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Maxwell Jamie Klinger Farr



“It’s an actor and a character in one again, just like in Kansas with Bracket’s Psychogumma’s Marion and Leigh.”

Edwardston R.:

I’m interested!

Hucka D.:

We’re in Rubi again, Edwardston R. Baker b. has decided we all can stay. Turns out the Rubi Forest is alive and sentient and shut. Could have told him that to save the worry and time.

Edwardston R.:

Fantastic! I sensed that too.

Hucka D.:

Lucas numbers and the golden mean are imbedded. Do you have your man data? Are you a Truemann?

Edwardston R.:


Hucka D.:

The Klinger man/woman taps you on the shoulder, making you turn. Are you turning?

Edwardston R.:








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Tree Klingers



Town name brought to mind expression hebejebes. First link when looking that word up was from Urban Dictionary.


I believe this leads to urban comedies, which began replacing rural themed ones in television’s Rural purge of the early 70s.

“It was the year CBS cancelled everything with a tree—including Lassie”

M*A*S*H ultimately became perhaps the strongest and most influential of the new, grittier comedies that then emerged.

Red Cross:

The red cross logo of army medical units is closely associated with M*A*S*H in the show and on related products.



Obvious reference to Max Klinger, the cross-dressing M*A*S*H regular famously played by Jamie Farr. Both Farr and his fictional character are from Toledo, Ohio, seat of Lucas County.


Klinger dressed in women’s clothes in an attempt to gain a Section 8 and leave the war to return to Toledo. Pillow refers to a harmless woman-style fight Klinger might safely engage in in Toledo, as opposed to a real man-to-man fight in Korea.

Mouse (Creek) – Man(data)

Refers to well known idiom, “Are you a man or a mouse?”, obvious connection again to Klinger’s reluctance to engage in real battles and be a real man. This also associates with dressing up as a woman. In later M*A*S*H seasons, Klinger gives up the dresses and the Section 8 dream.

Also see: “Measure of a Man.”

Cast member Brent Spiner (Data) identified this episode as his favorite TNG episode.[3] In an interview, fellow cast member Patrick Stewart (Jean-Luc Picard) concurred that this is “the first truly great episode of the series”.[4] On Twitter in April 2013, Marina Sirtis names this as her favorite episode.


Not far north of this map appears Kulps, with a lone variant name of Klingers. This again refers to the Rural Purge, since Nancy Kulp was a famous secondary actor of the most popular of all rural comedies, The Beverly Hillbillies. Likewise, Klinger plays a similar support role on M*A*S*H. Also Kulp confessed to being a lesbian later in life, mirroring character Klinger’s sexual complications.


Actor Dennis Erdman played injured soldier Harrision in one episode of M*A*S*H, “The General Flipped at Dawn”, the 1st episode of season 3 and perhaps best remembered for introducing Harry Morgan, who played a different character in this episode (Gen. Steele) than when he became a regular as Col. Potter the following season.

Klinger approaches the inspection in full drag and presents himself to the General with a snappy salute. Steele take a quick look at him and growls, “Not now, Marjorie, I’m inspecting the troops!”

Additional note: like “The General Flipped at Dawn,” the Star Trek Next Generation episode mentioned above is a season’s opening episode (3rd season for TGFaD and 2nd for “The Measure of a Man”).

Bremer County, Iowa: Klinger and Potter together…. along with Denver.

Fearnot, Hepler (anagram of Helper, as in M*A*S*H unit), Rough and Ready:

All refer to war and the thing Max Klinger is attempting to avoid. Also along these lines…


Anagram of Klinger and also containing the word killing and killer in one. This village is a bit to the southwest of the above map.


Near Killinger, and refers to rifle. Just read about a Rife surname yesterday and thought it was rifle. On same Youtube channel as the Shone Report.

Note also that Rife could become rifle by stealing the extra “l” from nearby Killinger, making the latter closer to Klinger via its then single “l”.

Royal Rife.

Rifle kills — Rife cured. Seems he could have cured many more.

And to top it off, perhaps, we’ve seen most of this map before in the Frank and Herman Einstein! blog.

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