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View from my new house on my new land. Sure seems familiar!

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Not yet.

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what’s up?

There’s no doubt that the user behind virtual anarchist SaveMe Oh is some kind of artistic genius.

I have a modified version of one of her “cheese churches” sitting in Collagesity I’m still trying to wrap my brain around.

Contemplating buying one of these from her…

… also seen in full action here…

SaveMe Oh’s blog link below. An Enola Vaher related post is currently at the top of the feed. So we have that in common, since I was banned from a gallery near the Hotel Chelsea not by Enola but someone else. Maybe I can be forgiven now too (hint hint).

Me lately? Among other things, presently hopping around the many Corsica continent peaks gathering info for new stories.

Be back soon! In the meantime, recently completed Collagesity photo-novel 17 is here:

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16 in the can!

I decided to finish Collagesity photo-novel 16 (“Collagesity 2019 Even Later”) with the collage featured in post “42 01” “Climax”. It’s the first “legit” collage I’ve created within my primary creative flow now (photo-fiction writing) in about a year and a 1/2, or since the one at the bottom of this post from May 2018. I feel it represents a good enough ending for the work.

Anyway, it’s done (!):

6 sections of about 17 posts apiece, per the usual structure (since photo-novel 3).

Let’s see what happens next….


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note: Collagesity novels (14 now!)

As stated in the previous post, “Collagesity 2019 Middle,” the 14th in the series of Collagesity (Second Lyfe related) photo-books, is done (!). Direct link here for the chronologically correct version in 7 parts:

Just start at part 1 and follow the NEXT (PREVIOUS, HOME) links at the bottom of each page to enjoy the whole.

This one takes place almost exclusively on Satori (also called Maebaleia), one of the largest mainland continents of Second Lyfe. There is also a small side trip into Real Lyfe (Bluefield WV).

All the remaining 13 Collagesity photo-books, dating from late 2015, can be found here:

Any questions or comments or complaints? Just write me at

Love to hear from you! I anticipate starting a 15th soon.


baker b., owner, Sunklands Inc.

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Sunklands Admin Team interview Baker B. re Collagesity 01


Hi Baker B. Welcome to the interview.

Baker B.:

Thank you. And: thank you.


We are you after all.

Baker B.:

Right. State your first question worker (smile).


How did all this Collagesity stuff start? Second Lyfe… Collagesity. Don’t go into details. Just the general, just the mundane.

Baker B.:

2008 for Second Life, er, Second Lyfe. 2010 for the first virtual town, which was called Pietmond. Collagesity evolved from Pietmond — started 2014. Is that general enough?


Thank you. Your first avatar was a woman. Your second avatar was a man. Yet both are named Baker. Please explain if you can — again succinctly.

Baker B.:

I actually can’t remember why I chose a woman as my first avatar. My RL wife decided to be a man (inworld), so I guess that had a role. She was what you could call a very prudish looking woman (with long white dress and un-accentuated features). At the same time, my RL wife’s avatar looked much like David Bowie.


The woman’s name was Baker Blinker, the man’s Baker Bloch. Just clarifying here. I understand that Baker Bloch gradually took over responsibilities from Baker Blinker and became your chief or main avatar. How and when did this take place?

Baker B.:

Oh, probably after our move to mainland and I purchased my first land from the Lindens directly. The Lindens own and run the Second Lyfe world. Or, I should say, Second Life there, since I’m talking about them now. And Baker Blinker — perhaps hard to believe — was getting a bit of griefing (as a woman) on mainland that she didn’t have in the less crowded Estate (non Linden owned land of the game). So when Baker Bloch, not Baker Blinker, bought the first mainland land for our “family” (of avatars), in Rubi and very near where I still “live” virtually — Collagesity that is — then that was really the beginning of the end for Baker Blinker as the main avatar. She’s made a big revival in the Collagesity novels more recently. She even got married (!).


Karoz Blogger, yes. Describe how they met and then the progression from there to marriage and beyond. I understand they had some rocky patches to work through. Perhaps these are still going on?

