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Cat pole star

He was in a totally different dream place this time where everyone seemed to speak Chinese. He understood enough (somehow) to know that his mission was to retrieve something from that eye filled alley back there behind the soup restaurant here.

“Patriotic Soup Store closing in 5 mister. You’ll have to finish your food and go.” Herbert Gold looked at the squat cook standing on a high platform to stir his vat of soup. From the tone of his voice and then the aftermath stare, Herbert gathered he’d have to leave.

He then studied the big bowl of P-soup in front of him, realizing he’d never be able to polish it off — hadn’t even actually touched it, in fact. “You can have this back,” he then offered, pushing the bowl across the counter. The cook shook his head, seemingly in non-understanding but then uttering, in perfect English: “No refunds,” surprising him.

Herbert was about to protest that he didn’t want any money for the soup and that he just hated to waste such a goodly amount of food — a byproduct of growing up in tough Bennington Square — when a noise of something falling occurred behind him, drawing his attention to the end game of his current dream. When turning around after *seeing* nothing, he noticed the VHS tape beside him on the counter. The part of the title that he could read on its edge was, “(with) Other Other”. He realized *this* was what he was suppose to eye-ball here. Not something back in the alley.

He looked at the soup cook again for hints about what it was. Did the cook slip him this tape at some point? *What* was with Other Other? Or perhaps apart from Other Other now; Chinese against English?  A yin yang, black and white cat that was also red all over? He logically thought back to Omega town and the newspaper referenced there through black, white, red. DDD. A dream, yes. He must keep remembering this is not Real. None of it.

“2 minutes,” the cook exclaimed, the glare from his face intensifying along with his stirs. Should he ask the cook to translate the Chinese underneath this cat? Was there an *opening* there to do this?

“1 minute.” He showed him the tape.

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I think I may have found the end of the world.

Shall we go inside?

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Click to access black-clear_lake_mp-a_2013.pdf

1933 -Black-Clear Lake was formed by the construction of the Allen Dam across Saline Bayou downstream of its confluence with Black Bayou. Prior to that time, there existed a chain of three swampy areas known as Black Lake, Clear Lake and the Prairie. The Allen Dam inundated all three of these areas and formed what is now Black-Clear Lake, known locally as Black Lake. Construction of the Allen Dam also created Saline Lake and water levels in both lakes were regulated in unison….

1959 -The Chee Chee Dam was constructed and served to separate Saline Lake from Black-Clear Lake.

1981 –The Allen Dam failed and was washed away

“I will not fail in my mission,” thought Allen Y., at a Calas flower kiosk with a just purchased bouquet of fresh and lovely purple roses. “I *will* win her heart.”


“He will fail,” spoke observing Baker Bloch back at the Blue Feather Table.

“Yes,” answered Wheeler beside him. “The water obscures, the water clears. Bottom-writing is revealed. All demos down there.”

“Demons,” spoke Baker Bloch. “You forgot the ‘n’.”

“I didn’t forget nothing,” retorts the co-ruler of Collagesity. She settles back in her chair, pulls out some chew and sticks it in her mouth. “But first a little Chee Chee,” she delivered from an open, masticating void.

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In truth…

… it might have been some version of this man named Dave, who has chosen to be called Bogota during his stint in Collagesity, haunting the Rubi Woods all this time, not Sid or Syd per se.

Bowie has long declared himself a massive fan of Barrett-era Floyd. He showed just how much by singing their debut single ‘Arnold Layne’ at guitarist David Gilmour’s solo show at the London Royal Albert Hall last month. It was Bowie’s first live appearance in two years following a serious illness.

He said on hearing today’s news: “I can’t tell you how sad I feel. Syd was a major inspiration for me.

“The few times I saw him perform in London at UFO and the Marquee clubs during the 60s will forever be etched in my mind. He was so charismatic and such a startlingly original songwriter. Also, along with Anthony Newley, he was the first guy I’d heard to sing pop or rock with a British accent.

“His impact on my thinking was enormous. A major regret is that I never got to know him. A diamond indeed.”


