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“I will come back,” spoke Karoz at the Table again. “But we must start to focus on TILE once more. Occident. I am a high TILE priest after all. And: bite it Wheeler.”

But Wheeler Wilson was still holding and using the cell phone. “I can’t seem to get a hold of Hucka Doobie, Karoz. Could she be… dead?”

“Doubtful. She’s in Gaston. Right?”

“Yes,” Baker Bloch answers for Wheeler.

Wheeler finally gives up on reaching Hucka Doobie for the night; puts away the phone. She crosses her legs and leans toward the blue-green being. “Okay, Karoz. Tell us all about TILE, then.”



“I’d pretty much say it’s exactly your color,” bee person Hucka Doobie declared to her old friend Karoz at this Treasure Hill representing the heart of the Orient, its apex. Its climax if you will. Hucka Doobie looked around again. “Both Morgan and Julia sides.”

“Then this must be about me. And also Baker Blinker,” spoke the wise cyan guy. “Okay, we’ll return. Obviously mum’s the word about our meeting here.”

Hucka Doobie made a zipping motion over her slightly pollen covered lips.

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Something appeared today in Grasslands. Sand… dunes to be more precise.

And a castle on top of perhaps the highest and sandiest one.

It has a ring to it.


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More Circles

Although what I’m calling the Middletown Circle is still the main one of its type, I’ve created others in the area recently, like the nested circles below surrounding Future Home and including First/Prime. For now I’ll just let the pictures tell the story, except to say that the curves of the Greenway provide the beginning point…


… as it does for these 3 just south…


… and also these 2 just south of the above, with the upper one surrounding and including dreamy Hemp Hill LINK. There are no exact relationships I can identify between any of these circles. All are different sizes, for instance, except in one case.


Then returning to the area of the Middletown Circle, I’ve created another circle fairly close to it which contains the natural area I’ve termed Goth Hill in this blog before, which may earn its own subcategory sometime. Right now I’m lumping all things Middletown just under a general heading.


Going back to the concentric circles of the first picture, we can include this now… Bill Mtn., if you recall, is a place of contact in Blue Mountain. Is Middletown’s Bill Mtn. placemarked above the same? Time will tell. Time will tell.


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Asheville (3):


Because of its variant name of Ash(e)ville, Ashville PA may be most connected to Ash(e)ville NC, as discussed here a bit:

My Ash(e)ville may earn the nickname of Little Chicago through this. It has a very large downtown for a city its size. And then for other reasons I change its name to Middletown later on. Chicago is in the middle of the US, in the Great Lakes region.

Let’s turn to Ashville, then, and the kindred to Ashville PA in a more direct, surface way:


Along with Ashfield PA, Canoncet RI is the only listed variant of Ashville, and the only one not containing the root word “Ash”. It is located in a county (Washington) already mentioned in the blog here in connection with triple state names:

Carolina and Wyoming are also both in Washington County in Rhode Island, and so both make types of triple state name as well (Carolina, Washington, Rhode Island and Wyoming, Washington, Rhode Island). Largest “Ashville”, by far (Ash(e)ville/Middletown), is located in (North) Carolina.

Wyoming in Iowa County in Wisconsin state probably makes up the most profound or central triple state name of this kind, and may additionally highlight Wyoming RI here.

It brings to mind this: Are there any towns in counties and states of the *same* name (as opposed to all different names). This would be a triple state redundancy, then, and the opposite of all three having different names.

The only two that come close involve large cities:

1) *Part* of New York City (basically Manhattan) lies in New York county in New York state.
2) *Most* of Oklahoma City lies in Oklahoma county in the state of Oklahoma.


Returning to Ashville OH, we can perhaps extend our range through understanding that a city named Circleville is the county seat and largest burg of inclusive Pickaway County.

Ashville and Circleville in Pickaway County, Ohio

Circleville, true to its name, was originally designed as a circle. Story here:


Circleville was unique among early American towns, built to conform to a circular prehistoric earthworks. When Pickaway County was formed in 1810 there were no existing settlements that seemed suitable for a county seat. Therefore, a new town was laid out within the ancient’s “circle” on the high bank east of the Scioto River. It’s streets radiated from an octagonal courthouse in the center of the circle.

