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Being the super tree genius genus she-he is, Core-Alena quickly found the secret way to The Basin and its Dead Sea already traversed by players Cloe Price, Eraserhead Man, and others. But the gun toting, glossy green avatar had to be ditched in the process. And a name had been decided upon: Alfred or Alfreda Mobile — Al for short. Sometimes in caps, depending on if you’re yelling (Where’s that Mustered?).

However, it took him-her another *5 years* to find a way back to Virtual from Reality inside the game. A straightaway on Foothill Drive just outside Kamas UT, another shout out. 1800 miles from AL where Mobile started. Marion and Francis equidistantly n-s of of the quaint, tourist town were of course the keys. Swamp Fox; Hidden Village. Virtual itself, or at least the Omega continent, the one that counts right now. Rhode made sure of that. Rhode Rhoad Road.

Driving up and down the connecting straightaway (known from here on just as The Straight), Reality to left, *potential* Virtual to right, Core-Alena understood that not one but several trees could act as a portal. All probably did. For example, what looks like a willow at 2013 Foothill Drive…

… and certainly this queer, leany evergreen at 1890.

Core-Alena just decides to pull in and try it tonight. Being a tree her-himself, it would be easy to pull back out. As long as The Straight is not too far. All trees know each other.

Ahh, yes. Home again! And this strip of land obviously acts as one of those Between Places she-he’s learned about.

But Core-Alena ends up using the 3rd spotted tree portal at 1719 for the final transition — a duo this time — because he-she can take the car this way, which seems essential. Just before Foothill Drive bends away from the portal line on the north side, unlinking Virtual and Reality. Just in the nick of time, in other words.

And soon to be in the middle of it all again.

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New Fisher Island

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Heading Diagonal 02

Malvern, AL with variant name of Eagan near Light and Geneva-Houston co border, which is also part of GNIRPS (neighbor’s house, which just sold again this month). Circular city limits on topo map (Malvern as well).

Eagan, TN just examined is very near Campbell Co line with Jacksboro for seat. Conj. of Jack and Campbell here is another personal GNIRPs entry (former music director of my childhood church). You can see Eagan and Pruden in nw corner of below map of Campbell Co.

Third and last Eagan pp in Dakota Co MN, by far the largest of the 3 and in Minn./St. Paul metro area.

Nearby Eagan MN is Nichols. Nicholas David of The Voice fame born in Eagan, MN, and nicknamed St. Nick on the tv show.


No Jaffee in GNIRPS. Apparently this is most famous Jaffee:


No Meribel in GNIRPS. Meribel sim of Second Life named after this French ski resort:


Many Benningtons LINK, and I came up with it for C1617W just as a plain name to attach humor (like Farmington as well). But Bennington Edwards Co IL still may be pertinent. It has to do with neighbors growing up on *both* sides, including Edwards Co, Grayville in southern part, Samsville, Black, Browns (neighbors directly west of my neighbors), Golden Gate (another color like gray, brown, black), and Bone Gap and Blood also may be related (like blood and bones, and blood relative). Sam’s house sold this month just like Geneva’s. Black in both Edwards Co IL and Geneva Co AL with Malvern/Eagan.

Grayville was one of the early settlements, located at the mouth of Bonpas Creek and the (Big) Wabash River, and settled by the Gray family around 1810. Bonpas is a French word meaning “good bay” and early French keel boatmen tied their boats at the mouth of Bonpas Creek in the spring to escape high water or floating ice. Bonpas was once considered navigable, and boats went north as far as east of West Salem, Pinhook and Bennington.

Largest Bennington in VT.


Back to Sansara continent’s Snowlands…

Fellow explorer Simple Wunderlich, who I befriended several years back (see his pictures also in center of Collagesity’s Kidd Tower), has created a series on Snowlands here:

Mtn. from Simple’s series that no longer exists, pictured across stilll extant Cortina forest.

Another Simple photo showing a more interesting build in Loon — haven’t checked to see if it is still there.

Another building, no longer in Snowlands, snapped by Simple, formerly of the Loveland sim I believe.

Explorer Jayaram Dahlia (who I don’t know) has also created a series on Sansara’s Snowlands, claiming to have explored it thoroughly in all directions…

… enough to make this map of personalized regions.

Purden and Eagan are locations on the *diagonal* boundary she’s set up between her Central and South Central regions.