Baker B.:

Yes, I don’t think I’m giving away much of a plot when I — we — say the two characters got married rather early in the Collagesity novels as they stand so far. It was a big event, along with them getting together — falling for each other — in the first place. The latter event took place in the exact center of the first Collagesity novel, which we’ll, for simplicity’s sake, call Collagesity Novel 01, although the actual title is “Collagesity 2015-2016 Winter”.


Describe how this took place.

Baker B.:

Karoz just looked around and realized one day that he was attracted to Baker Blinker, where before she was just an acquaintance — one of the family, if you will. But this went beyond family. Baker Bloch and Baker Blinker, for instance, never had this kind of attraction to each other, although at least Baker Blinker might have wanted it at one point. Instead they are more brother and sister — closer than brother and sister, since they have a common user. They can finish each other’s thoughts because they are the same; that kind of closeness. Closer than married couples who are close in many ways.


Cool. How about Hucka Doobie? I know he is the guiding spirit of the blog, and one that Baker B. — you — relied on a lot for sage advise, at least before the Collagesity novels started kicking in. Can you describe your relationship to him, and what changed about the character during the course of the novels?

Baker B.:

Hucka D. has a definite backstory. He was formerly Charles Nelson Blinkerton, a New Mexico artist from New York who was always one beat behind the current artistic trends. So when Pop Art was around, Blinkerton was still a surrealist and abstract expressionist. When Pop Art yielded to more postmodern concerns, Blinkerton trailed again and took up practicing the basically obsolete form just mentioned. He died on (or near) the top of Burro Mtn. in New Mexico of a heart attack in 2008 at the age of 98, I believe. His soul went into the already prepared body of Hucka Doobie in Our Second Lyfe, then. But the melding created a fusion of personalities, since Hucka Doobie was already established a bit in this world. It wasn’t just Blinkerton taking over a body.


Hucka Doobie is the 3rd avatar you, the user, created, and the first beyond The Bakers male and female.

Baker B.:

Yes. And I should add that in the Collagesity novels it is revealed that Hucka Doobie is a woman and not a man, or transformed into a woman from a man at the least. She is continuing to morph away from her purely bee (shaped) start, and currently looks much like David Bowie’s widow Iman, a strong black woman in the modelling industry. Kind of strange… and she seems more trapped in Second Lyfe than ever through this more human form and unable to go back to spirit form, let’s say.


Interesting. Let’s see, now we have Wilsonia, the 4th avatar. I’m just reviewing the chapters of “Where are We on That?…” in order.

Baker B.:

Right. Wilsonia was never developed, really, although she has a point of origin: Otherland (Estate land again). But in the novels she becomes Wheeler Wilson — or, sometimes, Wilson Wheeler — certainly a very important character there.


How did this (development) come about?

Baker B.:

She absorbed, I guess, the feminine half of the spectrum — from Baker Blinker at the end (during Collagesity Novel 02). Baker Bloch is now the primary male avatar and Wheeler Wilson the female one. So it is appropriate earlier this year that Baker Blinker sells her chunk of Collagesity to Wheeler Wilson. But Wheeler Wilson is multiple avatars now, as is Baker Bloch. Baker Blinker, Karoz Blogger, Hucka Doobie and the rest: not so much. Like I said, Baker Bloch and Wheeler Wilson are the great male-female duality now. Bracket Jupiter is also around.


Topic for another night. Good night.

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Yesterday on Farcebook…

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I’m not going to generate much text for this post, but here’s some links/freebie or near freebie items/etc. I found in recent synchy journeys through Our Second Lyfe.

Oh, and “Collagesity 2018 Early” is done! Link here:

I’m already prepping for “Collagesity 2018 Middle”, projected to be the 9th in the Collagesity graphic novel series. So, here we go…


Mention of Fillip (extreme northern sim of Heterocera mainland continent) found close together time-wise on two separate blogs. Pearl Grey of “Million Happy Endings” wordpress blog contacted and alerted about possible Russian psychic involvement. Owner of Kuzoku blog yet to be messaged:


Peculiarly found near top of google animated image search for “Venus statue 3d” (*no* “Second Life” added!):

That flat sculpture has been outside Collagesity’s town diner for several years now w/complementary Thick>Think Rock. This means something (*think* about it).