Two communities existed near Circleville prior to its being laid out as the county seat. Jefferson and Livingston ceased to exist several years after Circleville was designated the seat of government in 1811. When the Ohio Canal reached Circleville, the shape of the town within the circle proved to be a hindrance, and in 1838 a group of enterprising businessmen began to “square the circle”. Over the next 20 years the job was accomplished and all traces of the ancient earthworks disappeared.



The concept of “squaring the circle” spoken about in the above excerpt has also come up recently in this blog in connection to the Moon of the Moon, except there the process was reversed: Jack and Lily *circled* (or “sphered”) the square (or “cube”) that was the Moon of the Moon by creating a world ocean and introducing omni-directional gravity.

And in a more limited way I’ve done a similar thing with Ash(e)ville/Middletown through what I call the Middletown Circle, introduced on this blog back in Winter 2014/2015. This is also the point where I decided to rename Ash(e)ville as Middletown, invoking what appears to be an older matrix.

Middletown Circle

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Middle: River + Way + 40 + Weak

Of course the main thing connecting Blue Mountain mythos and Middletown mythos (formerly Ashville mythos) is The Way. Perhaps spelled The Wey, but I think the former now. It’s another, er, way to define Centre County as a whole along with the Central River (official name still pending). Art River? (like Art Bears?), since the road runs ne to sw and defines a nice, full diagonal in the process. Although The Way also passes through the county Blue Mountain is the seat of, there it’s along the southern boundary. That’s actually another plus about the location of Future Home: very close proximity to this Way, and the ability to travel up and down it easily to hiking possibilities — such as Bentmore, the center of which is bisected by it, in essence. So I believe The Way is how toy avatars or whatever travel from Blue Mountain to Middletown and visa versa. In this way they can act as a kind of balance to each other. And of course The Way also bisects contiguous Frank and Herman Park, splitting them both in two, to the initial protest of Herman[ Munster]’s widow Lilly in the the 1940’s.

Speaking of 40’s, Superhighway 40 also bisects Centre County, running basically east to west across the county and also lying quite close to Future Home. In fact, The Way and SH 40 intersect only about 1 1/2 miles from FH. Another way to get to places quick, then. Blue Mountain has no superhighways, in contrast. Travel must be slower there in general. And yet another way Ashville is truly Middletown.

To summarize:

Central River: bisects Centre County north to south.
The Way: bisects Centre County northeast to southwest.
Superhigh 40 (?): bisects Centre County east to west.

The Pyramid is probably another way to link all of these together. We can also assume a 2nd diagonal running nw to se across the county, which would represent the weakest, 4th line defining the county. We might also be able to assign some color qualities.:

River: Blue
Way: Green
Superhigh: Red
Weak: Yellow


The Pyramid is based on exact measurements directly assoc. with the n-s passage of River through the county. The other defining lines of the county — Way, Superhigh, Weak, are not exactly defined as yet, and perhaps never will be.

So a focus for my remaining (?) time in Blue Mountain is to understand The Way, seemingly the only thing connecting the two mythologies, or most closely connecting them.

All of these line pass into other counties in both directions. So their story extends in the same essential directions on either side.

Here’s some further thoughts:

River is Number 1, and colored the highest value hue of blue. Way is Number 2, and colored green. Superhigh(way) is actually Interstate 30 now, and represents Number 3, then (30 = 3+0 = 3) and the color red. The weak line becomes the 4th line, which seems to have no physical attachment to a particular highway or road or stream or anything else. Appropriately it is then assigned the lowest value color of yellow.


(1) is defined mainly by The Pyramid now composed of points Alexfin (north), Bentmore (south) and Future Home (east or top or apex), and also its two 5.85 mile long arms connecting Alexfin to the place where The River crosses the northern county line and Bentmore to the place where The River intersects the *southern* county line. As stated, the line of The River across Centre County is the one most defined now. So let’s look at the larger picture of The River. Where does it start and where does it end? We’ll be asking this question for all bisecting county lines except the Weak Line, which doesn’t correspond with a physical object.

213 miles

469 miles

2555 miles

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Bentmore 01

Proposed new mythological zone of the Middletown area. Will hopefully check out more this weekend. May act as a new balance to Otanoa, replacing Alexfin developed in the early 90’s to the north (and also on the same “Bent” river). Map soon.