Good closer there.



also has many wonderful pictures of Snowlands. Amazing blog! Here’s a selection of related posts: (Inferialist in Sunklands blog)

More: (older Inferialist?) (ditto?)

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Bentmore-Future Home line passes directly over Greenway here where it intersects path leading to Prime/First Stream area via Grassy. In this location, Grassy and Greenway act like concentric circles. Future Home = center?

Grassy (all):



The Plutonians are two jagged-shaped aliens from the planet Pluto or beyond Pluto.

Oglethorpe (voice of Andy Merrill), the leader, is the obese, orange-colored one who usually comes up with their “plans” for World Domination. Emory (voice of Mike Schatz), his tall green sidekick, who was explained to be partners since college, hooked up by a computer, is the tag-along of Oglethorpe, and usually the one to know when things have gone sour. In “The Last One,” Oglethorpe mentions that he went to high school with Ignignokt, mentioning some kind of incident on the bus. Despite this, the Mooninites think that “Plutonians are teh suck”, which started Spacecataz. The Plutonians’ ship is also, incidentally, Uglor’s ship from Space Ghost Coast to Coast. They can be seen in Master Shake’s pinball machine in Eggball.


They are named after the two universities in Atlanta, where Williams Street created Adult Swim.

Mount Oglethorpe, the southernmost peak in the Blue Ridge Mountains,[2] is located in Pickens County, Georgia and was the southern terminus of the Appalachian Trail from when the trail was completed in 1937 until 1958. In 1958, as a result of over development around Mount Oglethorpe, the southern terminus of the Appalachian Trail was moved about 20 miles (32 km) to the northeast to Springer Mountain. Mount Oglethorpe is considered by some to be a more dramatic mountain than Springer Mountain, but the construction of a gravel logging road on the mountain and the development of a number of pungent chicken farms along the route, contributed to the move.

Until 1930, Mount Oglethorpe was called Grassy Knob, but the peak was renamed Mount Oglethorpe in honor of James Oglethorpe, the founder of Georgia.

Pluto was discovered by Clyde Tombaugh in 1930, and was originally considered the ninth planet from the Sun. After 1992, its status as a planet fell into question following the discovery of several objects of similar size in the Kuiper belt. In 2005, Eris, which is 27% more massive than Pluto, was discovered, which led the International Astronomical Union (IAU) to define the term “planet” formally for the first time the following year.[14] This definition excluded Pluto and reclassified it as a member of the new “dwarf planet” category.[15]

Bottom line: Both the (southern) terminus of the Appalachian Trail and our planetary Solar System were shortened by the exclusion of Mt. Oglethorpe and Pluto respectively.  Mt. Oglethorpe changed its named from Grassy in 1930. Pluto was discovered in 1930. (Aqua Teen Hunger Force’s) Oglethorpe is a Plutonian. He’s recently been seen in Collagesity starting here, and directly replacing a grassy colored Karoz at the bottom of Confluence Pool who may realize the same here (?).



Arab is a way to focus Grassy. Means “Foreign One” or perhaps “Alien”, like a Plutonian.

Grassy > Oglethorpe in 1930; Birth of Secondary Triad beyond [Prime/Primary]

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i c planets

A follow up to LINK.





(4 c’s and an s (Seminole)).



Joyce, your sun return chart didn’t show up in the post you tried to
put an image of it in. Can you perhaps put it in the photos section
or create it as a file for the files section? As you have seen, I
just create my graphics and then ftp them to a specific web directory
that I created just for this purpose.

If you wish, you can email me the chart and I can then move around to
a designated spot.

Thanks for the clarification about solar vs. sun return chart. Talk
as much as you want to about it, and I’ll check up on it more myself.
I understand what you’re saying: sun position is the same, but the
planets will have moved around and created different aspects or non-

The reason I find this, among other things, interesting in the
present situation is that it did occur to me that the “C” towns might
be representations of planets. Like a trait of the “C” towns (what
should we call this little diagram?), the outer planets, which are
further apart, tend to be larger, and the smaller inner planets
closer together. A logical association would be Celina, the largest,
for the largest planet Jupiter,

then, and Coldwater (2nd largest) for
Saturn (2nd largest planet).

