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Uncle Meatwad Won


1st 27 or so minutes of what we eventually saw:


Afterwards we reconvened at Carrcassonnee’s gazebo to discuss the viewing. Spongeberg wanted to see the first part again to take notes, so Furry Karl and I walked around town some more. Carrcassonnee simply teleported back to her position in the gazebo. I knew it was ultra important that I correctly sell what I would consider the true status of “Uncle Meatwad”. To save the town. To save my reputation as an artist. So the questions began…

“I have made a short list of matches now,” began Spongeberg Resident. “What I saw was 15 minutes of what could be considered random pieces of music, dominated by John Lennon.”

“We call him Lemon here in virtual-land, Spongeberg,” I tried to joke.

“But I also know,” continued Spongeberg, “that this is all real in some way, some fashion… because of ‘Shiny Hare’.”

“Because of ‘Shiny Hare’, yes,” I reinforced. This was about our walk in Frank Park around the Bunny Trail. We talked of “Shiny Hare”. I convinced Spongeberg, his real life counterpart, about the legitimacy of “Shiny Hare”.

“This is an earlier work,” stated Spongeberg.

“Yes,” I said. “From 2007.”

“And it is a double itself.”

“Yes,” I said again. “Twin to [delete name]. I made “Uncle Meatwad” public for a brief period because [delete name] sits hidden behind it, protecting.”

“This is the tajitu,” chips in Furry Karl.

“Yes, I guess it is,” I said, “like the interview with the other Karl, Karl. The trapped Wheeler is [delete name]. The exposed white side of the tajitu is “Uncle Meatwad”. But in another way, “Uncle Meatwad” is trapped, like the Wheeler. Can you help me free him?”


Spongeberg jotted down some more notes. Carrcassonnee was staring at him with her one, big eye.

“Carrcassonnee,” I asked, “What is your opinion? How do I free “Uncle Meatwad” and save the village?”

“Me,” she answered simply.


Spongeberg then says the “Egypt” cue is where it starts to really kick in or “sync”, as he put it. He understood the magic, once more. “Shiny Hare” style magic. “And”, he said, “you work backwards from there to understand the first part. which mirrors the 3rd.”

“Yes,” I said.

“Then the middle part, the last one, is where it all goes down… the hole.”

“Absolutely.” Had I just saved Collagesity?

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