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There was once quite the rivalry between Hartest and Somerton, and a giant stone found in Somerton was stolen by Hartest and rolled down the valley where it still sits on their village green.


The Smipsons appear in a good number of carrcasses now, starting famously with Carrcass+2 and then extending into Carrcass-2 (mirror), Carrcass-5, Carrcass-8 and Carrcass-9. Lisa the Vegetarian is within +2, -2, -5, -8, -9 — all of them. To quote The Residents: “And there will be more.”

Must make a decision by Jan. 6 about VWX Town, and whether to abandon almost half the town (VWX Indulgence) and keep the rest (VWX Town Essence) for a number of months, sell the land in toto and rent elsewhere, or keep the whole town and sell in Feb. or even March.



Third option for VWX Town: sell 3072 sq meters of my land to my old landlord [delete name], and then rent it back to her. Abandon all the rest of the land besides the 8704 sq. meters of VWX Town, Essence. This will bring me just down to the next tier level. I can keep most of the town, and delete only stuff that’s mostly empty anyway, with the exception of the Toxic Art Gallery (Big Boy Tower, Marble Tower, Tower of A. Mann, SoSo Gallery, Bodega Market).

But after eliminating these, I’m tempted just to keep the entire town and sell all the land around the first of March, when spring hiking season arrives full blown. Am I still getting enough out of it?

I could start working on a model of the forest in The Table House.


Hucka D.:

I can’t make a decision for you. I can point out the advantages and disadvantages of each move. To discard the Rubi property might weaken the blog. Period. To keep all might weaken the blog, and your pocketbook more. The Rubi Forest will remain, whatever. You’ll have that little bit to the south that’s kind of yours anyway. You’ll have the 2048 in Philudoria still. Make the model of the forest there. It’s 8x5x1024 square meters. Make the sides 16 instead of 32 and you’ve reduced to a 4×2.5. Make the sides 8 instead of 32 and you have a 2×1.25. That’ll do it.


Not quite Hucka D. It would have to be a 2×1 instead of 2×1.25. So a 2048 won’t do.

Hucka D.:

Shoot. I suppose if you kept the present town you could make a 4×2.5 model, even.





A return trip to Mythopolis won’t come about tomorrow I don’t think. I’ll have to wait until not this weekend but the next. Friday afternoon, most likely. I’ll have to get out early tomorrow and go to Sharieland. That’s my decision[ for tomorrow].

Hucka D.:

You might as well sell Rubi. You have Philudoria. You’ll make your map of the forest later. Rent a 4096. Anywhere.

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More Wiltshire Shots

GoogleEarth Streetview: Calstone Wellington. Don’t know what this object is — looks like a human being flying through the air and rolled into a ball (holding his legs?) in the second shot. But the object in the first shot appears to be more of a large pink bird like a flamingo.



These appear just south of pictures of the Church of St. Mary, another Wiltshire place of worship that B.R. Marshall has documented for geograph, this time with considerably more photos than for even St. John’s of Devizes:

A manmade crop circle just to the southwest of Calstone Wellington…


along with some interesting, surrounding landscape features…


The square-ish field in the lower left part of the same photo, for instance, was the site of a complex *square shaped* crop circle in July 2009. The location is called Morgan’s Hill. These amazing pictures come via GoogleEarth submissions as well:



In comparison, a deceptively simple 2007 star circle from the next field over:


I couldn’t help myself when associating the 2 Morgan’s Hill circles with these cuddly characters, especially since I’ve inserted the one on the right into a recent collage:


Also, take a look at this article if you wish about a rather famous 2011 crop circle appearing at the foot of the same hill (Furze Hill beech copse in distance):


Patrick Star’s home anyone?





Llis06 TEST (another one):


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Diamond visits Devizes (Devizes visits Diamond?)

Base picture here from these 2 directly related B.R. Marshall photos:


Lis 03 Final:

Gargoyles Cometh

Lis 04 Final

Meating Meet Shake

Lis 03 and 04 Final:


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Update: Bill Mountain, Etc.

Today revisited Bill Mountain for the first time in about 6 weeks, I suppose. And this represents my first excursion into the local woods since then as well, now that the snow and ice have finally gone away, at least for a bit. In just checking the weather, looks like snow will return by the coming weekend. Oh well. But spring is on its way.