Martin County, Kentucky.

And then just some random pictures…

Animaid-X encounters a New Island stare down with a clown (clown stare down):

*Trashy* the Clown?

Comradey Russians:

A Rodentia Blue Yip Yip (sorry… can’t find link):

Wolf confronts horse outside Collagesity — another stare down thanks to perspective. Russian again? Woods vs. Outside?:

A theme going on here (Pond District statue w/another “grey” alien):

A beckoning from both the future and the past:

Come to… Marlboro(ugh).

Red (US of A) versus blue (US of SR). Nose bloodied in versus. Colors cold; climate cold. Red star already here (w/ [naked] Big Red).

Pond District again: 8 Second Lyfe continents, 8 graphic novels. ‘No. 9’, ‘no. 9’, ‘no. 9’ flips back to ‘Back in the USSR’.


A rival to Collagesity’s Cult of Oo’d? Main church would have to be in Rodentia to me for obvious reasons.

Veyot of “Virtual Veyot” wordpress blog contacted and warned about more possible Russian psychic involvement.

Would you like fries with that cheese?

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C1718W fun facts 02

Hispanic-Irish clown Renaldo O’Donnell has now been killed at least 3 times in various Collagesity novels, specifically the locations of VHC City, Olde Lapara Towne, and now Capitol City (“to make it all work”).

The sacrificial alter he perishes on this time around has the same demonic entity pictured on it that existed within the infamous Purple Tower of VHC City, as seen in one of my 2013 blog posts. This seems to tie into the fact that O’Donnell was deemed an oo’d in the most recent novel. I’ll leave it at that.

Old Man Allen Martin, not seen since “Collagesity 2017 Middle” where he also died in the VHC City underground like O’Donnell, makes a cameo in “Collagesity 2017-2018 Winter” as a ghost (“Clemscott”).

3 “bluebirds” appear in “Collagesity 2017-2018 Winter”: an actual bluebird named Bluebell in “Brilliant Twin” (6th post of Part 2), the coffin of a pirate named Bluebird accented by a topping blue rose in “resting place 02” (9th post of Part 4), and then the Bluebird Cuddle Van of “illusions” (6th post of Part 6). Thank goodness “resting place 02” isn’t the 6th post of its part as well, else: 666. Then again, a 9 is but a 6 rotated on its axis. 😮

Another drink mentioned several times in “Collagesity 2017-2018 Winter” is Brewmeister’s Quarterly, a strong German beer.

“Come to Mimosa” can be seen outside Duncan Avocado’s window in “Collagewold”.  Earlier, Mimosa is mentioned as actor Tom Casey’s home course (“Mimosa”). The author (me!) grew up next to a golf course called Mimosa Hills, where my mother actually made a hole-in-one on the par 3 17th, just like Tom’s character Casey One Hole repeatedly does.

“Jackie, Ona,” and, “the strangely cool yet confusing Sis brothers,” mentioned in “Beamers” refers to Jackie Onassis, originally Jackie Kennedy, wife of JFK.

An unresolved aspect of “Collagesity 2017-2018 Winter” is the nature of Tonya Two Egg’s arch nemesis JERRY. But I happen to know that this might be the same as Harry. More later on that perhaps…

A number of names and locations in “Collagesity2017-2018 Winter” are taken from real life US towns, such as Two Egg (Florida), Gene Autry (Oklahoma), Pine Ridge (Arkansas), and Opp (Alabama).

The General Tom Thumb story relayed by Broken Heart in “The End 01” is absolutely true.

Duncan Avocado’s mentioned companion Thimble, one of Sugar’s Berries (prostitutes), also ties in here, as the Thimble Islands of Connecticut are supposedly named for the local thimbleberries and have nothing to do with sewing thimbles.

The “lone star shaped swimming pool” touched upon in “the evolution of the couch” has a real life parallel in Hilltop Lakes, Texas.

Leona Lei and the Hilltoppers from the same post is another one of those after-the-fact “accidental” references to real life hillbilly musicians Nancy Lee and the Hilltoppers, known for their song “In a Little Red Barn”.

