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It’s times to start thinking about a new Carrcass. I wonder if I’m like Dexter in this respect? (but Dexter isn’t on my list to use — don’t think).

52 12 “The Psychic Vortex” Mark Cendrowski Story: Lee Aronsohn & Steven Molaro
Teleplay: Chuck Lorre, Eric Kaplan & Jim Reynolds January 11, 2010 3X5561 15.82[13]

Leonard and Penny’s relationship hits an impasse when, while on a double-date with Howard and Bernadette, she reveals that she has taken career advice from a psychic, only for Leonard to laugh, infuriating her. Later, Howard tells Leonard that if he wants to be able to be in a relationship, he will have to accept that people will have differing beliefs. Leonard apologizes to Penny and agrees to visit her psychic, despite her having declined to read a book debunking psychics, remarking that “one of us has to keep an open mind.”

Meanwhile, Sheldon and Raj attend a university mixer, with Sheldon as Raj’s wingman. Sheldon only agrees because Raj bribes him with a Limited Edition Green Lantern lantern, which Sheldon subsequently carries with him to the mixer. They meet Abby (Danica McKellar), who takes a liking to Raj, and her friend Martha (Jen Drohan), who tries to connect with Sheldon. They end up playing Rock Band at Sheldon’s place. For a second date, Raj bribes Sheldon with his pair of Hulk hands, signed by Stan Lee. After Sheldon announces that he is going to bed, Martha asks if she can join him in his room to avoid Raj and Abby, who are “getting busy”. Sheldon obliges but immediately leaves to sleep in Leonard’s room, leaving Martha alone.

Recurring character: Melissa Rauch as Bernadette Rostenkowski
Guest stars: Danica McKellar as Abby and Jen Drohan as Martha
Title reference: Penny’s belief in psychics.


53 13 “The Bozeman Reaction” Mark Cendrowski Story: Bill Prady, Lee Aronsohn & Jim Reynolds
Teleplay: Chuck Lorre, Steven Molaro & Steve Holland January 18, 2010 3X5563 14.99[14]

Leonard and Sheldon return from dinner to find their apartment broken into, with their TV, laptop, hard drives, video game consoles and video games stolen. Sheldon fears being alone in the apartment due to the robbery, so he forces Leonard and Penny to stay in the apartment. The next day, Howard designs a state-of-the-art security system for the apartment using components he “borrowed” from the Department of Defense. However, after Sheldon himself is caught in the security system, he decides that the apartment is no longer safe and plans to leave Pasadena for a safer city. After rejecting Enid, Oklahoma, Boone, North Carolina and the entire state of Nebraska (because Penny is from there), he decides to move to Bozeman, Montana. But when Sheldon arrives there, he gets robbed again, so he returns to Pasadena.

Guest stars: Julio Oscar Mechoso as Officer Hackett
Title reference: Sheldon moves to Bozeman, Montana after his and Leonard’s apartment is robbed.


54 14 “The Einstein Approximation” Mark Cendrowski Story: Lee Aronsohn, Dave Goetsch & Steve Holland
Teleplay: Chuck Lorre, Steven Molaro & Eric Kaplan February 1, 2010 3X5565 15.51[15]

Sheldon’s search for the answer to a physics problem keeps him up all night for several days and he becomes obsessed with finding the answer. His obsession with solving the problem goes to the extent of visualizing food as atoms and even sneaking out in the middle of the night to go to the mall ball pit, forcing Leonard to rush to the mall and get him. He then decides that he needs a menial job to think better because Albert Einstein came up with the Theory of Relativity while working at a menial job at the Swiss patent office. Since the United States Patent and Trademark Office is in Washington DC, and he does not want to move out of Pasadena, Sheldon interviews for any menial job with the County of Los Angeles. At the county office, Sheldon angers the woman interviewing him, to the extent of her calling security to remove him. Sheldon then decides to work at the Cheesecake Factory with Penny as he considers her job the most menial of all. He shows up and works as a busboy and waiter without actually being hired or demanding pay, and turns out to be a more efficient waiter than Penny until he drops and breaks a tray of dishes. The scattering of the shattered pieces leads him to the answer to his problem, and he promptly walks out without cleaning up the mess.

Meanwhile Leonard, Penny, Howard, and Bernadette go to disco night at the roller skating rink where the guys embarrass their girlfriends with their outfits and dancing. Raj is left out as he does not have a girlfriend, even though it was his idea to go to the skating rink. Eventually Raj successfully pressurizes a reluctant Howard to take him to the skating rink.

Recurring character: Melissa Rauch as Bernadette Rostenkowski
Guest stars: Yeardley Smith as Sandy and Kevin Brief as Glenn
Title reference: Sheldon’s attempt at solving his problem by working in a menial job, comparing it to Albert Einstein’s discoveries made while working in Switzerland in the Patent Office.


Butterfly is an unincorporated community located in Perry County, Kentucky, United States. Its post office [2] is closed. It was also named Leonard.

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