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Goodland Goodwater References

Choctaw County, Oklahoma yields these 2 locations:

Location of defunct Goodwater Mission is onn U.S Highway 70, one mile west of Kiamichi River bridge, according to the blogoklahoma article, which, like the still ongoing Goodland Academy, would place it near Hugo, Oklahoma.


Back to Canada….

Tugaske was, until 1996, the only place in Saskatchewan with its name on that planet. But here in the village nobody really knows how we’ve got our name up there!

I was on the 367 an even quieter road and reached my destination Tugaske for the night. Miranda had given me a contact there. So I phoned Sarah and has rewarded even though I was a complete stranger. Tugaske is an interesting place in that it was attracted a number of artists in many mediums. Sarah is an acomplished sculptor who loves working with bronze. I met her son Kelab with a funky haircut and later Clayton another artist who works with whale teeth, antlers and wood to carve intricate pieces.

Tugaske *giant spool* (more soon!):


Tamara Unroe, the artist behind a lot of what is happening artist-wise in Tugaske, apparently:

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Marbles 02





Presley was born on January 8, 1935, in Tupelo, Mississippi, the son of Gladys Love (née Smith; April 25, 1912 – August 14, 1958) and Vernon Elvis Presley (April 10, 1916 – June 26, 1979),[12] in the two-room shotgun house built by Vernon’s father in preparation for the child’s birth. Jesse Garon Presley, his identical twin brother, was delivered stillborn 35 minutes before him.[13] As an only child, Presley became close to both parents and formed an especially close bond with his mother. The family attended an Assembly of God church, where he found his initial musical inspiration.[14]

“There can be….

… little doubt



Better call Saul!



*Jack’s son* (Daniel, or Danny) is special.
Shines. Like moonshine.


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i c planets

A follow up to LINK.





(4 c’s and an s (Seminole)).



Joyce, your sun return chart didn’t show up in the post you tried to
put an image of it in. Can you perhaps put it in the photos section
or create it as a file for the files section? As you have seen, I
just create my graphics and then ftp them to a specific web directory
that I created just for this purpose.

If you wish, you can email me the chart and I can then move around to
a designated spot.

Thanks for the clarification about solar vs. sun return chart. Talk
as much as you want to about it, and I’ll check up on it more myself.
I understand what you’re saying: sun position is the same, but the
planets will have moved around and created different aspects or non-

The reason I find this, among other things, interesting in the
present situation is that it did occur to me that the “C” towns might
be representations of planets. Like a trait of the “C” towns (what
should we call this little diagram?), the outer planets, which are
further apart, tend to be larger, and the smaller inner planets
closer together. A logical association would be Celina, the largest,
for the largest planet Jupiter,

then, and Coldwater (2nd largest) for
Saturn (2nd largest planet).

If so, the rest would correspond, in
some way, perhaps to inner planets Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars.
Perhaps subtract Earth from this list from further info I will give

Another clue to this possible alignment of associations is the
presence of a town called Neptune nearby, just to the NE of Celina.

Joyce, I just looked at the other post from you I had open in another
window, and *just saw now* that you mention Neptune in it as well, in
connection with the 1846 founding of Maria Stein.

Okay, I’ve read that post, although I’ll have to study it more later.
I didn’t understand a lot about the chart references, but maybe if I
have the chart in front of me, a picture of it, then I can see what
you’re saying better.

It probably doesn’t surprise you at all that
I’m more a visual person… have to see what you’re talking about in
order to grasp it… goes along with the art major and the
fascination with maps.

I grok, though, the association of 1846 and Neptune. I’ll study all
this further when I have more time, believe you me.

Here’s the map again where you can see Neptune just to the NE of
Celina. It also did occur to me that perhaps the “C” towns should be
viewed from the perspective of the Neptune town, making Celina Saturn
and Coldwater Jupiter, since Saturn is close to Neptune.

Another planet association we can make is that there are *6* visible
planets you can *see* (*C* resonation again)…


…and there are six *C* towns here.

If we go by magnitude of a
planet from Earth, the way we actually *see* it, then, Celina, the
largest town, might be Venus instead, with Coldwater being Jupiter
(Venus and Jupiter are the two brightest planets from Earth). Then
the rest would be Mars, Saturn and Mercury in some combination, with
Mars, most often the 3rd brightest planet, I believe, perhaps
overlapping the only other incorporated town among the bunch, or
Chickasaw. You can also see a 6th planet, Uranus, sometimes with the
naked eye, on a clear night and if you know where to look.

Neptune, in contrast, is totally invisible to the naked eye. Yet we
can *see* Neptune on the map here, unlike the names of the other
planets, although they may be implied indirectly, as I’ve indicated.
Pluto is even more invisible.

Planets have a lot of resonations with other things, including
musical tones, going back to the idea of the C towns “trapping” Maria
Stein in the SE corner of Mercer County, thus bringing in the singing
nun Maria von Trapp of Sound of Music fame into the, um, picture.

Also keep in mind that Maria Stein was first brought up in a January
post on the b_hive by myself, but in conjunction with Minster (just
to the east of Maria Stein), a town that both Dean and I spotted as
resonant with the name *Monster*. Stein is the last syllable of
Frankenstein (Monster), already reinforced in the Hidalgo County, New
Mexico cluster of synchs. So all this is tied into the Jasper County
synchs involving monster that we’ve talked before about on the
b_hive… all this is a continuation of some kind.

Joyce, you brought up Jasper Newton Daniels (Jack Daniels) and
Neptune together in a post as well before… the Jack Daniels
distillery founded in 1846?

Haveta check. Monstrous *Moonshine*
concept also connected here, obviously.