If so, the rest would correspond, in
some way, perhaps to inner planets Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars.
Perhaps subtract Earth from this list from further info I will give

Another clue to this possible alignment of associations is the
presence of a town called Neptune nearby, just to the NE of Celina.

Joyce, I just looked at the other post from you I had open in another
window, and *just saw now* that you mention Neptune in it as well, in
connection with the 1846 founding of Maria Stein.

Okay, I’ve read that post, although I’ll have to study it more later.
I didn’t understand a lot about the chart references, but maybe if I
have the chart in front of me, a picture of it, then I can see what
you’re saying better.

It probably doesn’t surprise you at all that
I’m more a visual person… have to see what you’re talking about in
order to grasp it… goes along with the art major and the
fascination with maps.

I grok, though, the association of 1846 and Neptune. I’ll study all
this further when I have more time, believe you me.

Here’s the map again where you can see Neptune just to the NE of
Celina. It also did occur to me that perhaps the “C” towns should be
viewed from the perspective of the Neptune town, making Celina Saturn
and Coldwater Jupiter, since Saturn is close to Neptune.

Another planet association we can make is that there are *6* visible
planets you can *see* (*C* resonation again)…


…and there are six *C* towns here.

If we go by magnitude of a
planet from Earth, the way we actually *see* it, then, Celina, the
largest town, might be Venus instead, with Coldwater being Jupiter
(Venus and Jupiter are the two brightest planets from Earth). Then
the rest would be Mars, Saturn and Mercury in some combination, with
Mars, most often the 3rd brightest planet, I believe, perhaps
overlapping the only other incorporated town among the bunch, or
Chickasaw. You can also see a 6th planet, Uranus, sometimes with the
naked eye, on a clear night and if you know where to look.

Neptune, in contrast, is totally invisible to the naked eye. Yet we
can *see* Neptune on the map here, unlike the names of the other
planets, although they may be implied indirectly, as I’ve indicated.
Pluto is even more invisible.

Planets have a lot of resonations with other things, including
musical tones, going back to the idea of the C towns “trapping” Maria
Stein in the SE corner of Mercer County, thus bringing in the singing
nun Maria von Trapp of Sound of Music fame into the, um, picture.

Also keep in mind that Maria Stein was first brought up in a January
post on the b_hive by myself, but in conjunction with Minster (just
to the east of Maria Stein), a town that both Dean and I spotted as
resonant with the name *Monster*. Stein is the last syllable of
Frankenstein (Monster), already reinforced in the Hidalgo County, New
Mexico cluster of synchs. So all this is tied into the Jasper County
synchs involving monster that we’ve talked before about on the
b_hive… all this is a continuation of some kind.

Joyce, you brought up Jasper Newton Daniels (Jack Daniels) and
Neptune together in a post as well before… the Jack Daniels
distillery founded in 1846?

Haveta check. Monstrous *Moonshine*
concept also connected here, obviously.

It also did occur to me that the positions of the 6 “C” towns here
may be a 2-dimensional representation of a 3-d object of some kind. I
don’t have a way to render this in 3-d and play around with it,
though. I’ll try to think about a model further.

So, bottom line for now, the “C” towns may make some kind of *chart*
of planets, perhaps like a zodiac chart. The presence of a town named
Neptune just above this group seems to reinforce the idea. These are
the 6 visible planets (the ones you can see or “C”) in some
combination, plus the first planet you can’t see (which shows up as
the actual name of the planet here on the map).

Is this association something dillusional and Neptuney, or is it real
and concrete (remember, also, that our own Dean use to live in this
general area, just east of St. Mary on the map, I believe, where he
poured *cement* for the foundation of a buildling he associated with
a b_hive on this board)?

So I think that’s enough to chew on for now, for both myself and

So Joyce… your chart please. 🙂

Wild, any input?

Does this make as much sense as the Love+Lee=Lovely
diagrams I created before? Less sense? More sense? Less synchy? More?

I’d like to hear more the story about your involvement with astrology
as well.


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Bentmore 01

Proposed new mythological zone of the Middletown area. Will hopefully check out more this weekend. May act as a new balance to Otanoa, replacing Alexfin developed in the early 90’s to the north (and also on the same “Bent” river). Map soon.