There are 2 trees named MOA in “Collagesity 2017-2018 Winter”, but of vastly different sizes (“spots 02”/“What is it?” and “Well, we have a giant *beaver*. How’s that?”)

Anton of Anson is based on a real story. He could be there as I write this. 🙂

“Purple Gang of Black Lake District” in “Well, we have a giant *beaver*. How’s that?” is partially based upon the infamous Purple Gang that terrorized Michigan in the early 1900s, and are claimed to have visited Black Lake in the upper part of the state. This Purple Gang was also known as the Sugar House Gang, and sugar house is a term featured in “Collagesity 2017-2018 Winter” and also “Collagesity 2017 Later”preceding it. The true relationship of Gaston’s two sugar houses remains unknown as of this writing.

The 4 names marked on the Nautilus City map seen in “pinpoint” are all subsequently visited by Junbug (“the evolution of the ring”/“I am Kelp.”)

In “Collagesity 2017-2018 Winter,” we never learn the identity of the mystery figure walking behind the picket fence of “play with me”, but I can reveal to you here that it is Planters’ Mr. Peanut.

The same stylized map of Second Lyfe’s continents appears in “Anson Anton” and (in the center of a celestial globe) “continuation”.

In “the evolution of the ring”, character Roger Pine Ridge naturally finds himself seated in a Pine Ridge chair beside Junbug. More fate, as we can call it.

The poodle is perhaps the central image of Frank Zappa’s lyrical mythos, and Anorexia/Annie’s hatred of poodles mentioned in “gift” seems to stem from her former status as a Zappa groupie.

Historic population place Ferndale of Casey County, Kentucky had a strange variant name of Poodle Doo, still the name of a road in the area. Annie articulates her hatred of poodles to a man named Casey in that post.

We never learn much about Philip Strevor’s red book he always seems to carry around with him except that it predicts the future.

Philip’s sidekick Heidi Hunt Ives is seen with a blue book in “directions”, which changes covers three time during the course of the post.

Jacob I.’s attempts to reach Stonethwaite in the Lake District of England through Falmouth 36 (“Falmouth Visit Floor 3”) seems to remain unfulfilled in the story, adding it to his other “failures” he lists out in “The End 02”.

Hucka Doobie’s etheral home called The White Palace is cited in several other Collagesity novels before “Collagesity 2017-2018 Winter”, beginning with the original novel of the series (“Collagesity 2015-2016 Winter”). We never actually see this palace in the series, though.

Regarding some of Gaeta V’s mentioned sims in “Collagesity 2017-2018 Winter”: Capitol City’s Babablacksheep, first mentioned in “HHI Again”, is really the sim of Babayagashut… Clemscott is actually the sim Danascott (Clemscott is another US map name). Comfrey is an actual name of a Gaeta V sim, although most of the action claimed to take place there in the novel is really from an estate island with a similar name.

Popular Collagesity character Karoz Blogger doesn’t appear in “Collagesity 2017-2018 Winter”, making only the second time in the series this has happened (along with “Collagesity 2017 Middle”).

And that’s it for another installment of “Collagesity 2017-2018 Winter” fun facts! Hope you enjoyed it.

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C1718W fun facts

“Collagesity 2017-2018 Winter” ends at the exact same location as “Collagesity 2016-2017 Winter”, which is in the exact center of the Purden sim in Snowlands, Sansara.

Part 3 of “Collagesity 2017-2018 Winter” starts with a post called “HHI Again”, partial reference to the first post of Part 3 of “Collagesity 2017 Middle” called “HHI.” I only uncovered this resonance after already composing “HHI Again,” though, and was pondering over a title for the thing.

“Private”, the 4th post of part 4 of “Collagesity 2017-2018 Winter”, was created exactly one year after “Scissors?”, the 5th post of Part 2 of “Collagesity 2016-2017 Winter” (1/15/18 to 1/15/17). They also share several of the same objects or props (unique to those posts as I recall), and both end with “fires.” Like with the “HHI”/”HHI Again” parallel, I only noticed this after the creation of “private”.

