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Heading Diagonal 02

Malvern, AL with variant name of Eagan near Light and Geneva-Houston co border, which is also part of GNIRPS (neighbor’s house, which just sold again this month). Circular city limits on topo map (Malvern as well).

Eagan, TN just examined is very near Campbell Co line with Jacksboro for seat. Conj. of Jack and Campbell here is another personal GNIRPs entry (former music director of my childhood church). You can see Eagan and Pruden in nw corner of below map of Campbell Co.

Third and last Eagan pp in Dakota Co MN, by far the largest of the 3 and in Minn./St. Paul metro area.

Nearby Eagan MN is Nichols. Nicholas David of The Voice fame born in Eagan, MN, and nicknamed St. Nick on the tv show.


No Jaffee in GNIRPS. Apparently this is most famous Jaffee:


No Meribel in GNIRPS. Meribel sim of Second Life named after this French ski resort:


Many Benningtons LINK, and I came up with it for C1617W just as a plain name to attach humor (like Farmington as well). But Bennington Edwards Co IL still may be pertinent. It has to do with neighbors growing up on *both* sides, including Edwards Co, Grayville in southern part, Samsville, Black, Browns (neighbors directly west of my neighbors), Golden Gate (another color like gray, brown, black), and Bone Gap and Blood also may be related (like blood and bones, and blood relative). Sam’s house sold this month just like Geneva’s. Black in both Edwards Co IL and Geneva Co AL with Malvern/Eagan.

Grayville was one of the early settlements, located at the mouth of Bonpas Creek and the (Big) Wabash River, and settled by the Gray family around 1810. Bonpas is a French word meaning “good bay” and early French keel boatmen tied their boats at the mouth of Bonpas Creek in the spring to escape high water or floating ice. Bonpas was once considered navigable, and boats went north as far as east of West Salem, Pinhook and Bennington.

Largest Bennington in VT.


Back to Sansara continent’s Snowlands…

Fellow explorer Simple Wunderlich, who I befriended several years back (see his pictures also in center of Collagesity’s Kidd Tower), has created a series on Snowlands here:

Mtn. from Simple’s series that no longer exists, pictured across stilll extant Cortina forest.

Another Simple photo showing a more interesting build in Loon — haven’t checked to see if it is still there.

Another building, no longer in Snowlands, snapped by Simple, formerly of the Loveland sim I believe.

Explorer Jayaram Dahlia (who I don’t know) has also created a series on Sansara’s Snowlands, claiming to have explored it thoroughly in all directions…

… enough to make this map of personalized regions.

Purden and Eagan are locations on the *diagonal* boundary she’s set up between her Central and South Central regions.

Good closer there.



also has many wonderful pictures of Snowlands. Amazing blog! Here’s a selection of related posts: (Inferialist in Sunklands blog)

More: (older Inferialist?) (ditto?)

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Bigfoot 05/10/16

I’ve been calling the more clear place on Second Road Secondary for now, but I may change the name to Chester, partially after orangey Chester the Cheetah, mascot for world famous, multi-billion dollar corporation Cheetos, most noted for their cheese puffs. My favorite snack food of all time (just kidd’n). Anyway, these 3 lined up, orange-ish mushrooms reminded me of the kind of similarly colored 3 Chesters now in Newtown Hollow Square, Collagesity.


Chester residence?



There are also some interesting “native” rocks in the immediate area. I may make a detailed map of all this soon enough. I’ll probably return to Bigfoot this weekend.


When I googled “Cheetahs” + “high school” in an image search, the below came up near the top of the list. Lacrosse again, resonant with the same sport ball in the Chester region. Kind of synchy, no?


Plainfield is identified as the oldest community in Will County because the earliest settlement of Walkers’ Grove was established on the banks of the DuPage River by 1828. However, the actual Village of Plainfield was platted immediately north of Walkers’ Grove in 1834 by Chester Ingersoll. The separate community of East Plainfield was platted in June 1836 by James Mathers who began selling lots in July 1836.

And Chester there again (Plainfield’s founder/platterer). Plainfield is also pretty near Joliet and Romeo(ville), in a *Will* County. It’s also said to be, per wikipedia, the oldest community in this county.

More area rocks:



Bigfoot greenery.


A nearby, painfully yellow softball surrounded by poison ivy.


Breeze block. Now I just need a bit of old bone and I can fantasize up anything (Black Books reference).


