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trees 02

“She’s trying out different religions, Hucka Doobie. Branching out from the Fries with Cheese Church. Like this tree based one in Quack.”

“Quack — good.”

“Expansion of the Jana Forest has kept me there.”

“Good. How’s Pitch? Still licking the wounds to his ego?”

“I suppose. More to be seen in Bena, apparently.”

“Have Wheeler walk outside before you leave here.”

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In Jethro’s dream, the peak of Bauerbridge had rejoined the rest of the Mountain Lake summits to celebrate the return of Timmy, reunited with his war torn family at last.

In a related story, Trojan-Durexian War vet Sam Bee lounges at a Fruity Island public beach, wondering if this is finally the year he’ll be able to return to the land of the living.

Friend Duncan says they’ve found a door — not yet opened, though. Sam knows voodoo; he can remedy that.

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threesome two

“Do you remember who was beside Karoz Blogger over there, Campbell?”

“Um… Baker?”

“That’s very good. But do you remember which Baker?”

“Err. Bloch?” the blue being guesses incorrectly.

“No,” responds Sidechick Corea gently. “That would be Baker Blinker, who is married to Karoz.” He checks the sun, then quickly looks down at his watch while shaking off educational mode. “Dear Lord,” he cries. “I forgot about Baker! He’s maybe been waiting, oh jeez, *3* hours! School’s over, Campbell O’Pine. I have to get over to the Threesun sim. Pronto!”


“Where’ve you been, Sidechick? After-school Care? I was dying down there, you know.”

“I’m *so* sorry.”

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more Raven Manor

I’ve been here before, Marion ruminates. But a smaller version, a *tiny* version.

Something about orange.


Heidi Hunt Ives giggles from within again. “Here, Philip Dilip, point me in the opposite direction and see if that will work better. Toward the falls. Whatsaname? Anyway, to the northeast this time instead of the southwest. Let’s see what this baby has got!”

So Phlip Strevor helps Heidi point the bulky cannon atop Raven Manor the opposite way from whence they just shot it. Heidi merely got stuck around the tower spire he stares at in the above snapshot, unable to enter banned property in that direction. Checking the inworld map, Philip agrees a northeast trajectory may prove more fruitful.

“So *next* time you have a go in it, old man. Alright? I’ll do this round and then you get to choose. Okay, let’s do it! Ready… are you ready Philip?”

“Yes,” he calls from behind, touching the cannon and getting prepared for the munchkin’s countdown. He had to admit to himself this was fun. But he wouldn’t dare tell the kid. They weren’t that good of friends… yet.

“One, two…”

And off she flies again, a cannonball with raven black hair. He immediately lost sight of her. She tumbled and tumbled through space, her puffed up little skirt blocking most of the view.

Then she was home again, sent there by a land security orb.

Drat! she thinks. She looks through her friend list and finds Philip, then requests a teleport back to Capitol City. No good pics of her journey through the air. She’ll have to try it again.


“Ready, set…”

Although pointed in the exact same direction, for some reason she wasn’t spotted by the security orb this time and sent home. Dusting herself off from the hard landing, Heidi checked the map. Maybe 300 meters she had gone! Not even in Babablacksheep any longer. But where was this?


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Gregg Oden glances over at the second redbird he’s seen tonight before entering Audrey’s.

“Ahh, a fellow greenie,” Gregg directs toward Terry in a high, wispy voice. “I just saw you today. Terry the Royal Prince. West Virginia. Don’t remember?”

Not answering, Terry just stares at the strange green man with seaweed hair and pink tutu.

“Would you like to see something?” Gregg then asks. “Then you will be mine and I will be yours, Royal Prince. A Redbird for the Blue Jay.” Gregg pulls up his tutu and shoots a blinding light toward the bartender from beneath.

Baker Bloch should have seen it coming, pheh.

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“I’ll have a whiskey sour on the rocks, Ginger.”

“My name’s Tina. What’s with the triangle, sport? And the hair? And, well, *everything*?” Her thoughts began to dwell on the plunger especially.

“My name is Danny. I’m kind of new.”

“Just off the boat if you ask me. Are you a superhero of some sort?”

Danny thinks hard. “Umm, maybe. Perhaps.”

“Because of the triangle and all,” Tina explains.

Danny considers this is a great idea. Then he reconsiders it to good. Then finally so-so. “That is a so-so idea,” he speaks aloud.

Tina stares at him, then makes the drink. She leaves out the ice.

Danny thinks to clarify. “But so-so is *great*, see?”

“Shut up and let’s go upstairs.”


“Yes I’ll get that fixed right away Audrey.”

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Sibling Sims

Wheeler was tiring of the chit chat. “You said you had something important to tell me.”

“More ‘Winesap?'”

Wheeler looked down at Baker’s Pitch Darkly’s extended hand. “If you mean wine, I’m good. So spill.”

“It was such a good name I couldn’t wait. Hope I didn’t interrupt anything over at… where did you say you were?”

“I didn’t.”

“Oh all right.” He put his hands behind his head and made the announcement. “It’s Silver. I’m sorry (!): Sister.”

“What is?” Wheeler asked.

“The sim. The name of the sim we, I, couldn’t determine before. It’s really clever. Want to hear my logic?”

“Oh sure. I’m here. Drinking suspiciously viscous wine with you.”

“Well, first off, the sim in question is kind of the sister to Bemberg. Together they hold about 80, maybe 90 percent of VHC City. The town’s kind of split between them. Brother and sister, maybe.”

“Ok, that’s understandable I suppose.”

He removed his hands from his neck and leaned forward. “Now here’s where it gets really clever. Take the last six letters of the actual name, rearrange them — not adding or subtracting any letters — and you, voila, get Sister. Go ahead and try it.”

Wheeler worked the problem out in her head; took her a moment. “Okay, that’s kind of cool, admittedly — starting to make more sense.”

“And there’s more. Has Chuckles told you about the Seven Sisters yet?” He nodded his head in the direction of the perpetually reeling fisherwoman outside.

“I don’t think so,” Wheeler said without turning around to look as well. “What are they?”

They’re pools in the sim I’m rather insisting we now call Sister. You have to go through the blue door. The Musician may have already found them. Anyway, you pass through that door and soon you are upon an inundating, grassy plain dotted with these small pools. Trouble is, there are only six pools out of seven present now. The seventh is gone. The seventh *sister* is missing. Where is it? is what I’m asking. What is it? Can you guess?”

Wheeler scrunched her mouth up, indicating she couldn’t.

“Black horse. Oh, drat, sorry again, black *hole*. I’ll quote to you from a famous music song directly related to all this. Let me make sure I have it right — wrote it down in preparation.” Pitch Darkly pulls out a piece of paper from his ragged black coat and reads:

In the constellation of Cygnus
There lurks a mysterious, invisible force
The Black Hole of Cygnus X-1
Six stars of the northern cross
In mourning for their sister’s loss
In a final flash of glory
Nevermore to grace the night

Pitch Darkly then stabs the paper on the table several times with his forefinger. “The Oracle indicated this.”


Meanwhile, The Musician had moved through the pools called Seven Sisters and up a sewer ladder giving access to a green wall marking the southern line of the property formerly known as Pitch Black. “What was hidden by Harrison Head before is now exposed,” he said in a confident voice, looking at this similarly green picture at its east end and thinking back to the new collage called “The Point of It All” he had seen earlier in Bemberg’s Clown Central.

“The monster swallowing its own tail; perpetual. Cardboard Derek Jones was right all along (about Greenup).”


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