I didn’t take any pictures today, and felt I was nibbling around the edges of some central mystery in a literal, physical way as well as a symbolic way. There is a central valley that seems impenetrable, maybe a very good thing. Is this the Forest Home or Mountain Home? I returned to Bullrocks and stared down into the woods, only to see a pair of eyes staring back at me, almond shaped and black like tree trunk holes (which they probably were). It was not really unsettling now, but different looking than when I first saw the effect and described it in this earlier post. I also revisited Little Wiltshire today, but no new highlights there. I didn’t go down toward Rust Spot from the road, not necessarily because I was scared (I was a tiny bit) but because it started to rain a little as soon as I reached L. Wiltshire. And I didn’t realize that darkness was catching up so quickly with me until I started ascending the mountain again, so it’s good I left anyway. Tomorrow I might return to Bill Mountain, but I also received the impression that I can’t ignore other parts of Frank and Herman Parks this spring, and should let this blog and attached hikes progress in a natural way, and that if there *are* aliens there (I have little doubt that they exist in these here woods), that’s the best way to get to know them and set the boundaries between our two camps. Certainly they must be very experienced about dealing with humans and hiding techniques. Camouflage.

Gilatona [collage series] seems over, and the focus shifted back to these parks. Great deal of information received, and I should create a more in-depth analysis of the Latona half of the twin set next week. Can’t wait.

I also need to upload my pictures from the second part of last year to my flickr account. Review the woods pictures again — another fun project. Should be another marvelous year of hiking.

“The aliens are concerned you’re nibbling around the edges of their compound. They asked me to tell you to stop if you could.”


Don’t go to Twin Falls tomorrow?

Hucka D.:

Um, not sure. Certainly don’t try to get into that central valley, their Forest Home away from Home.


I think it’s all a red herring, Hucka D. I don’t think anyone is in that valley.

Hucka D.:

Good thoughts to think. So you don’t have to nibble.


You know I’ll attempt to set up another Billfork, another Lion’s Roar this spring. If not at Bill Mountain, then where?

Hucka D.:

How about Lion’s Roar again? You need to go in there early to beat the bugs. That’s a place I’d choose. Think of maps through that location. Think of Lisa the Vegetarian and what she learned from Marty.



In The Tracey Ullman Show shorts, Lisa was something of a “female Bart”: equally mischievous but lacking unique traits.[20] As the series progressed, Lisa began to develop into a more intelligent and more emotional character.[45] She demonstrates her intellect in the 1990 episode “Krusty Gets Busted” (season one), by helping Bart reveal Sideshow Bob’s plot to frame Krusty the Clown for armed robbery.[46] Many episodes focusing on Lisa have an emotional nature, such as “Moaning Lisa” (season one, 1990). The idea for the episode was pitched by James L. Brooks, who wanted to do an emotional episode involving Lisa’s sadness, to complement the many “jokey episodes” in the first season.[47]

In the seventh-season episode “Lisa the Vegetarian” (1995), Lisa permanently becomes a vegetarian, distinguishing her as one of the first primetime television characters to make such a choice.[48] The episode was written by David S. Cohen (in his first solo writing credit) who jotted down the idea one day while eating lunch. Then-executive producer David Mirkin, who had recently become a vegetarian, quickly approved the idea. Several of Lisa’s experiences in the episode are based on Mirkin’s own experiences. The episode guest stars musician Paul McCartney, a committed vegetarian and animal rights activist. McCartney’s condition for appearing was that Lisa would remain a vegetarian for the rest of the series and would not revert back the next week (as is common on situation comedies). The trait stayed and is one of the few permanent character changes made in the show.[49][50][51] In the season 13 episode “She of Little Faith” (2001), Lisa underwent another permanent character change when she converted to Buddhism.[52]

Lisa plays the baritone saxophone, and some episodes use that as a plot device. According to Matt Groening, the baritone saxophone was chosen because he found the thought of an eight-year-old girl playing it amusing. He added, “But she doesn’t always play a baritone sax because the animators don’t know what it looks like, so it changes shape and color from show to show.”[53] One of the hallmarks of the show’s opening sequence is a brief solo Lisa plays on her saxophone after being thrown out of music class. The Simpsons composer Alf Clausen said that the session musicians who perform her solos do not try to play at the second grade level and instead “think of Lisa as a really good player.”[45]

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Latona 08 09 10

Latona 08


Latona 09


Latona 10


Latona 08 09 10



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non sequitur

Lisa the Vegetarian wants me to start studying Winesap. Lisa the Vegetarian wants me to understand that the basic design of Herman Park comes from Arkansas and The Way and Winesap. 56. The end of March 2013 may be a decision point.

