More Wiltshire Shots

GoogleEarth Streetview: Calstone Wellington. Don’t know what this object is — looks like a human being flying through the air and rolled into a ball (holding his legs?) in the second shot. But the object in the first shot appears to be more of a large pink bird like a flamingo.



These appear just south of pictures of the Church of St. Mary, another Wiltshire place of worship that B.R. Marshall has documented for geograph, this time with considerably more photos than for even St. John’s of Devizes:

A manmade crop circle just to the southwest of Calstone Wellington…


along with some interesting, surrounding landscape features…


The square-ish field in the lower left part of the same photo, for instance, was the site of a complex *square shaped* crop circle in July 2009. The location is called Morgan’s Hill. These amazing pictures come via GoogleEarth submissions as well:



In comparison, a deceptively simple 2007 star circle from the next field over:


I couldn’t help myself when associating the 2 Morgan’s Hill circles with these cuddly characters, especially since I’ve inserted the one on the right into a recent collage:


Also, take a look at this article if you wish about a rather famous 2011 crop circle appearing at the foot of the same hill (Furze Hill beech copse in distance):


Patrick Star’s home anyone?





Llis06 TEST (another one):


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