Bentmore center may be a type of Dead Center *Hole* (or Holl), to balance Dead Center Hill and perhaps a Dead Center Hall (center of Middletown Circle?). Must keep in mind that county to north of where these are located is a Magic Square of Mars situation, and, so, pointing to Jack County, Texas through the Wizard Cube. Middletown is the birthing place of Mythopolis and its created planet Mythos, also directly related to the Wizard Cube (green Wazob on 1 side and red Ur on the other). Like Ur, Alexfin built around dump, which is no more. Replaced by prison in effect — imprisoned. Center no longer present but maybe can be approximated still. Look back at 1990-1993 notes to find out more about Alexfin mythos which may now become obsolete or lose its center to Bentmore. Otanoa, in the meantime, has gained in strength since that will be the site of Future Home. Even the home will garner a name most likely. Gradually, gradually, it is filling out.


Also seeming to be defined in the Bentmore-Alexfin relationship is the dimensions of the county itself as framed by The River. There is no parallel big river for my present county with Blue Mountain. I don’t think this is the Bent River but am not totally sure of that. It is both the Bentmore River and the Alexfin River somehow.


Hucka D.:

Centre County is between Far North/Hi and Far South/Lo. There is no need to go further except to look for colonies. Even Blue Mountain and its Frank and Herman Park will serve this middle soon. Dead Center Hill is center or middle, yes. Middletown Circle is middle. Future Home is middle. All these are middle. Alexfin marks the location between middle and north — middle north. Bentmore marks the location of middle south. There will be more added to this. It is not Dead Center Hole (in Bentmore), then, but just a Bentmore Hole. And there is no Dead Center Hall except in Fun Fun Town, USA.


Brazil, then.

Hucka D.:



Additional note: Forest Home (AL) directly related to Future Home? Saucer? Fake Herbert? Cardinal Roads’ beginnings and ends?

Measurements in miles of Centre County Pyramid composed of Alexfin (center), Bentmore (center) and Future Home, then.


Length of pyramid base: 11.14. Length of each slant height: 8.68.

Notice the calculated 6.66 distance between Future Home apex and middle of pyramid base, which has also been identified with a particular home, current in that case and not past or future exclusively. I’ve visited the home in Google Earth Streetview not surprisingly, and found nothing to note as yet.

To complete, then, the length of both Alexfin-Hi and Bentmore-Lo is 5.57 miles. This is the pyramid fitted into Centre County.

(to be continued?)


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Next Step


Carrcasses will obviously continue, and probably for the rest of my life. I’m in a steady state era for these kind of creations, with the length consistently between 45 and 70 minutes for almost all of ’em. Carrcasses are still the axis of my creativity, even though I don’t devote the time to them that I use to, especially during the early to mid-2000’s. At some point I’m looking to notch it up again with the possibilities of computer editing on both the audio and video sides. Recent clues about how this might come about could be here…*

In 2014 I created only 1 carrcass (C-11), after making 4 in 2013 (C-7.5, C-8, C-9, C-10), a banner year along with even higher peaks in 2006 and 2007. I haven’t even taped the last one — rectification soon.


Obviously these will continue as well, and have become the creative focus above and beyond carrcasses (although I still see the latter as the fundamental note). I’ve created over 100 collages in the past 2 years, matching the total for the 9 years before that, which includes the Art 10×10. Although these are already born digital, I seem to be edging more into hard core animation, starting with the recent “Story Room” animation involving the first 6 collages of the Falmouth series. This series overall was quite the surprise — who knew that I would create a 61 piece effort that fast? Not me (until it was over). Another development has been the 2, 3, and 4 part pieces, or diptychs, triptychs, and tetraptychs. These complement the natural 2-4 part animations I first developed in the Art 10×10. How far down the animation road I’ll travel and away from the stand alone pieces I don’t know yet.

So more collages than ever created in 2014: over 70 adding in September’s Sam Parr series of 10 to the 61 from the earlier Falmouth series. It appears I’m in a flow.


As collages are born digitally, I’m not as concerned about preservation issues for them. Audiovisual synchs are still created using old fashion analog techniques. I have a rough table of all the “tiles”, which includes info about cue points and involved media, but more is needed in this area. More digital copies of analog creations need to be created. A 2015 resolution.