Bentmore center may be a type of Dead Center *Hole* (or Holl), to balance Dead Center Hill and perhaps a Dead Center Hall (center of Middletown Circle?). Must keep in mind that county to north of where these are located is a Magic Square of Mars situation, and, so, pointing to Jack County, Texas through the Wizard Cube. Middletown is the birthing place of Mythopolis and its created planet Mythos, also directly related to the Wizard Cube (green Wazob on 1 side and red Ur on the other). Like Ur, Alexfin built around dump, which is no more. Replaced by prison in effect — imprisoned. Center no longer present but maybe can be approximated still. Look back at 1990-1993 notes to find out more about Alexfin mythos which may now become obsolete or lose its center to Bentmore. Otanoa, in the meantime, has gained in strength since that will be the site of Future Home. Even the home will garner a name most likely. Gradually, gradually, it is filling out.


Also seeming to be defined in the Bentmore-Alexfin relationship is the dimensions of the county itself as framed by The River. There is no parallel big river for my present county with Blue Mountain. I don’t think this is the Bent River but am not totally sure of that. It is both the Bentmore River and the Alexfin River somehow.


Hucka D.:

Centre County is between Far North/Hi and Far South/Lo. There is no need to go further except to look for colonies. Even Blue Mountain and its Frank and Herman Park will serve this middle soon. Dead Center Hill is center or middle, yes. Middletown Circle is middle. Future Home is middle. All these are middle. Alexfin marks the location between middle and north — middle north. Bentmore marks the location of middle south. There will be more added to this. It is not Dead Center Hole (in Bentmore), then, but just a Bentmore Hole. And there is no Dead Center Hall except in Fun Fun Town, USA.


Brazil, then.

Hucka D.:



Additional note: Forest Home (AL) directly related to Future Home? Saucer? Fake Herbert? Cardinal Roads’ beginnings and ends?

Measurements in miles of Centre County Pyramid composed of Alexfin (center), Bentmore (center) and Future Home, then.


Length of pyramid base: 11.14. Length of each slant height: 8.68.

Notice the calculated 6.66 distance between Future Home apex and middle of pyramid base, which has also been identified with a particular home, current in that case and not past or future exclusively. I’ve visited the home in Google Earth Streetview not surprisingly, and found nothing to note as yet.

To complete, then, the length of both Alexfin-Hi and Bentmore-Lo is 5.57 miles. This is the pyramid fitted into Centre County.

(to be continued?)


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Next Step


Carrcasses will obviously continue, and probably for the rest of my life. I’m in a steady state era for these kind of creations, with the length consistently between 45 and 70 minutes for almost all of ’em. Carrcasses are still the axis of my creativity, even though I don’t devote the time to them that I use to, especially during the early to mid-2000’s. At some point I’m looking to notch it up again with the possibilities of computer editing on both the audio and video sides. Recent clues about how this might come about could be here…*

In 2014 I created only 1 carrcass (C-11), after making 4 in 2013 (C-7.5, C-8, C-9, C-10), a banner year along with even higher peaks in 2006 and 2007. I haven’t even taped the last one — rectification soon.


Obviously these will continue as well, and have become the creative focus above and beyond carrcasses (although I still see the latter as the fundamental note). I’ve created over 100 collages in the past 2 years, matching the total for the 9 years before that, which includes the Art 10×10. Although these are already born digital, I seem to be edging more into hard core animation, starting with the recent “Story Room” animation involving the first 6 collages of the Falmouth series. This series overall was quite the surprise — who knew that I would create a 61 piece effort that fast? Not me (until it was over). Another development has been the 2, 3, and 4 part pieces, or diptychs, triptychs, and tetraptychs. These complement the natural 2-4 part animations I first developed in the Art 10×10. How far down the animation road I’ll travel and away from the stand alone pieces I don’t know yet.

So more collages than ever created in 2014: over 70 adding in September’s Sam Parr series of 10 to the 61 from the earlier Falmouth series. It appears I’m in a flow.


As collages are born digitally, I’m not as concerned about preservation issues for them. Audiovisual synchs are still created using old fashion analog techniques. I have a rough table of all the “tiles”, which includes info about cue points and involved media, but more is needed in this area. More digital copies of analog creations need to be created. A 2015 resolution.