Nearby, additional Bigfoot rocks:


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Boos Overview 01

Difficult to get back in the writing mode after doing so much art recently. The Boos collage series *may* be over. Not saying it is but I’m not saying it isn’t (but it is?). The Nautlius City gallery is filled to the brim with new collages. But *now* I get to interpret them (!). When to start? I can hear Hucka D. say, “now!”.


So let’s look back. And I’ll employ Hucka D. to aid my interpretation as usual, an important role of his on this and past blogs. I have a couple of collages to fine tune but nothing major like with collage 03 LINK. I can do that as I go along.

Hucka D.:

It begins with a dirty little wet seed. A car, perhaps a buick but perhaps not. Lying in a driveway under a tree, unused probably. Broken. A dirty little broken wet seed.


Thanks for beginning Hucka D. And his is what unboxed Boss Moss is pointing to in the very first collage of the Boos series. Let’s back up briefly and explain the name.

Hucka D.:

It will take you several minutes to get ungroggy so I’ll continue. Boos is the name of a Jasper County village. Like Rose Hill before it. Like Hidalgo, like Yale and Wheeler, like Gila, Latona, Lis. Newton, of course. And then Jasper itself. And let’s not forget Falmouth, the most importantest of all so far. Then you also have proper names Sam Parr, Embarass, and Stonethrow coming from the immediate Newton area. Now we have Boos. The latest of these are organized by a single gallery building. Why do you have names coming from Jasper County, Illinois? Why? You have no connection to that county in real life. Oh, you have one. Dean was from that county. But that came after the whole idea was well on its way. You would name *all* of your collage series after place names in or immediately near this Jasper County. Let’s take a look at a map.


Do we have to?

Hucka D.:



Not that one, although that shows the details of the names of series around Newton, the ones in the Red Umbrella and the latest created before Boos. Okay, actually that is a good one to start with. Then expanding out…

Ah, I found it:



That’s an interesting one to look at.

Hucka D.:

Give us a minute. We can update now.


So the order, according to the chronology of the series and adding in Greenup and Oblong, are:

(Greenup), Rose Hill, Yale, Newton, (Oblong), Hidalgo, Wheeler, Jasper, Gila, Latona, Lis, Falmouth, Sam Parr, Embarras, Stonethrow, and now Boos. That’s 16 collage series named for places in and around Jasper County, 14 within the county itself, including all the more recent ones. Beyond Oblong, that is, and that came from 2007.


So Boos is about the same distance from Newton, the county seat, as Falmouth to its north. A good comparison for Boos would be Gilatona-Lis to begin. Obviously Boos isn’t on the scale of Falmouth and its 61 collages, but it’s not far off of Gilatona-Lis’ pace with the 36 or so. Another way to see Boos is as a type of mini-Falmouth.

Hucka D.:

Good. Gilatona-Lis ends with a bang (4 part collage — first of of the tetraptychs). Boos, if it is complete, ends more with not a wimper, let’s say, but a dwindling, a more gentle leaving. “All Together Now”, just like the ending song of the “Yellow Submarine” movie, one of your favorites.


The movie, yes.

Hucka D.:

Per your advice we won’t name the main town involved in the Boos collages. We’ll call it T-Town.


Maybe Thornberry, like the toy avatar actor(‘s name).

Hucka D.:

Thornberry it is.

(to be continued)


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I’m glad that Hucka D. is starting to attend meetings with Carrcassonnee. Or should I refer to him as Hucka Doobie now? hehe. We’ll see how long it lasts. Short attention span that man-insect has! But I get the gist. Carrcassonnee’s diner is symbol of Hand Lake, as the larger TILE Temple that she originally inhabited in the newest version of Collagesity is Drink Lake. We know now that the two, in real life, are directly north and south of each other — as the temple and diner were (as well) in fake or virtual life. That’s another link or resonance. Further, both Hand and Drink are drinking lakes, and have a water plant nearby that also have a direct north-south relationship. Directly. Hucka D. has stated that a Fringe event has happened in the center of Hand Lake in past/present/future, and *caused* The Finger. Interesting theory. Carrcassonnee seems to back it up but unsure still. The rock in the Collagesity diner is supposedly owned by Peter SoSo, who may be the same as Fringe’s Peter. Carrcassonnee might even double for Olivia, as we’ve talked about before. LINK



If there’s something to all this, Reiden Lake must figure into the mix, a place linking the two realities of Earth depicted in Fringe….