This year I’ve also gathered together my collage series, along with the interpretations I share with others on my blog, in a new website using a freshly coined domain name, Also here are descriptions and slurl links to virtual towns where the artwork is displayed (example: Collagesity, Noru and now Minoa). Another interesting category developed on the Sunklands site is the idea of hybrid works straddling defined areas, like “6 Weeks of Shining” from this year, or “Baker Bloch in England” from 2010. Carrcasses have a place in too, and I plan to create an abbreviated “Table” listing tiles from The Rainbow Sphere to SID’s 1st Oz at least. Hidden behind this will be the larger, full table of tiles (Rainbow Sphere to present, Carrcass-11 most recently). I’ve fitted Paradox I and its larger, fictional followup Paradox II (latter still in progress) into Sunklands as well.


Apart from the Sunklands site, I’m still working daily on my personal blog, Frank and Herman, Einstein!, since 2012 (supplanting my original one, the Baker Blinker Blog from 2008-2012). Hybrids spring from this, along with collage interpretations and descriptions and working file stuff. Toward the end of this year map synch material has been developed more, resulting in yet another kind of collage (7-part “Map Stuff” from Nov. and early Dec.). This is my bread and butter.

Local Hiking/Myth Making:

The title of the Frank and Herman, Einstein! blog refers to the 2 large, contiguous parks I live near, and which I assumed at the time of its birth in August 2008 would be a lifetime focus above and beyond, for example, Second Life or other pursuits. But this year I decided that Blue Mountain will in all likelihood probably *not* be the place we spend our retirement years in the main. Instead that burden will fall on Ashville. As part of this big shift, I’ve decided to rename the latter Middletown to indicate its more central role. The recently uncovered Ashville Circle built around Cherry Avenue and parallel Linden Creek will turn into the Middletown Circle — a further mystification device, then.

But in saying this I’ve also decided to see Blue Mountain for its great plus: the proximity to these parks and the outdoors overall and to take full advantage of this while remaining here for probably the next 6-10 years. Another 2015 resolution, then — to be happy in the place I’m at more than in 2014. But the die has been cast for the future nonetheless, seemingly.

Second Life:

Yes, my involvement in this virtual, fake world has continued. 🙂 Big story was the development of Noru’s Collagesity in July and Aug and Sep after a battle between Noru and Rubi for town ownership in June. Then at the end of November, Noru land was given up in favor of same sized area at se corner of fabled Rubi Woods, very near where VWX Town existed toward the end of 2013. Just at the end of the year, I consolidated my land holdings in Minoa next the woods better, and it looks like my presence there will continued into 2015 a bit. Centerpieces remain the Power Tower and Falmouth galleries, along with the new Sam Parr State College building holding its namesake series. Falmouth gallery (an old castle) developed in Philudoria during Feb-April.

So the big news for SL in 2014 is the development of 2 new galleries holding the 2 newest collage series (Falmouth and Sam Parr), and also a new town to put them in: Collagesity, replacing 2013’s VWX Town as a virtual center.

Work work:

Most likely 6 or at tops 7 years to slave away before retirement. Must get a solid foundation for dealing with present and future issues. It’s not going to be an easy ride, but I’m certain the challenge will reap benefits. Better than working as a restaurant manager or the like. I’m very lucky to possess the position I do, and the support group I have.


* Note1: In looking up riddle/ again just now, saw that Riddle’s Store lies in sw corner of small part of Loudon County, Tennessee separate from rest of county. Corr. to this, also this morning I rearranged my Minoa virtual holdings but accidentally left a 128 sq meter parcel separate from the rest in the process, representing 1/68th of my land. Is this simultaneous synchronicity? Does it represent me as separate from the rest of my team? A riddle for certain.


Further, Riddles Store is coupled with Curry or Currys Store in Alabama, making a direct overlap between old and new. These are probably only 2 Riddles Store pop places.

7-6-5 trees

100 = 1 mile

This split off part of Loudon County, TN lies directly west of the Ashville Circle concocted just before, and newly deemed, in this post, the Middletown Circle. Seems to reinforce the middle aspect (!). I also think back to the larger but still similar quite Forest Home Circle in Alabama discovered to be on the same latitude as Baker’s Creek, Miss. in 2013, and also in a neighboring state to the west.