This year I’ve also gathered together my collage series, along with the interpretations I share with others on my blog, in a new website using a freshly coined domain name, Also here are descriptions and slurl links to virtual towns where the artwork is displayed (example: Collagesity, Noru and now Minoa). Another interesting category developed on the Sunklands site is the idea of hybrid works straddling defined areas, like “6 Weeks of Shining” from this year, or “Baker Bloch in England” from 2010. Carrcasses have a place in too, and I plan to create an abbreviated “Table” listing tiles from The Rainbow Sphere to SID’s 1st Oz at least. Hidden behind this will be the larger, full table of tiles (Rainbow Sphere to present, Carrcass-11 most recently). I’ve fitted Paradox I and its larger, fictional followup Paradox II (latter still in progress) into Sunklands as well.


Apart from the Sunklands site, I’m still working daily on my personal blog, Frank and Herman, Einstein!, since 2012 (supplanting my original one, the Baker Blinker Blog from 2008-2012). Hybrids spring from this, along with collage interpretations and descriptions and working file stuff. Toward the end of this year map synch material has been developed more, resulting in yet another kind of collage (7-part “Map Stuff” from Nov. and early Dec.). This is my bread and butter.

Local Hiking/Myth Making:

The title of the Frank and Herman, Einstein! blog refers to the 2 large, contiguous parks I live near, and which I assumed at the time of its birth in August 2008 would be a lifetime focus above and beyond, for example, Second Life or other pursuits. But this year I decided that Blue Mountain will in all likelihood probably *not* be the place we spend our retirement years in the main. Instead that burden will fall on Ashville. As part of this big shift, I’ve decided to rename the latter Middletown to indicate its more central role. The recently uncovered Ashville Circle built around Cherry Avenue and parallel Linden Creek will turn into the Middletown Circle — a further mystification device, then.

But in saying this I’ve also decided to see Blue Mountain for its great plus: the proximity to these parks and the outdoors overall and to take full advantage of this while remaining here for probably the next 6-10 years. Another 2015 resolution, then — to be happy in the place I’m at more than in 2014. But the die has been cast for the future nonetheless, seemingly.

Second Life:

Yes, my involvement in this virtual, fake world has continued. 🙂 Big story was the development of Noru’s Collagesity in July and Aug and Sep after a battle between Noru and Rubi for town ownership in June. Then at the end of November, Noru land was given up in favor of same sized area at se corner of fabled Rubi Woods, very near where VWX Town existed toward the end of 2013. Just at the end of the year, I consolidated my land holdings in Minoa next the woods better, and it looks like my presence there will continued into 2015 a bit. Centerpieces remain the Power Tower and Falmouth galleries, along with the new Sam Parr State College building holding its namesake series. Falmouth gallery (an old castle) developed in Philudoria during Feb-April.

So the big news for SL in 2014 is the development of 2 new galleries holding the 2 newest collage series (Falmouth and Sam Parr), and also a new town to put them in: Collagesity, replacing 2013’s VWX Town as a virtual center.

Work work:

Most likely 6 or at tops 7 years to slave away before retirement. Must get a solid foundation for dealing with present and future issues. It’s not going to be an easy ride, but I’m certain the challenge will reap benefits. Better than working as a restaurant manager or the like. I’m very lucky to possess the position I do, and the support group I have.


* Note1: In looking up riddle/ again just now, saw that Riddle’s Store lies in sw corner of small part of Loudon County, Tennessee separate from rest of county. Corr. to this, also this morning I rearranged my Minoa virtual holdings but accidentally left a 128 sq meter parcel separate from the rest in the process, representing 1/68th of my land. Is this simultaneous synchronicity? Does it represent me as separate from the rest of my team? A riddle for certain.


Further, Riddles Store is coupled with Curry or Currys Store in Alabama, making a direct overlap between old and new. These are probably only 2 Riddles Store pop places.

7-6-5 trees

100 = 1 mile

This split off part of Loudon County, TN lies directly west of the Ashville Circle concocted just before, and newly deemed, in this post, the Middletown Circle. Seems to reinforce the middle aspect (!). I also think back to the larger but still similar quite Forest Home Circle in Alabama discovered to be on the same latitude as Baker’s Creek, Miss. in 2013, and also in a neighboring state to the west.