In “Collagesity 2017-2018 Winter”, characters first speak a foreign language (German; several posts), although one small exchange between Wheeler Wilson and Baker Bloch in “Collagesity 2016 Later” (“B-4”) is in the pretend language of Perch.

Almost exactly half of the 7th Collagesity novel (“Collagesity 2017-2018 Winter”; 47 posts of a total of 97) is at least partially set on the 7th created mainland continent: Gaeta V.

2 used locations of Gaeta V, Clemscott and Comfrey, also have about the same number of posts dedicated to them in the novel (15 and 14 respectively), and are linked in other ways. I see them as a balance for each other.

Almost all other posts (20) concerning Gaeta V in “Collagesity 2017-2018 Winter” are set in a place I call Capitol City, which is a fictional burg located near the center of the continent.

“Collagesity 2017-2018 Winter” contains 25 posts located in eponymous Collagesity, second least in the series to “Collagesity 2017 Middle” and its paltry 7.

In the 1st post of “Collagesity 2017-2018 Winter” (“Return”), Tronesisia returns to Middletown piloting a small pink airplane down its main street. In Part 6 of “Collagesity 2016-2017 Winter” (“Huskers”), she returns to Collagesity driving a small pink car down its main street.

Probably the most common drink referenced in “Collagesity 2017-2018 Winter” is a bucket of blood, served with or without nails.

One independent collage was created during the composition of “Collagesity 2017-2018 Winter”: “SpicA”. It may also be the first collage of a new series called Hunt, but we’ll see.

There are many “Twin Peaks” references scattered throughout “Collagesity 2017-2018 Winter.” The names of a number of minor characters (see, for example: “Shirtless in Comfrey”) are “inversions” of those connected with the show, including Jeffrie Phillips (Phillip Jeffries in “Twin Peaks”, played by David Bowie).

Similarly, Philip Strevor, a key character in “Collagesity 2017-2018 Winter”, is an inversion of Trevor Philips, one of 3 lead characters of “Grand Theft Auto V”. They also share a similar appearance.

There are a number of parallels between the consecutive posts “Revealing” and “can’t wait” of Part 2 of “Collagesity 2017-2018 Winter” and the post ending the first half of “Collagesity 2015-2016 Winter” (“Spire”). This is another of those “after the fact” discoveries.

In a similar vein, frozen character Tin S. Man is seen showering in a bathtub in both that earliest Collagesity novel (“Fourth”) and the most recent (“congelato”).

The Spookmobile of “Collagesity 2016-2017 Winter” returns at the beginning of Part 5 of the most recent Collagesity novel (“Well, we have a giant *beaver*. How’s that?”), and connected with baker b’s audiovisual synchronicity “Pumpkintwisters” again. The Spookmobile was also seen in the first post of part 5 of “Collagesity 2016-2017 Winter” (“Martins”).

Like all the other Collagesity novels, “Collagesity 2017-2018 Winter” has its share of Beatles references. See, for instance, “silver hammer” of Part 04.

The “Grand Theft Auto 5” storyline starts with character Trevor Philips robbing a bank in North Yankton as an adult. In “Collagesity 2017-2018 Winter,” derivative and, name-wise, inverted character Philip Strevor is claimed to have robbed a bank in South Yankton as a child. Yankton is also the location of the prison Bad Coop is briefly incarcerated in toward the beginning of “Twin Peaks: The Return”.

There are a considerable number of references to the comedy group Firesign Theatre in “Collagesity 2017-2018 Winter” (“plans”, etc.). In 1970, this group was dubbed by the Library of Congress as “The Beatles of Comedy.”

“12 Oz Mouse” references are littered throughout “Collagesity 2017-2018 Winter” and other novels in the series: perpetually stoned Peanut Cop in “up and down”, for example; his pal Golden Joe too. A good obscure reference example would be the queer tune that Pitch Darkly miraculously finds that he can play on a piano in Spider Cave from the final post of part 4 (“breakthrough 02”),  derived from this scene in the “12 Oz Mouse” episode called “Booger Haze”.

And I think that’s enough for tonight! More “Collagesity 2017-2018 Winter” trivia could be coming up.

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