation (more on that soon enough).

But the larger point is that the woods surrounding Pattonsburg and Bananaboro — the entirety of Or, in effect — *has remained intact* since my youth. I realized this area still had mythological relevance. You *can* go home in this case, or kind of pick up where you left off.

And I just realized in looking at the remaining photos of this post that I did not include any picture of that larger island I mentioned. Well, let me just describe it a bit. It lies close enough to Pattonsburg to be within its “metro area”. To be more precise it seems to lie on the west side of a place I called Argent — yes, another Mythos city, bearing a no. 16 ranking this time, and the third largest of ancient Or. I’ll have more to say about Argent soon. I might attempt to take more pictures on Saturday of the place — we’ll see.


Edwardston again.



This day I also hiked to the south of Edwardston, or between my mom’s house (which was called Britonia according to my mythology, and the *number 1* city of Wazob (!)) and the railroad trestle. Another interesting fact: the wetlands of Edward Creek have actually been restored since my childhood by a new landowner. I don’t know how this was exactly effected, but the creek is now very wavery and sinuey, where before it basically flowed straight as an arrow. Edward’s Creek has actually *been improved* since my growing up days in Mytholopolis. Another exciting note.


This is a stream I called Green Turtle Creek. I remember it being larger. And not as orange.


Edward Creek as it meanders toward Silver Creek and the railroad trestle through the Edwardston outskirts, one could say.


Edward + Silver once more.


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Mythos 01

Edwardston and its railroad trestle.


Edwardston, Pattonsburg and Gillalex (latter not revisited yet).


Increasing range: Calypso comes into view. Calypso is the traditional 5th largest city of the Mythos country of Wazob, as Edwardston is no. 3 and Gillalex is no. 4. This is obvious reference to the 3-4-5 Pythagorean triangle, in retrospect. The city of Calypso is (or was) located on Morg Island at the confluence of Silver Creek and Gold River. It is now part of a walking park. Wazob is built around the Silver Creek, and Calypso represents its “top”, a sealing or even entrapping lid.


Expanding out again we can view old Eoc above Wazob, and also more of the Federation whose outline is basically the same as old Mythopolis. More on that association soon enough.

Note: We have now escaped Calypso representing the whole of Wazob after 6 nights (almost a full week) and returned to normality. Comparison to Ulysses’ entrapment on Ogygia by nymph Calypso might be necessary. This is the meaning of the Spine Line, along with an absence of Edward now. Spine Line travels up first Silver (Wazob) and then Gold (Eoc). Edward has likewise escaped silvery Wazob through the help of goldeny Eoc.

The province of Spinel, shared between Wazob and Eoc, lies fully between Calypso and Bridge01 above it.


A key is what I’m presently calling, for lack of a better term still, Bridge02.


Unfortunately I haven’t taken any pictures of the location yet. Much deepness here. Bridge01 to Bridge02 defines the lower and upper limits of Eoc. Now I don’t think Eoc is still an active political unit but perhaps that doesn’t matter. Smithston represents the old 3rd eye of Mythos. Bridge02 could be a new, transposed eye for the planet, perhaps even improved in ways. It lies at the upper tip of Spine Line or maybe Bridge Line, because it “begins” at a bridge (rr tressle bridge at Edwardston) and ends with one as well (Bridge02) according to present theories.*

Each place that the Spine or Bridge Line touches either Silver Creek or Gold River seems highlighted by a landmark.

Edward has left Mythos now, perhaps not even saying goodbye.

no Edward


* note: I met a Pearl Gray Grey in Second Life tonight and the capital of Eoc (Campbella) is or was in a Pearl Province with an official color of gray. Interesting juxtaposition, then. Pearl knew of my blog, or at least the pictures. 🙂 SL’s funny like that. That represents my first visit to Second Life after returning from my 6 night “entrapment” (without internet) in Wazob. Aiding Eoc is showing its colors, once more.

Another interesting shadow picture with circle, this time from Collagesity in Rubi. I call it “Squaring The”. Very accidental shadowing, once more.


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Chat, Hikes

“Collages are coming in right and left, Hucka (!)”

Hucka D.:

Pressure creates art. You are seeking help. Art responds.


Have even revisited Greenup Gill now[ in last 2 collages, completed just yesterday].

Hucka D.:

You are playing the border between animation and collage. You see how hard it is to make good, competent animation. It really should be *lived*.


Interesting, Hucka D. Oh, I need to talk about my hikes this weekend. And last weekend, actually.


