More Circles

Although what I’m calling the Middletown Circle is still the main one of its type, I’ve created others in the area recently, like the nested circles below surrounding Future Home and including First/Prime. For now I’ll just let the pictures tell the story, except to say that the curves of the Greenway provide the beginning point…


… as it does for these 3 just south…


… and also these 2 just south of the above, with the upper one surrounding and including dreamy Hemp Hill LINK. There are no exact relationships I can identify between any of these circles. All are different sizes, for instance, except in one case.


Then returning to the area of the Middletown Circle, I’ve created another circle fairly close to it which contains the natural area I’ve termed Goth Hill in this blog before, which may earn its own subcategory sometime. Right now I’m lumping all things Middletown just under a general heading.


Going back to the concentric circles of the first picture, we can include this now… Bill Mtn., if you recall, is a place of contact in Blue Mountain. Is Middletown’s Bill Mtn. placemarked above the same? Time will tell. Time will tell.


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