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What we know 01

While not fully documented, long-time residents note that there are two houses in the Nor[wegian W]ood Park Historic District that pre-date the rest of the neighborhood. These are 39… (ca.1910) and 104… (ca.1900). Both of these were farmhouses on the land that later developed into Nor[wegian W]ood Park. The land which eventually became part of [Earl Weaver] Park, on the west side of [Cherry Avenue], was originally a field associated with 39…

Turns out this Earl Weaver Park associated with House 39 of the Norwegian Wood neighborhood of A-ville is perhaps part of a *second* Google Maps art event of Cherry Avenue, which creates its western boundary. This involves [traffic] islands again. But let’s return to the above article for a bit more information. We’ll get back to the 39 residence.

Nor[wegian W]ood Park was part of the “suburb beautiful” movement taking place all over the country. This movement consisted of a design philosophy which included a curvilinear system of street design that paid close attention to the natural topography and incorporated within its boundaries amenities such as large lots, sidewalks, tree-lined streets, open spaces, and elaborate high-style houses following the latest architectural trends of the day.

This first layout included Virginia Avenue (later renamed Nor[wegian W]ood Avenue); S. Woodward Avenue; Woodward Avenue; Midway Drive; and Lynndon Road (later [Cherry Avenue]) noted on the plat.

So this seems interesting: the original name of Cherry Avenue is Lynndon Road. But this is perhaps a falsity in our closed world of the Frank and Herman Einstein! blog. It brings to mind John *Lennon* who penned the song “Norwegian Wood” in 1965 that the neighborhood was obviously *not* named after, being platted a half century earlier. First, does Lynndon actually translate to Lennon? And then does the Norwegian Wood neighborhood lend its name to the song instead?

It’s also important to note that a British lime tree is called a linden tree, but unrelated to the lime fruit. I think Lynndon comes from Linden, and then this translates to the Lime Street running parrallel to what was then Lynndon Street (and what is now Cherry Avenue). What I’m getting at is that Lynndon and Lime street names here have a common origin in Linden, and this is probably related to Lennon via Norwegian Wood. So what is the time order? Lynndon Street predated the Norwegian Wood neighborhood or development. Lime Street as well. But Lynndon Street leads directly *to* Norwegian Wood, passing by Earl Weaver Park as it does. And the above article mentions that Earl Weaver Park was once a field associated with House 39 of what would soon become [the center of?] the Norwegian Wood development.

So here’s what’s happening, I think. *Linden* is the name of the *stream* running precisely between what is now Cherry Avenue and Lime Street. Cherry Avenue use to be called Lynndon Street, so the stream gave that street its name, I feel. The Linden stream also gave Lime Street its name. It might have come from [linden or lime] trees bordering the creek, and also perhaps named by someone of British descent (?). Anyway, the Lime Street name may have been coined after parallel Lynndon Street, with the latter name then changed to Cherry Street or Cherry Avenue, perhaps part of a fruit naming scheme.

In Pine Apple, Alabama, we just so happen to have a Cherry Street coupled with a Banana Street, as we’ve already reviewed in several previous blog posts here. Following Highway 10 out of Pine Apple to the east, its name changes to Pineapple Highway in the next county over (Butler) where it passes through a hamlet named Saucer that we’ve also mentioned on this blog in reference to the Forest Home Circle.

But to my map pictures created today. In the first, I attempt to illuminate the fact that Saucer and Fake Herbert are equidistant from Forest Home, or a distance of 2.8 miles. Fake Herbert is discussed in this earlier post a bit: when you look up Herbert AL in the GNIS database you are directed here instead of the actual location of Herbert in this state, which lies about 28 miles south in neighboring Conecuh County.


Interesting as well that two *same named* roads become linked within this Alabama circle (Cardinal), just like we have Lynndon and Lime street names originating in a common Linden stream running parallel to and between both, hypothetically.

But certainly a key word here is Saucer, and on the Pineapple Highway. Note that this highway is spelled exactly like the tropical fruit, and not with two words like the obvious namesake town of Pine Apple. It has become aligned with this fruit related complex of names, whatever that is. And I think it actually originates from Saucer, but I’ll have to save that for a part 2.

I’ll also get to the second proposed Google Maps art event involving Cherry Avenue asap.

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Just to remind…

On the *other* side (north terminus) of Cherry Avenue we have this man with his hand in the middle of a sewer top. Is he a guardian of the underworld, perhaps the one directly beneath the gray surface of Cherry Street and its numerous islands?

He must know about the 2 sets of twins from the other side of his 3/4th mile long avenue. He must somehow be in control of the islands. Many Islands.