Also in GNIRPS, he seems to defer to Barrett in a quite tangible way and that’s what got me thinking in this direction. Carrcassonnee suggested that I stop considering such “evidence” accidental and just go with it.



There can be no doubt, actually.

The one and only US David. It’s unique too!

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Reading this now:




Aha! At one time I really wanted to know the name of this island we see at the very start of The Shining, but I thought the information would be too obscure. Who would pay much attention to an island that only briefly flashes across the screen, a couple of seconds at best? Horselover Phat counters this idea, and has provided the name for me, and additional information. It’s Wild Goose Island, situated in St. Mary Lake at the eastern edge of Glacier National Park in Montana, near the start of the famous Going-to-the-Sun Road that Jack is seen driving up in the opening credits as well (in a yellow VW bug). In fact, as I’m checking now it’s the only marked island on a topo map of the lake. The lake has just this one island. 1:1.

Where have we heard about Glacier National Park recently? Why right here in the Frank and Herman Einstein Blog! It figures into the 3rd and last leg of the 3 Bears triangle of associations, end looping back to beginning (mobius again). *And*, as Wild Goose Island lies near the beginning of the Going-to-the-Sun highway heading west, so the Grizzly population place also mentioned in that blog post/riddle lies only a couple of miles below the *western* end of the same highway, after it has passes over the Continental Divide and descends again to another larger lake (Lake McDonald). One must ask here: Is this Glacier National Park east-west alignment through recent blog information chance or synchronicity? I would strongly push for synchronicity, given all else in the matrix surrounding and enveloping it.

There’s only one other Wild Goose Island in the GNIS database, and that’s in St. Bernard Parish, Lousiana. It’s very low — sea level, as low as you can get for an island, actually — while its twin in Montana is very high (4496 feet above sea level). Check this out: this second and final Wild Goose Island pulls a disappearing act when you resolve the topographic map to the maximum.



wild goose chase

As we pull into Jack at the end of The Shining, we have the counterbalanced *appearance* of a small piece of paper in his upstretched right hand. Given that Wild Goose Island appears at the very beginning of this same film, is the piece of paper also suppose to represent this island? Is Wild Goose Island, Louisiana the exact counterbalance, Alpha to Omega, of this one and only other (twinned) Wild Goose Island? I think so, although I can’t fine tune that association yet. Something deep lies here.



This is a very convincing match of Tarot image to Shining image as well: It’s the infamous naked woman/hag in Room 237 from the film, with corrresponding Tarot image coming from Judgement, the 20th and penultimate card of the deck’s Major Arcana.


See this match for the same card as well. We’ve returned to Jack and his outstretched arms at the end of the film, and the mystery piece of paper.


OMG: VWX Town!

shining brain beetle vw

One singular thalamus has the ‘v-shape’…2 together make the ‘w-shape’.
The literal peoples car…Volks-Wagen….’STUVWXYZ’ (VW alphabet order and XY 23 chromosomes)

It’s an “eye”.

“It’s a heart.”


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Hucka D…

… we thinks both these Louisiana salt dome islands represent planets or maybe moons. The presence of 1 of 2 US Eraths pointed the twin islands out. Avery Island is source of tabasco sauce, mentioned once in Baker Blinker Blog (LINK). Some tabasco peppers are grown on the island. Lt. Pepper sprays pepper spray at the old center of VWX Town. Remember we called him the center? I think this is connected. Salt and pepper are ivory and ebony twins, but this is a different type of pepper. Curious, though… meaningful, perhaps. The twin islands may be similar twins (circles, to the naked eye) Earth and Venus. Pepper spray and tabasco pepper are both hot, like Venus is hot. We thinks Mercury could be Jefferson Island in this same configuration and that Mars is Cote Blanch Island. I will show a map now.


‘Nother map of twinned Avery and Weeks Island. All 4 islands are salt domes.


Attached document:

It could be that because the r and a of Erath are reversed from Earth, that Avery Island and Weeks Island are similarly reversed, the more famous Avery being Earth and Weeks being Venus. Let’s look at Neutral Milk Hotel’s [On] Avery Island album.

Hucka D.:




Related 4/18/13 article:

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