New Monkey City/New Sharon 02

In an alternate reality, the renegade or rebel space travelers from Sharon province of Wazob of Mythos planet *did* make it into the heart of Whitehead Crossing and established their base at Edward’s Stone. All kinds of evidence for this, a predominant example being the Green Turtle formation (Green Turtle was a city in the Edwardston metro area of Mythos). And of course Grey Seal, or Grey Rock + Seal Stone, is also directly predicted in Mythos’ Edwardston’s related names through the nearby city of Sealston, not a part of Edwardston metro but in the same province. Sealston stands for Seal Stone, although, again, that’s not the origin of the name. Later I associated it with a Blue Mtn. artist named Seal that the wife also knew, I believe. I saw one of her works hanging in an office I visited about a year or two back while on official business at my job. The travelers mentioned are rebels because they identify with the concept of “yellow down” over “Greenup” championed by the Wazob unification supporters. Unification of Wazob (green) suppresses or absorbs Sharon (yellow), just like Eob did before with Wurme (lower octave).

Monkey City’s Pope Project is another symbol of destruction for Sharon. Nearby Edwardboro’s POPE (Wurme) is the regrowth of same in a newer, stronger form. The POPE is represented by a beanstalk, as it is shaped similarly. In an alternate US where US Grant was hidden away in a back pocket, the South and its rebels won the Civil War.

Rock Meadows in Gene Fade’s “Fade to Moss” sought out his creator Sinclair (The Maker). But when finding his grave, realized he no longer dwelt on this plane. He instead became Blue Skies Mr. way up in the clouds, with Whitehead or white hair. The concept of Whitehead Crossing is bourne. Whitehead is X-ed out because he is dead. When your hair turns white, you are edging towards death, the great beyond. Life not death is the great adventure? Anyway, Sinclair as Blue Skies Mr. became a deity to worship from beyond the grave. This is Jesus and God in one. The colors were set up: Green(head), Red (Head), Blue (Skies Mr.), and White(head X-ing). The colors were planted in [Washington Co.] Florida, along with Noru(m), a central device. An association between Florida and Maine is implied. A gateway to Monhegan Island also opened up near Edward’s Stone and the Green Turtle. Their woodland fairies entered Whitehead Crossing and interbred with the natives (there is record previously in this blog of at least one fairy entering The Crossing from the Maine island). The offspring could easily move between the 2 dimensions. A Monhegan Island artist found the portal and corrupted it. Whitehead Crossing natives learned a valuable lesson about the damage artists and their publicly fueled egos could inflict. They distanced themselves from other artists. They are still getting over this. One of their kind said: “I want to be an artist”. And they turned him away from it.

Rock’s Meadow on the eastern edge of Whitehead X-ing was sort of balanced by Mall Meadows to the west. Famous for its 5 sided mall and 5 shot lattes. 4 Sticks downtown area of 5 Bottles was in easy view. But Mall Meadows was not to be a place for human artists and their ego, no. The rebel native would not be allowed to help the human who desired such, no. You have to see the toys and their consequence. They come from the same place and that’s the dumps. They reinforce this to the youngster who desires to be like the human. You will sink into the pits, they said. No, you will not go down that path.

Mall Meadows was a great gathering place. Those from Red Head came from the east. Those from Greenhead to the north. Those from Whitehead were both there and in the west. The Blue people from above, a place beyond the tomb and the womb (The Eternals?). What formed from this overlap? 5 sided, we know.

Orange Hill (Florida) is yet another color to blend into The Crossing mix. Home, perhaps of Mr. and Mrs. Dundee and Castle Dundee, later turned into an art gallery (same as the Fal Mouth Moon gallery apparently).

Link between Whitehead X-ing and Monhegan Island comes through Little Whitehead, a rock formation in Maine and a small creek in my area. A former fairy bridge linking the two realms was seen spanning the creek several years back, but is now gone. I have photos, however, and the bridge (and its subsequent absence) is featured in the first Whitehead Crossing related collage of the Falmouth series (speaking of Fal Mouth Moon), collage 45 I believe.

Whitehead Crossing closed the portal between Collagesity and Nautilus City, and allowed the former to remain independent and not be absorbed by the latter.

Grey Seal is the *original* one thing on top of another thing. Could it also be surrounded by film?

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