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Developing 01


What’s not in new Collagesity (Minoa) that was in old or original Collagesity (Noru):

Noru Museum:
Lots of prims involved, and obviously not as apropos in Minoa as it was in Noru. May set up a Rubi Museum, however, like this same structure housed in, well, Rubi’s VWX Town this past winter. Rubi has a history too, just as substantial, probably, as my involvement with Noru.

Tired Falls:
Not a structure, but a missing element for sure. I hated to give up that waterfall. Can’t find a place on the new property for it. However, the focus on the new property is obviously the Rubi Forest itself. Which reminds me…


… to complement this…


Lucky’s Magic Village (Old Rubi Museum, VWX Town)

Back to the survey…

Toxic Art Gallery:
I’ve chose not to rez this admittedly prim saving gallery holding 80 of the 100 collages of the Art 10×10, still my most important collage work overall, I feel. Perhaps. But Falmouth and Power Tower and now the Sam Parr State College Admin Building hold newer and perhaps more pertinent collages and it seemed time to move on. Actually, this was derezzed in Noru before I decided to move.

X Spot Gallery (top, main part):
This was not filled out in Noru, but represented a really nifty way to bridge the Kidd Tower, Power Tower, and Falmouth galleries in a low skybox. Also will be missed. Could theoretically still hold the Jeogeot Through Art and Word exhibit. But that’s more connected to Noru as well since Noru is part of the Jeogeot continent.

So what’s in new Collagesity, conversely, that wasn’t in the old Noru version?

SoSo Gallery:
Containing the Oblong series of the Art 10×10, perhaps the most important series within it and most cohesive. 20 collages in the series (out of 100 total in the Art 10×10). Nice addition to the town beyond Noru.

Home o’ Fibs:
Another structure that wasn’t in Noru but is in Minoa. Nice view from the porch into the meat of the town.

House of Truth:
Was in Minoa until a couple of days ago. May return.

So 1 more way Camp Ruby pops up in a list of pop places (through variant names):


Mostly familiar counties there: Duplin, Dallas, Patrick.


Conclusion for now:

Minoa Collagesity still needs an identity. Sam Parr State College seems stronger within (they’ve claimed the SoSo Gallery, the Kidd Tower, the Bodega Supermarket, and the lower building of the X Spot Gallery (!)), so that’s a core to build from. Sam Parr St. College, I feel, is a virtual life complement to Woodrow Wilson College in Ashville. Both border protected forests. That’s a link that can be furthered as well, probably starting with Bracket Jupiter and his proposed Spring Semester course on the continent of Corsica. Cool idea. Required reading will be the Baker Blinker Blog’s posts on the subject, collected in one work.

One possibility for a t-shirt selling on campus, then:


Charity-Tin City, NC


Charity-Tin Town, MO


Christmas gathering in Central Square

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up with maps! 03

03 counties named Marion with county seats also named Marion:

Marion County, Kansas
Marion County, Ohio
Marion County, South Carolina

We’ve spoken at length about Marion County, Ohio now and its Marion seat in the post before this one, concerning Warren G. Harding (and his nemesis and his wife who happens to be the daughter of the nemesis) and also S. Anderson. Does Marion County, Kansas give us more insights? Does the same named county in South Carolina? Actually the SC county is implied in the KS county. Let’s take a peep.


“We can’t let you do that.”


Why not?

Hucka D.:

Just because.


I’ve made some important strides in map research, Hucka D.

Hucka D.:



What next?

Hucka D.:

Something else.



How about that, then? Teach/ comes up with only 1 hit in GNIRPS, and that’s right next to Willard (and Wallace and Tin City) in North Carolina, Hucka D. Hucka? Probably went back to bed (lucky him). I think it has to represent “Teacher”, or, more specific, Kate Swift. Willard heads into the Beach Grove to think about her. Rev. Hartman is also dwelling on her the same day, his Achilles heel. Heal.



Chicago White Stockings players:

Chicago White Sox players (White Sox were called White Stockings in their first several years of existence, or about 1901-1903):

One of the American League’s eight charter franchises, the Chicago team was established as a major league baseball club in 1900. The club was originally called the Chicago White Stockings, after the nickname abandoned by the Cubs, and the name was soon shortened to Chicago White Sox, believed to have been because the paper would shorten it to Sox in the headlines. At this time, the team played their home games at South Side Park. In 1910, the team moved into historic Comiskey Park, which they would inhabit for more than eight decades.

