New Monkey City/New Sharon 01

The Others have prepared a place for me in New Monkey City/New Sharon. They would prefer that I *not* use this space, but it’s there, and a much better place to do what I do than in WH X-ing proper. That’s my new thoughts. New Monkey City/New Sharon thoughts. That’s where the Rock and the Stone unite. Whitehead X-ing already has a Rock and Stone together — this would, of course, be the Grey Seal formation (Grey Rock + Seal Stone). The unification is permanent there, however. The merger in NMC/NS will always be impermanent or temporary. A temporary fix. Toys are united with something else, and this goes back to the dump(s). These two come from a common source. I do and do not know what Carrcassonnee is, or who she is. She was grown from a piece of gooey glop gloppy goo. She is the alien discovered by Sharon explorers on far away Mythos a long time back now. She gave them the chromacube knowledge. She demanded the ensoulment of Mythos people through toys, a vice. Wazob banned ensoulment of the wee people or the yellow downs as they called them. They demanded “Greenup!”. Renegades stole the last of Carrcassonnee and brought her on a spaceship to NMC/NS (these were the two names debated for the new town). They were propelled away from Whitehead Crossing proper, which already had a Rock and a Stone united, as stated. They were thrown offcourse a bit. A vice was created to the president. Wheeler, Wilson. And it could move forwards and backwards in time. NORRIS.

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