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Aha! At one time I really wanted to know the name of this island we see at the very start of The Shining, but I thought the information would be too obscure. Who would pay much attention to an island that only briefly flashes across the screen, a couple of seconds at best? Horselover Phat counters this idea, and has provided the name for me, and additional information. It’s Wild Goose Island, situated in St. Mary Lake at the eastern edge of Glacier National Park in Montana, near the start of the famous Going-to-the-Sun Road that Jack is seen driving up in the opening credits as well (in a yellow VW bug). In fact, as I’m checking now it’s the only marked island on a topo map of the lake. The lake has just this one island. 1:1.

Where have we heard about Glacier National Park recently? Why right here in the Frank and Herman Einstein Blog! It figures into the 3rd and last leg of the 3 Bears triangle of associations, end looping back to beginning (mobius again). *And*, as Wild Goose Island lies near the beginning of the Going-to-the-Sun highway heading west, so the Grizzly population place also mentioned in that blog post/riddle lies only a couple of miles below the *western* end of the same highway, after it has passes over the Continental Divide and descends again to another larger lake (Lake McDonald). One must ask here: Is this Glacier National Park east-west alignment through recent blog information chance or synchronicity? I would strongly push for synchronicity, given all else in the matrix surrounding and enveloping it.

There’s only one other Wild Goose Island in the GNIS database, and that’s in St. Bernard Parish, Lousiana. It’s very low — sea level, as low as you can get for an island, actually — while its twin in Montana is very high (4496 feet above sea level). Check this out: this second and final Wild Goose Island pulls a disappearing act when you resolve the topographic map to the maximum.



wild goose chase

As we pull into Jack at the end of The Shining, we have the counterbalanced *appearance* of a small piece of paper in his upstretched right hand. Given that Wild Goose Island appears at the very beginning of this same film, is the piece of paper also suppose to represent this island? Is Wild Goose Island, Louisiana the exact counterbalance, Alpha to Omega, of this one and only other (twinned) Wild Goose Island? I think so, although I can’t fine tune that association yet. Something deep lies here.



This is a very convincing match of Tarot image to Shining image as well: It’s the infamous naked woman/hag in Room 237 from the film, with corrresponding Tarot image coming from Judgement, the 20th and penultimate card of the deck’s Major Arcana.


See this match for the same card as well. We’ve returned to Jack and his outstretched arms at the end of the film, and the mystery piece of paper.


OMG: VWX Town!

shining brain beetle vw

One singular thalamus has the ‘v-shape’…2 together make the ‘w-shape’.
The literal peoples car…Volks-Wagen….’STUVWXYZ’ (VW alphabet order and XY 23 chromosomes)

It’s an “eye”.

“It’s a heart.”


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