Black Sox scandal involving White Stockings>White Sox players, apparently already coded into GNIRPS [Pennsylvania]:

The 1919 World Series, however, was marred by the Black Sox Scandal, in which several prominent members of the White Sox (including Cicotte and [Shoeless Joe] Jackson) were accused of conspiring with gamblers to lose games purposefully.

player/: 2 of 2 (and pertaining to baseball as well):

Upon the baseball field Joe Welling stood by first base, his whole body quivering with excitement. In spite of themselves all the players watched him closely. The opposing pitcher became confused.

“Now! Now! Now! Now!” shouted the excited man. “Watch me! Watch me! Watch my fingers! Watch my hands! Watch my feet! Watch my eyes! Let’s work together here! Watch me! In me you see all the movements of the game! Work with me! Work with me! Watch me! Watch me! Watch me!”

With runners of the Winesburg team on bases, Joe Welling became as one inspired. Before they knew what had come over them, the base runners were watching the man, edging off the bases, advancing, retreating, held as by an invisible cord. The players of the opposing team also watched Joe. They were fascinated. For a moment they watched and then, as though to break a spell that hung over them, they began hurling the ball wildly about, and amid a series of fierce animal-like cries from the coach, the runners of the Winesburg team scampered home.

Also this (concerning shoeless and stockings, and heels again):

shoel/: 1 of 1:

Elmer was putting new shoelaces in his shoes. They did not go in readily and he had to take the shoes off. With the shoes in his hand he sat looking at a large hole in the heel of one of his stockings.

heel: 3 of 3:

The piece of glass broken out at the corner of the window just nipped off the bare heel of the boy standing motionless and looking with rapt eyes into the face of the Christ.

Will Henderson, who had on a light overcoat and no overshoes, kicked the heel of his left foot with the toe of the right.

With the shoes in his hand he sat looking at a large hole in the heel of one of his stockings.




LaRue has the distinction of being the smallest town to ever have an NFL franchise. In the early 1920s LaRue was home to famous athlete Jim Thorpe, who coached and played for the Oorang Indians football team in 1922–1923.

Notable residents

Dr. Charles E. Sawyer – a homeopathic physician who is blamed for giving a false diagnosis of U.S. President Warren G. Harding that led to Harding’s premature death, practiced medicine in LaRue.

Until 2005, most of Thorpe’s biographers were unaware of his basketball career[46] until a ticket discovered in an old book that year documented his career in basketball. By 1926, he was the main feature of the “World Famous Indians” of LaRue which sponsored traveling football, baseball and basketball teams. “Jim Thorpe and His World-Famous Indians” barnstormed for at least two years (1927–28) in parts of New York and Pennsylvania as well as Marion, Ohio. Although pictures of Thorpe in his WFI basketball uniform were printed on postcards and published in newspapers, this period of his life was not well documented.


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map stuff more 04

Shocking (again!)



Rowan Atkinson (Mr. Bean”):

Rowan and Martin


Martin and Lewis





Male partnering: 2 queens in slang. And Queens here in *Lewis* County, KY (and next to a Martin Church at the mouth of a Martin Fork still).


And then Hathaway here refers to a probable 60’s lesbian character played by a lesbian: Jane.

Lily may reference Lily Tomlin, former Laugh-In star and married to her own Jane.

Male partnering (queens) is obvious: Rowan and Marin and Martin and Lewis.

Then there’s always Lewis and Clark… hmmm.

Lewis County is a county located in the U.S. state of Kentucky. As of the 2010 census, the population was 13,870.[1] Its county seat is Vanceburg.[2] The county was founded in 1806 and named for Meriwether Lewis.[3][4]

Looking up Queen without the “s”, gives us 2 separate North Carolina Loves bound together, one Love + Joy and the other a Love Valley Baptist Church on a Kings Mtn. topo map with a queer alternate name of Queen.


Better known Love Valley, NC:,_North_Carolina

Not many Love Valleys, population places or otherwise. 3 to be exact according to GNIRPS…


Then, moving overseas, there’s this…

Just plain weird (again!):

Love Valley in Cappadocia, Turkey certainly has a claim to fame – a very large one. Rather euphemistically named, the valley is home to rock structures that bear a passing resemblance to… well – make your own mind up. Seeing, as they say, is believing.


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