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she must not die in vain

“The Head and the Heart must work together,” Tronesisia concluded, unclasping her hand from Rebl’s. “Heterocera is dead. Vainom Kug is dead.”

“Who?” Rebl responded, then realized who it must be. Manager of the Hotel Chelsea. It’s her Oracle name. As creator/maker Mykal Skall becomes Sikul Himakt in same.

“But — everything is so up in the air over here,” she protests, looking around. “This — *house* for one thing. Lamb outside.” She glances toward the open door with this, just beyond the now *White* Witch. How??

“But the Splinterwood castle (at the top) just next door remains firm in the ground,” divinator Tronesisia reassures. “Peaks, my love. Climaxes even, like the one in End of Time. You know, the meditating Freddy. You must return to that — stuff.” Tronesisia saw it clearly now. Corsica is the place. The Black Witch turned White overnight; Yin becomes Yang and true island is revealed with its Capitol Hill, its Capitol City.  The threat comes from Gaeta V. From the east; through the strait.

But in what form?

While busy raising the dead there, she missed a crucial piece about Danshire.

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The Bar at the End of Time

“We can speak freely here, Pat. Away from the users. Go ahead.”

“Well. Like I said, I knew he came in from the high desert because he was all gritty and grimy and stuff.”

“Where else would he come from?” asked Zoidboro intelligently.

Patrick Starkey adjusted his cap. “Nowhere, I suppose. And he was different looking. Not as mutanty.” Patrick stared at Zoidboro and the various projections issuing from his head. “No offense, man.”

“None taken.” Zoidboro decided to direct the conversation toward the heart of the matter. “Tell me how Rosehaven came up?”


“They’re down there, Axis.”

“We have them now.”

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“I’ve tried so many times to paint the Moth Temple and attached pier village, Catvas. Tried and failed. It’s just so beautiful as is.” Bill gets up and moves toward the winged feline.

“But try I must again.” She then peers down at the piers. “Ooo… looks like Ellen has made another move at the chessboard. Forgot *this*!”

“Okay,” the disappointed Catvas purred after an awkward pause. She should be use to the feeling by now. “Maybe tomorrow?”

“Tomorrow it is, my friend”

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What is it?

“I simply don’t remember this, um, display Musician.”

“It was here, Wheeler. It’s the same cave, after all.”

“I’m not so sure.”

“It’s the same,” exclaims The Musician again while now clinging to a thorny rose vine.

“It’s the same.”

Around the corner, Lou and Osborne Well titter.

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Turns out Jacob I. had mistakened Earie for another punk with a queerly similar mohawk who came in earlier that night. “Chuck,” Jacob said, thinking back to the meeting and shaking his head. “Must have been a clown dressed up as a punk. They do that.”

“Tell him to take off his hat,” purred a tinier Broken Heart, sitting on it. “You know you want to see.”

“See what?” Earie asked.

“The I., of course,” replied Broken Heart.

“Oh he’s not interested in that thing, Jackie.”

“Don’t call me Jackie,” said the bone cat.

“Alright.” Jacob looked to the punk presently sitting with him. “How’s that grass treating you, hehe.”

“Pretty good,” said Earie, taking another toke. He’d finish this joint and be done with it, he decided. Has to walk home still, he knew. But how to navigate that whole backyard journey again? Maybe Broken Heart would escort him. If she did, then perhaps he could partake in at least part of another joint. “Good stuff; starting to see Hawaii, haha,” he finally replied to Jacob’s query. “So… what were we talking about? Oh. I have to ask the bone cat something.”

“Hat,” persisted Broken Heart. She tapped her little paw on Jacob’s straw chapeau for emphasis.

Jacob exhaled a lot of smoke in resignation, raising his eyebrow for Earlie while setting his joint down in the ashtray on the table. “She’s not going to give up. But I’m warning you. It’s intense.” Broken Heart jumped to the floor and he removed the hat, laying it carefully on the couch beside him.

Looks like another Big Reveal to me.

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olde 02

Wheeler and Buster then wandered over to the town’s new power station.

“Look, it’s one of those *real* old timey computers, Buster. And there’s Rocky’s novel again. Looks like he might be finished.”

“Is Nancy alive or dead at the end? Can you tell?”

“Who’s ‘G’, Buster?” Wheeler asked in turn.

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thin blue lines

“So this is where you’ve been hanging out lately, Wheeler. Wondered where you were.”

“Yes, Baker Bloch. VHC Town. Or is it VHC City? With the C at the end of VHC, it seems something redundant to add City to the end. Like the C could stand for City already, except it doesn’t.”

“Technicality, Wheeler. I prefer Town.”

“I do too. Just had to speak all that out loud to know.”

“Right. But we’re not here to talk nomenclature.”

“No, we’re here to talk business.” Wheeler pulled out a map of the involved sim from her coat and unfolded it on the circular table between Baker Bloch and herself. “We’ve identified at least 5 hot spots that can be used for dramatic purposes, Baker. The most important one for you is the [delete name], which could be a new place to set up The Table.”

“That *is* dramatic. So is [delete name] turning into your new Blue Feather?”

“Not quite that. Check the sim remotely as it is on the map. You’ve joined the appropriate group now.”

“Yes. [Delete name].”

“Then most lines will be blue. *Except*… the one next to the key shop. That shop is a portal (!).”

Baker increases his draw distance, unrenders volume, and then checks remotely as Wheeler requested.

He compares this with the map in front of him. He renders and unrenders volume several times. He zooms in as needed. He mentally ticks off each of the 5 highlighted locations. Satisfied he can locate all in the town, he returns his attention to Wheeler.

“And you’ve said you have a duplicate of the shop. And you own the, um, owner.” Baker was trying to feign calm to balance out Wheeler’s obvious enthusiasm, but he too was getting pretty excited. Possibilities!

“*Former* owner. I wasn’t as scared as The Musician. But, then again, I didn’t see the (clown) face full on. He’s still getting over it. He’s resting upstairs on a couch.” She points up toward the bar’s sign.

“What’s all that about?”

“Circus related possession — not uncommon as I understand now. But anyway, I bought the shop. I own the key shop. 250 lindens. Chuckles Greentop has been semi-retired since 2012. She was glad to get rid of it. Said the taxes had gone way up in the last several years on the small parcel. So I own it. I own it!”

“Hmm, so you said.” Baker Bloch removed his hand from his mouth. He’d been hiding a smile. “Should we go look?” He then scanned Wheeler’s map, jabbing the appropriate spot.

“You’re pretty good with maps, Baker Bloch.”

“I am. So let’s go.”

“Quick. Before The Musician comes down. I want to surprise him with the news.”

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