“The governments know of my return”.

“Quetzalcoatl?” I asked. “No: Master. Master Shake. Of the Aquamarine Rebel Strike Force.” “Great,” I answered. “Sapphire’s precious Aquamarine grew into the rebellious Aqua Teen and psychologically became split from her.” “Baby Jesus and the lasers,” came his non sequitur answer. Should have known.


Lisa started with Hand + Head at the center of the Arkansas Line. “Go there,” Marty said. “Unite Hand and Head so that I will be revealed.” So she did and came back and he said she did pretty good for a young’n. She took it kindly. “Go there again and insert Heart.” So she did. She came back. “You did okay,” Marty said to her. “You did kind of good.” She was not fazed. She stood her ground. “Now the most difficult part, young lady girl woman.” Marty seemed drunk but wasn’t. “Create Health *off the map*. No… create *Hustle* and then change it to Health by spinning it in the opposite direction. Which direction are your creations spinning now?” Lisa had to think. “Clockwise? Yeah, clockwise.” “We are in the northern hemisphere so that is good and correct,” Marty answered back. “Now you must make the southern hemisphere come to the northern hemisphere.” Lisa was confused. She tapped her finger to her chin in thought. She thought of her mother Marge and her aunts Selma and Patty back in Wiltshire, England. But she was now in Amereca, land of the freaks and home of the braves. Indian braves, that is, before White Man took it all. White Buffalo Men like Marty himself. But she didn’t say this aloud. “Do I really *have* to go to Amereca?” she asked Marty, who then looked at her reprovingly. She knew she had to. She looked down at the books strewn around her feet, around the rock she sat upon. She was still in Wiltshire but she was in Amereca.


She picked up one. “Light in August” was its title. She picked up another, and another. “Those are no good,” Marty said to her. “They’re all protected. No, you have to use *this* one.” He handed her a somewhat smaller book, a red book. No title. Instructions for building an ATM sperm bank machine? Not quite. Let’s look at Tennessee, a new blog category under UmapS, then.


“How confusing, Hucka D. Herbert Do*main* overlapped with *Main* Street Winesap.”

“Expand out please.”

So I did.


Winesap *and* Old Winesap. I knew, well, Herbert Domain refers in part to Frank Herbert, the famous science fiction author of the Dune series. In the Dune movie directed by David Lynch, an especially powerful scene is where *Paul’s hand* is inserted into a Pain Box.

From the folds of her gown, she lifted a green metal cube about fifteen centimeters on a side. She turned it and Paul saw that one side was open – black and oddly frightening. Paul slowly put his hand into the box. He first felt a sense of cold as the blackness closed around his hand, then slick metal against his fingers and a prickling as though his hand were asleep…

“What’s in the box?”

“Pain.” He felt increased tingling in his hand, pressed his lips tightly together. How could this be a test? he wondered. The tingling became an itch… The itch became the faintest burning… It mounted slowly: heat upon heat upon heat… . The burning! The burning! He thought he could feel skin curling black on that agonized hand, the flesh crisping and dropping away until only charred bones remained.

It stopped! As though a switch had been turned off, the pain stopped… “Take your hand from the box, young human, and look at it.” He fought down an aching shiver, stared at the lightless void where his hand seemed to remain of its own volition. Memory of pain inhibited every movement. Reason told him he would withdraw a blackened stump from that box. “Do it!” she snapped. He jerked his hand from the box, stared at it astonished. Not a mark. No sign of agony on the flesh. He held up the hand, turned it, flexed the fingers. “Pain by nerve induction,” she said. “Can’t go around maiming potential humans. There’re those who’d give a pretty for the secret of this box, though.”


We also know from Carrcass+3 that this Pain Box is the same as an ATM sperm bank machine. Whose Line is It Anyway? Paul inserts his hand instead. “My what?” Colin asks in return, obviously surprised.


“No you have to use *this* one,” Marty said in parallel time. Lisa took the book… not really Herbert Domain but Public Domain. Winesap is in public domain, which means she could make cash from it. Cash and credit and more cash and credit. She could rule the world… no, rule *Wealthy* Mountain and its Healthy Lake. “Use this to make Health in Arkansas,” he said. She needed cash, she needed to be *wealthy*. Then she could create the parallel domain in parallel time. I think.