“What are the names of the fairies off Cherry Avenue, infesting that creek or brook?”

Hucka D.:

The Chill’n’s.


Cool. Er, ha.

Hucka D.:



What an odd thing for that woman to do. Reminded me of my sister.

Hucka D.:

Pineapple. Island. Yes.

Lānaʻi (/ləˈnaɪ/; Hawaiian: [laːˈnɐʔi] or [naːˈnɐʔi]) is the sixth-largest of the Hawaiian Islands and the smallest publicly accessible inhabited island in the chain.[1] It is also known as Pineapple Island because of its past as an island-wide pineapple plantation.

In 1922, James Dole, the president of Hawaiian Pineapple Company (later renamed Dole Food Company), bought the island and developed a large portion of it into the world’s largest pineapple plantation.


Pineapple, Alabama has already been mentioned in this blog. The tiny town has a Banana and Cherry Street. Does it give further clues? Most likely. Perhaps the whole Cherry-Lime area of Ashville is actually called Pineapple. Or was (or will be).

And in reading the above link concerning Pineapple, see that I’ve already mentioned Cherry and Banana Street in this, and even provided a picture.



I’m still uncertain about the relationship between Apricot Bone and Sgt. Pepper. Is Apricot Bone a pretend band as well? I think you said before that it’s a Kinks variant band, like they also could have created in 1967. Instead they created the Village Green Preservation Society. “We are the Village Green Preservation Society”.

Hucka D.:

Apricot Bone is something else. Related to Pine Apple, Alabama and its Banana and Cherry Streets but more. Apricot is King Tull… 333. A tropic fruit.

Greetings from Pine Apple, Alabama

The Goat Whisperer
Greetings from Pine Apple, Alabama

The Goat Whisperer 4y
And this is across the street.
I’m not sure I understand completely unless there’s a Rum Avenue nearby.

Banana Street

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map sinking feeling 02

Wyoming in Iowa County in Wisconsin, a unique location because of the 3 different state names it highlights, is certainly also highlighted by this place, called “[Frank Lloyd] Wright’s architectural self portrait.”

Traveling down another arm that is the octopus of this map series, I noted that The Arches in Winona County, Minnesota (the Gopher state) is an anagram of Teachers, and Teacher is a story in Winesap highlighted by other maps. I think it partially refers to the teachers of James Franco, who has famously returned to not one but several schools to study and earn degrees at recently. One has already been pictured in the blog, and it is coded into Winona County as well.


A logical deduction would have it that The Arches, in Warren township next to a Wilson township, may refer to a teacher or perhaps multiple teachers of that school. Coincidentally, about a month ago I started corresponding again with an old boss who may be teaching at this very college during spring semester. Is this the teacher referred to? If not, it still seems to fit in somewhere. And what about the only other population place in this Warren township: Wyattsville? Is this the name of a teacher as well? The colorful, hand drawn map of Winona County jokingly associates this town with Wyatt Earp, although there appears to be no other direct connection outside the names themselves. But we’ve also previously noted that Wyatt was born in a Warren County (Illinois) and also had a younger brother named Warren with whom he shared many of his wild west adventures.


Teachers? (Probably.)


If so, it means another red-blue focusing (see Winona-Rollingstone below), and a gateway to the future *beyond* any need for such teachers. I will be free but on my own. It will be good. Red-blue, then Beyond Green. I think it has to do with friendship as well (Jenifer Anniston). I cannot be friends with my teachers, can I? I was taught to create procedures for what I do (work). That it?

So it was important enough to make this map sync, hmm.

Maybe Media, Pennsylvania is an important key. Audiovisual synchs, after all, involve protection of the attached audio and visual media. Maybe this is a meeting place, a middle town.



Audio (none):,_Pennsylvania

Media and the FBI

Media may be best known for secret government documents that were illegally seized there by activists in 1971 and distributed nationwide. On March 8 of that year, the Citizens’ Commission to Investigate the FBI raided an FBI “resident agency” in Media. They later released thousands of documents to major newspapers [the *media*] around the country. These documents revealed controversial and illegal FBI tactics, like the recruitment of Boy Scouts as informants, and confirmed for the first time the existence of COINTELPRO, an FBI program to “expose, disrupt, misdirect, discredit, or otherwise neutralize” dissident groups in the United States.[13]

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