I’m getting hints that Hucka D. doesn’t want me to talk about that much yet. So let’s go here instead: the image of a lake as a hand that basically seals up the whole Falmouth collage series, acting as an Omega element…


(The actual lake in the extended collage) is Tarn at Leaves near Stonetwaite. TaL is filled with algae, as I know Hand Lake is now when visiting midday this past weekend. Mr. Bean has become one with the lake or tarn; seems to be laying down on its shore and drinking from it or perhaps even drowning in it — becoming one with it either way. Same basic color. Then extending from *his* body is an upright map version of Lake Horton in Nauvoo, Illinois, a place famous for the death of Joseph Smith, prophet and founder of Mormonism. The lake contains a single island which is called Gilligan’s Island. And the lake is shaped like a hand of sorts.

Gilligan’s Island is another Omega Point.

bent thumb

(to be continued)

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Marbles 02





Presley was born on January 8, 1935, in Tupelo, Mississippi, the son of Gladys Love (née Smith; April 25, 1912 – August 14, 1958) and Vernon Elvis Presley (April 10, 1916 – June 26, 1979),[12] in the two-room shotgun house built by Vernon’s father in preparation for the child’s birth. Jesse Garon Presley, his identical twin brother, was delivered stillborn 35 minutes before him.[13] As an only child, Presley became close to both parents and formed an especially close bond with his mother. The family attended an Assembly of God church, where he found his initial musical inspiration.[14]

“There can be….

… little doubt



Better call Saul!



*Jack’s son* (Daniel, or Danny) is special.
Shines. Like moonshine.


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Red Umbrella

I believe the new collage series may be basically finished with the creation of “Triumph of the Toys”, a simpler composition. I’ll continue to interpret the tetraptych that came before this tomorrow. And I have a name for the series: Stones Throw. This comes from what appears to be the only legitimate golf course in Jasper County, about 4 miles west of the county seat of Newton. The appellation is in line with the naming of the other 2 series within the Red Umbrella, which also involve locations near this town (Sam Parr (State Park) and Embarras (River)). And what I really like about the name is its similarity to Stonethwaite, a UK location which dominates the Stones Throw series toward the end (tetraptych and then “Triumph of the Toys”). I might even call it Stonethrow to make the association more obvious, this word beginning with the same 7 letters as Stonethwaite.

Anyway, it’s all bleed’n coming together. The Red Umbrella Gallery is also essentially finished. Will I stay next to the Rubi Forest now all that’s over? The development of Collagesity has gone hand in hand with the evolution of this gallery and its 3 series. At the beginning of June, the virtual village will be one year old, although its existence spans two different locations (Noru and then Minoa/Rubi). I still have a considerable number of prims to play around with on the property. Is there more town myth making in the near future?

The other option I have is to disband the town and take the completed Red Umbrella to a new location, perhaps renting a smaller piece of property at least for a while to save money. But, if so, I’d like to take the larger Falmouth Gallery with me as well at the very least. And I would miss all the rest of Collagesity for sure. But is the potential downsizing worth saving, say, 30 dollars a month? I can see going both ways. Typical. 🙂

At any rate, I believe I’ll get rid of the abridged version of the Red Umbrella in Mysten within the week. I can’t rezz a gallery kiosk there.

front entrance, The Red Umbrella gallery (rain)

back entrance (fog)

Stone’s Throw Golf Course near Newton, Sam Parr (State Park) & Embarras (River)

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“Confessions of a Rainbowologist”

I’m going to begin thinking about this potential work. It might start in 1977 when I landed a job at the Land of Oz theme park cleaning bathrooms and painting birdhouses and sweeping the yellow brick road. My best friend played the Scarecrow. He introduced me to one of the guys acting as the Cowardly Lion of Oz who was also part of a local G. I. Gurdjieff teaching group. We started attending, and soon learned of the enneagram, claimed to be a universal model. Much later I found what appeared to be a version of it in Dark Side of the Rainbow that “completed” this best known audiovisual synchronicity — filled in the missing central triangle. It might also represent a way I could finally start to understand the symbol’s meaning. Illusion? Perhaps. But what are the chances that the *Cowardly Lion of Oz* would again be directly involved?


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