Hiking season perhaps has officially opened, with 2 nice mountain hikes this weekend, both in Frank Park. But to back up, *last* weekend I also hiked in Frank Park and also Mytholopolis on Saturday. No pictures from the latter, however — forgot to take my camera along with me for the 50 minute drive. To summarize, what I basically discovered was an alternate or *southern* route from Carrcassonne into the heart of the new Mythos, or Redlands as I’m calling it now. I’ll attempt to provide types of maps asap.

Now to Frank Park. Last week I revisited Bill Mtn., but was quite depressed still about my interim evaluation and the whole work situation now. So I *dwelled*. Instead of walking toward the summit, I headed away through southern meadows toward places not seen in a while, including a ridge between Bill Mtn. and Frank Lake that I’d earmarked for a possible toy happening some time ago — a flat, relatively clear spot centered by a hemlock. The former passage into this clear space had now become overgrown with rhododendron. It was effectively sealed off, and if this was my first visit I probably wouldn’t have even known there was a clear space back in there. Not sure exactly what this means — must return when I’m in a better state of mind. The meadow just south seemed to contain poles marking some kind of, I’m not sure, race? Anyway, that added a little to my depression for some reason. Maybe just another human intrusion into a former pristine settin. Oh, and *guns* were being shot not far off. Hopefully not in Frank Park itself! But I think hunters are around the edges of the park. And I heard them again the next day, if I remember correctly. Upsetting. Started in the afternoon both days.

It’s difficult to write about my Frank and Herman Park hikes without pictures. I’ll try to put what I have on the blog tonight so that I can write more effectively later on. The 2 hikes this weekend were more successful, and both days I explored new territory, especially yesterday (Sunday). Found another hutch in the woods where someone perhaps got refuge from the elements at times. Bullrocks type rocks below it… this would be the summit of Greene Knob. Or maybe that’s Gene Knob. Should Gene Knob be a new blog category?

Hucka D.:

I’m back. Yes, Gene Knob should be a new category. But don’t call it that. Think of Allen Knob to its west north. Think of Green Stream between. Allen the Purple Martin.

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Collage 16

A logical follow-up, and directly related to animation collages Jasper 05 and 06.

“Woods Slider Upper”

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Collage 15

Grayson (Dis/En)closure

Some preliminary thoughts on this…

I think this is an *attempt* at healing a painful situation depicted more in full in Collage 13, which contains the same central Jack figure. Here Jack is not as much a facade as in that earlier effort, but an enclosure. His face is not 2d but superimposed with a head that represents a montage of President Eisenhower (of Grayson County) and his representative to the grey aliens, supposedly. I assume the head speaks of aliens, then, and the truth behind them. The rock enclosure may represent a place of safety to do this. Many of the elements from Collage 13 reappear, including the colorful pea pod on Jack’s arm, and also nearby 12 Oz Mouse/Fitz. The Shining’s Wendy is new to the scene, although she appears in the Collage before this (14) and also the earlier Collage 9 (2 Wendys in that case). She’s culled from the famous scene 61, studied by me in some detail in late Dec. and early Jan. Jack and the rock enclosure replace the reclining Danny of that static scene. In Collage 14 before this, Wendy also stares toward Jack at the bottom of the picture — and there are 2 Jacks there, one replacing the head of McCartney and one (to its right) turning around to face Wendy, seemingly. The tiny, walking McCartney and Harrison also are transposed to Collage 15 from Collage 14. And also as in Collage 14, they walk across Jack’s chest/torso. The handshake between Starr and Coburn in Collage 14 may be the thing being spoke about by Ike/Ike’s Representative in Collage 15. Why does Wendy look on and why is she cradling a giant corndog in her arms? This seems to represent a beginning of forgiveness. Acceptance of the corndog in the past. The evaluation is over, and healing must begin before any kind of integration can take place. The Wendy figure must own up to her part of the incident. Behind Jack and the rock enclosure is 2 fused pictorial elements from single movie synchs of the past, as Carrcass-10 represents the newest single movie carrcass, involving The Shining and it alone, in essence. We have Kevin from “Up” superimposed on Howl’s Moving Castle, with 2 eyes becoming 1 eye. Kevin and the castle become fused. They are direct kin to Jack because of the single movie carrcasses involved. Kevin’s body is similarly colored to the red rock of the rock enclosure — a rock temple, really. These rock temples, mid ground and foreground (1 and the same) might represent carrcasses, then, past (Up/Howl’s Moving Castle) and present (The Shining). The past has done its duty; the present still has some stuff to say, apparently. Grayson information. Military industrial complex stuff. The golden, upward path in Collage 13 transforms into the red, downward path or passage in Collage 15. Red is pain. Red is also information, painful in style. There will be an attempt to understand.

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