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“Is this Egg Hill Sink, my Lord?”

“Think about what you just said,” I spoke in Ben Wolf’s head (disguised as his “Lord”). “Egg – Hill – Sink,” I said plainly and calmly.

“Oh.” He turned and looked toward The Yuiselles. “I think I see.”

I explained more clearly. “This is a hill shaped like an egg, true. Kind of,” I added.

“Then it is a pointer.”

I realized he was right. I decided not to talk in his head any more today. He must head back home and discuss his “revelations” with his wife the Irish Lass. Forgot her name right off. Even though I gave it to her.


“I had a vision today Phyllis (*Phyllis*: that was it).”

“Oh yes, dear? Another one? Did this involve The Lord?”

“Well… yes. He said that I was standing on the summit but it wasn’t *the* summit.”

“Moork Summit? Is that what you’re talking about still?” Phyllis was distracted by thoughts of the Small Kowloon House formerly situated on the small island in the middle of Danshire, even though she didn’t know it by that name. Everyone called it [Capitol Hill]. The shack had disappeared overnight, with Red Pepper from the local neighborhood watch sending out an instagram message apologizing for the eyesore and saying the situation had been dealt with. But back to *trying* to listen to her husband’s religious ramblings — more of ’em.”

“The summit was instead a chasm. I don’t know what that means.”

Phyllis realized she missed an important part of his revelation while spacing out about the island and the shack, but didn’t want to backtrack. That bridge is best left to be built by one coming after her. She’s already on the other side of the chasm — what does *she* care?

“Um hum,” she instead answers without full understanding. The husband finally fell silent. Back to thoughts of the shack…

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missing 02

He didn’t want to, but Monsieur Gold really had no other choice but the fuel up at Widow’s Lair since Sparky (Sally Spark O Naut, again) was nowhere to be found and there was no self service at her station. He’d been here once before. He didn’t like the scene. But the Lying Widow was gone as well. Thank God in Brown Heaven.

He had pumped his gas and was about to leave…

… when he noticed the hole across the road. Let’s see, he realized, that would be just beyond the southwest corner of Burnt Oak… like Sparky’s is just beyond the northeast corner of same. I wonder if the two gas station owners — good and evil — planned it that way, Monsieur Gold pondered. Almost a perfect opposition. And both are *missing* now.


Meanwhile… inside…

“Tell us what happened Lying Widow,” demanded Axis the Tin Tin Soldier Man, Clubby by his side as usual. “You must have seen them go in. You see *everything* with those big peepers of yours.”

“I’m not saying anything,” she barked gruffly while struggling with the ropes. “You can burn me like a witch and I’ll cook to my grave without speaking. Talk is cheap. Go ahead and kill me.”

Axis TTSM smiled toward his demonic sidekick. “We’re going to do better than that, Lying Widow. We’re going to seal you in here. You’ll be trapped as much as the two traitors whose identify we have yet to learn. Thanks to your uncooperation.”

“Kill me,” Lying Widow demanded. “Kill me!” she pleaded as they exited The Bar at the End of Time, laughing maniacally. “Kill me!!” she screamed as their footsteps died down the corridor.



“Add a couple of trees, some chairs, half an old car, and noone will be the wiser this was *ever* opened up, Clubby. Case *closed*.”

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shortcut 02

“I made it happen,” Norris declares from the rocker to the user baker b. through Baker Bloch. “You must get Wheeler back to sewing the elephant. When she finishes we can talk more.”

Baker pauses to consider this. “You mean the Corsica book.”

“Of course… i-ca. Sorry.”

“Good to see you have a sense of humor. I was starting to worry Harry. JERRY, Harry.”

“Norris here, if you will.” He then looks over at the back of Baker Bloch’s hatted head. “Make sure you aren’t looking at me. Are you looking at me?”

“No.” Baker kept staring toward the corner of the room.

Although he kept looking at this same corner, seemingly, his position in the room shifted. Furniture appeared; a table. A warm breeze blew through the now open windows beside him. Norris followed Baker Bloch through the portal but couldn’t properly sit in the rocking chair now… no room for him here.

Another took his place.

“You don’t mind if I SMOKE, do you?!” Baker turned.

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Pretty Man

Basically like clockwork, Earie passes Jiff’s abode a couple minutes beyond total darkness. 7:30 tonight, but winter is coming and the days are getting shorter. Tomorrow he should pass at approximately 7:29, the next day 7:28, and so on until time turns around or he leaves the sim. One day Jiff will follow the punk to see where he goes, but right now he needs to get some sleep. Jiff’s usually in bed by about 8 and rises around 6. Sometimes he even sees Earie pass the other way. Then it’s off to work at the Gaston-Berry Police Station as staff psychiatrist. A new and troubled male inmate has just arrived who goes by the name of Wilson. Pretty face, though. Maybe that’s the screw’s turn, Jiff ponders, knowing other information. Maybe this town demands too much from its citizens.

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Peter SoSo and Prissy have a *ghost* in their bathroom, Bendy pondered when returning to his rowhouse from the hotel. No, not a ghost, an interdimensional being of some sort. A Nancy that is all Nancy’s. All Nancy’s. What does it mean?

Tronesisia, listening in unseen from the other side of the room, knew the answer.

Sissy not Prissy, she thought over and over. Sissy not Prissy, Sissy not Prissy, Sissy not Prissy…

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Underground 01

She stands up and gets her directions straight. Yes, to the right should be the safe plaza, or underneath it. She’ll head that way first. Taking a deep breath, Wheeler begins her exploration of VHC Town’s vast underworld.

Just past the doors to the basement of [delete name], she found this: what appeared to be a water filled opening with an actual stream flowing behind it. Boldly, she strides inside…

… to find herself not underwater atall, but instead on dry land beside the seen water flow. She looks upstream. “Is that a coffin?”

Yes. A coffin. And room for two on top, it seemed.

Why not.

Oh, this isn’t good. She stands up and tries the other poseball.

Yes, not as bad. What *is* this place? Is it the River Styx? Certainly seems like it. Heels in water — she remembers something from grade school about a hero being dipped in that river for protection, but he was, yes, he was held by the heel and that remained unprotected. Hercules? No, Wheeler didn’t think it was Hercules. Paris sprung to mind. Then the correct one: Achilles. She decides, just because it can’t hurt, to immerse herself in the waters. But underneath was dry. Uh oh. A red door. She scrambles upwards over rocks to reach it.

Are these the *same* red doors? The ones accessible from the safe plaza that are locked?

She tries the doors: indeed locked. A passageway just beyond draws her attention. First she checks out the pipes that this River Styx emerges from. All closed off in this direction.

To the passage…

… a twisty-turny affair, and pretty long.

Another reddish door at the end.

Wheeler can open this one, but can’t pass through. She even tries to remove her tiny hat to see if that will help. Still no luck. Seeing no other means of egress, she’ll have to turn around and retrace her steps back to the river.


She then realizes there’s another opening the river flows through on the lower side. She jumps into the water again and walks foward.

Looking back.

She’s out again! And right behind the building where she started, sitting almost directly west of the Graphic Artist portal, she reckoned.

Wheeler walks to the north side of the building and makes a phone call to Baker Bloch. Wait till he hears about *this*!

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