She brought her father Homer to Wealthy Mtn. through the use of virtual reality technology only she could afford to her knowledge. The Kniks knew of this and approved. This was at Quartz Brook. He was a Plastic Man, meaning he was a toy avatar. Plastic Man is bookended by Plastic People by Zapple. Through this, Lisa knew that she could not make Plastic Man because it implied or led to Plastic People. But she herself was Plastic. So this was the great sacrifice.

“Yes, 2d to 3d,” said Hucka D. He was on Mars.

But then it was the 3rd, Tin S. Man, also sponsored by The Kniks, that drew her interest next. Another A. Mann. This was at Tinsity, in the next valley over from Quartz Brook but still on her mountain: Wealthy Mountain. She was experimenting with different locations. But this was a failure as well, at least initially.

“All were successes,” Hucka D. perhaps corrected.

Superman was the last man and the 4th. This was Lion’s Roar. Lisa on Byng. She created The Way here, connecting Kansas and Kentucky, while just before this establishing Kansas and Kentucky themselves. Lisa knew that this 4th was the best and most perfect… the *most* successful. It is here that Paul’s legacy was secured.

Pauls’ Switch comes then. 5 to 6. 56. End of March 2013. 5 to 6.

cemetery 018


The Residents – The Electrocutioner

The time for all the followers of doom is drawing near,
Deceiving no-one, knowing nothing but the bite of fear.

Smiling as I throw the switch
That takes away their breath,
I see life as an interruption
To the tune of death

She is the electrocutioner…!

Playing with my birds, I wonder how the world could be
A perfect place to sin about, for anyone but me.

I see the shimmer of the dewdrops as I drink my tea.
And when the foolishness is over, I am much more me.

I wish that all the suffering and all the misery
Could be consumed inside my room, where switches set you free.


Where switches set you free, my friend, where switches set you free.


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The Way

The Way.

Lisa the Vegetarian is smarter than I’ll ever be. She was taught well. She created The Way connecting Kansas and Kentucky, or 5 and 6 (Fifty-six). Paul/Quetzlacoatl told her this. He told her about the secrets of Sgt. Pepper. He told her that Billy Shears is Billy Shakespeare, and he was a Spear Shaker. Fascinating. Marge on a stick. Lisa is not a Simpson but a Smipson. Paul is a Beetle. Or was. “I am very much alive,” Marty says to Lisa, for Marty is Paul in this 5 and 6 world. “baker b. will not be able to connect Kansas and Kentucky if you do not create The Way. There is a big way and a little way. Line it with white rocks so he’ll know you created it. This is the path of the Sunfish. You are the Sunfish.” “And you are the Teacher,” Lisa says back. She looked over to the huge head in the distance — her mother; her aunts not far behind. “What about Plant?” I asked from beyond the picture frame. But Marty did not seem to know where the voice is coming from. He looked around in confusion, and Linda with him. Then he saw me and stared. Connection.


If Lisa the Vegetarian is educated by Marty, then we must reexamine everything in this Frank and Herman Einstein! blog. Lisa sealed up Tinsity and made it South, Lee, Love, Decker SUNFISH. She initiated the 3333 Protectorate. She promises the second coming of Fort Wayne Rainbowology. She probably created Rainbowology. She certainly had something to do with Byng and The Way, which displaced Tinsity in my focus early on in the blog. She centered thoughts on Lion’s Roar, and separated New York and Chicago through Periwinkle Falls, trapping Rock or Bloch Island above in the Byng flow. She protected again in this way. More recently in Frank Park and on Bill Mountain, New York and Chicago were allowed to combine, with results (aliens). Lisa V. is keeping out the aliens. A link of Kansas and Kentucky with no New York and Chicago fusion involved. 5 and 6. Linked but separate.

