Highlighted (blue) IMAGES buttons below give links to digital (2d/flat) collages created by baker b. starting in 2004. Originals are formatted as either png or bitmap files; copies as jpegs usually. They were primary composed using Microsoft Paint, although some work, especially in earlier collages, was accomplished in Adobe Photoshop.

Overall inclusive series so far, which include from 10 to 60 or more individual collages apiece, are Bogota (2 legitimate series from 2016-present), Boos (2015), Red Umbrella (2014-2015), Falmouth (2014), Gilatona-Lis (2013), and the Art 10×10 (6 series from 2004 to 2009).

Collages found on this site are not for sale, and are exhibited for educational purposes only, abiding by fair use principles.

Some collages in various series combine with neighboring ones to form rudimentary animations. Some band together to create diptychs, triptychs, even tetraptychs.

All collage series names so far come from places in or near Jasper County, Illinois, a number of which are shown on this map. The reasons for this are mysterious, since I’ve never been to the location and, nothing against the county itself, but it’s a fairly nondescript area of our country.


Highlighted (red) ANALYSIS buttons below give links to interpretations of many of the same collage series or sub-series. These analyses are mostly written out at the same time or shortly after the act of forming the images themselves. Creating the collages is only part 1 of the process. Interpreting is the second half for me, and keeps the production flow going as well. I see them like dreams to be scrutinized for deeper meaning.


Cricket* button_images
Bogota Proper button_images button04
Silverton* button_images
Picturetown button_images button04
Ebbert* (in progress) button_images
Bogota: ALL_____ button_images

*disputed series, names coming from this “quirky” Jasper County map.

BOOS (2015)

Boos 1-10 button_images button04
Boos 11-20 button_images button04
Boos 21-30 button_images button04
Boos: ALL______ button_images

RED UMBRELLA (2014-2015)

Sam Parr button_images button04
Embarras button_images button04
Stonethrow button_images button04
Red Umbrella: ALL button_images


Falmouth: 1-6 button_images button04
Falmouth: 7-25 button_images button04
Falmouth: 26-43 button_images button04
Falmouth: 44-61 button_images button04
Falmouth: ALL___ button_images


Gila button_images button04
Latona button_images button04
Lis button_images button04
Falmouth Minor
(included in Lis)
Gilatona-Lis: ALL__ button_images

ART 10×10 (2004-2009)

Greenup button_images button11
Rose Hill button_images button11
Yale-Newton button_images button11
Oblong button_images button11
Hidalgo button_images button11
Wheeler-Jasper button_images button04
Art 10×10: ALL____  button13


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