Heart is within The Way. Hand which is the same as Head is right on the lower edge, it appears. Health below. These become the 4 lakes of Herman Park, with TILE Creek also coded into Arkansas (doppleganger Hermans). TILE Creek is Yards Creek. SUNFISH. Head perhaps displaces Hand; Hand becomes source of TILE Creek which “ends” in Drink Lake. Lisa was warned to steer all toward Arkansas (light) and not Missouri (dark). Hucka D. fully agrees. Others work for the dark. A village called Light lies on the lower edge of The Way as well (like Hand/Head), just below Faulknerville and shadowed by Crowleys Ridge in Crowleys Ridge State Park. There is always a reminder that Faulkner, son, outshone his father, Anderson. “Faulkner cannot be revealed at this time.” “Fine,” I said back. I have enough to deal with with TILE Creek and Hand Spring to Drink Lake. “That is the father,” she said back. For this was Lisa V. again. “Light is also located in Dimmit, Texas at a Blocker Tank. Blocked. Light. Evening Shade.”


Hand Valley is a Populated Place in Marion, AR with an elevation of 699 feet, or 213 meters above sea level. This place is also known as Head Valley.


* Note: the location of Hand (Head) on The Way map above is not Hand Valley/Head Valley per se, but the site of an actual, nearby historic community called Hand, now inundated by Norfork Lake. The 2 are considered parallel and probably identical in this research, with Hand AR identifying the actual location and Hand Valley/Head Valley merging identifying the union of hand and head here, probably also referring to the hand above Paul’s head on the Sgt. Pepper cover. To add to this, Hand (Head) is quite close to being halfway along the southern line of The Way, and Paul’s head (and accompanying Isse Bonn hand) is in the center of the Sgt. Pepper cover. The angle and basic dimensions of The Way, as discovered previously, is indicated by the Sgt. Pepper drum in front of Paul.


The only US Heart, to reinforce this, is also in The Way (Heart, Fulton County, AR), attached then to Loney Hearts.

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Smipsons DVD


“Lisa the Vegetarian” is the fifth episode of The Simpsons’ seventh season. It originally aired on the Fox network in the United States on October 15, 1995. In the episode, Lisa decides to stop eating meat after bonding with a lamb at a petting zoo. Her schoolmates and family members ridicule her for her beliefs, but with the help of Apu, Paul McCartney, and Linda McCartney, she commits to vegetarianism.



The Education of Lisa the Vegetarian

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January 29, 2013 · 9:46 am

New Animation

It appears that the brand spanking new Gila collage series may contain an animation in the middle of it after all. The old Gila 07 collage is transforming into a Gila 06 and a Gila 07, with the old Gila 01 instead being relegated to a pre-Gila test sort of collage. I think. Anyway here’s an early look at what seems to be turning out as Gila 06 and Gila 07… these are just tests still, mind you.

gila06 gila10

Edna and I had, just last night, watched a British Comedy episode featuring a red door (and the mysterious thing behind it). Right after this I discovered a new photo of Ironmonger Lane where the 2 cyan colored doors in the original Bryan Robert Marshall camera shot have instead been painting the opposite color of red. In the caption for his Ironmonger Lane photo taken in November 2007, Marshall states that the, “narrow alley is one of several that run at right-angles away from the main road, the A4 old coaching route. The turquoise door at the far end is the European Shiatsu School’s premises.” Apparently the next year, the European Shiatsu School sold out to The Old Barn Yoga Center, who subsequently painted the cyan doors red. It’s easy to tell these are the same doors because one of the photos included in the Yoga Center’s site is taken from essentially the same angle down Ironmonger Lane. These two photos are the basis for the projected animation in the middle of Gila.


1/29/13 update: I believe these 2 collages are now finished, and make up the 6th (left) and 10th (right) work of the Gila series.

Hucka D.:

What to do? Go to Marlborough and be A. Mann or chicken out and not go. That’s the story of the 2 collages in a way.


But there’s something deeper. The cyan colored doors “magically” changing to the opposite color of red… seeing the Red Door episode of The IT Crowd the same night as finding this red door photo… The alley is blocked in Gila 06 by the black horse with rider. The white horse is no problem in the 10th, for it’s way up in the air, and also Patty/Selma has moved off to one side to allow passage to the now red doors. A paradox, Hucka D. A conundrum.

Hucka D.:

Even though…


Even though half of, let’s see, that would be [ blue clad] Selma, is seen in 10, it equates to seeing the whole of the more diminutive [red clad] Patty in 06. This is because of the shortened perspective for the added background photo with the red doors in comparison to the Marshall shot of the cyan doors — the same, exact doors again but coming later in time (post-2007).

The white horse in the sky of 10 is like Marlborough’s own white horse, diminutive itself in comparison to most Wiltshire white horses.

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pepperback coranglais

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