It also did occur to me that the positions of the 6 “C” towns here
may be a 2-dimensional representation of a 3-d object of some kind. I
don’t have a way to render this in 3-d and play around with it,
though. I’ll try to think about a model further.

So, bottom line for now, the “C” towns may make some kind of *chart*
of planets, perhaps like a zodiac chart. The presence of a town named
Neptune just above this group seems to reinforce the idea. These are
the 6 visible planets (the ones you can see or “C”) in some
combination, plus the first planet you can’t see (which shows up as
the actual name of the planet here on the map).

Is this association something dillusional and Neptuney, or is it real
and concrete (remember, also, that our own Dean use to live in this
general area, just east of St. Mary on the map, I believe, where he
poured *cement* for the foundation of a buildling he associated with
a b_hive on this board)?

So I think that’s enough to chew on for now, for both myself and

So Joyce… your chart please. 🙂

Wild, any input?

Does this make as much sense as the Love+Lee=Lovely
diagrams I created before? Less sense? More sense? Less synchy? More?

I’d like to hear more the story about your involvement with astrology
as well.


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map stuffer upper 03

Terence Faherty writes a blog article about synchronicity. Nice!

I think TF might like this blog, or at least appreciate the bumbling effort I’m putting forth.






On the evening before that stormy Thursday night when the Reverend Curtis Hartman sat in the bell tower of the church waiting to look at her body, young Willard had gone to visit the teacher and to borrow a book.

Dr. Krystal Bowden, the grown-up daughter of Curtis Morell, the remorseless killer seminarian-turned-shamus Owen Keane helped to lock up in The Lost Keats (1993), wants Owen to come out to Rapture to investigate the disappearance of elderly herbalist Prestina Shipe, evidently carried off in the middle of her breakfast.

The Owen Keane series are contemporary novels whose main character dropped out of a Roman Catholic seminary based on the School of Theology at St. Meinrad Archabbey. The series contains seven novels and one collection of short stories:,_Indiana

Saint Meinrad is an unincorporated census-designated place in Harrison Township, Spencer County, Indiana, along the Anderson River and just off Interstate 64. It is home to the St. Meinrad Archabbey. It is situated about 55 miles east of Evansville. Because of the archabbey, St. Meinrad, along with Harrison Township, lies within the Archdiocese of Indianapolis instead of the much closer Diocese of Evansville, in which lies the rest of Spencer County.



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map stuff more 03

Story Room?

Possible connection between (Daniel) Day and Lily. First, defunct Day County in Oklahoma with Lily (another blood stain on this; Grand?… positioned between 2 Lilies?)…


then, second, current Day County in South Dakota


Connection: daylilies of course.

Syncs of old blog concerning lilies:


Lily Munster (that’s Herman’s wife) already mentioned in the current blog here, with US villages of that name listed.

The Way came, and the old power gave way — *way* — to the new power. Lisa The Vegetarian took control from the owner still in Herman’s Mansion at the time. An agreement was forged. Handshakes… There was a meeting, several in fact. Herman’s wife Lilly knew of St. Lisa. Lilly…


Lilly was greatly disturbed by the coming of The Way, which effectively split Herman Park in two.

Hucka D.:

Herman Park was *made* at that point, per Lisa’s plan overseen by Marty.

here come old flattop

Lily, SD (current pop: 4) is notable as the home of Hubert H. Humphrey’s father, who opened a drug store there in 1903. He met & married HHH’s mother there, a native, and then moved to Wallace, SD in 1907, where the future vp was soon born.

Here’s a later, more famous Humphrey-Wallace conjunction this seems to presage…


And this is coded also into the Houston “corner” County syncs of Minnesota and Alabama as well. Geneva-Houston helps highlight.

Humphrey and Wallace are archetypal 2’s and 3’s.

(to be continued)

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Big Island Revisited 01



Hucka D, you have to be aware of these little synchronicities in research: Green and Adair conjunction in Oklahoma in two separate places.



“I found a pink cone near August, West Virginia. Pinkie… the wee-est. Mysterious movings of this cone mentioned here. Pinkie is Peter, again.”


But here’s the reason I’m sure that Derleth should be invoked here: the presence of a Pons sim immediately east of Chesaux, and then the presence of *Holmes* sim directly east of that — all in a row. Derleth saw his character Solar *Pons*, similarly, as a direct successor to Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock *Holmes*. Yet as Hucka D. has already discussed, Pons and Holmes are also the names of comets, and thus their conjunction here in the Comet Archipelago may have nothing to do with a Derleth homage, but just one of those happy or meaningful “accidents” that seems to occur with such frequency when dealing with SL mythology.


Dr. Bloodmoney:


Book found in New Wells (hole behind Hucka D.’s lakeside cottage in Chesaux, covered by Tron arcade game). On front is Blood Dr., on back is Dr. Blood. The book read from back is different from one read from first. It is a 4d book. It is found in the hole, or in direct conjunction with the hole. This is new material. The book is *not* Philip Dick’s Dr. Bloodmoney, but there still may be a relationship. It is a red book. Or blue book. Or both. Purest Green inside?

Players assume the role of an unnamed person known as the Stranger, who stumbles across an unusual book titled “Myst”. The Stranger reads the book and discovers a detailed description of an island world called Myst. Placing his hand on the last page, the Stranger is whisked away to the world described, and is left with no choice but to explore the island.[7][8] Myst contains a library where two additional books can be found, colored red and blue. These books are traps that hold Sirrus and Achenar, the sons of Atrus, who once lived on Myst island with his wife Catherine. Atrus writes special “linking books” that transport people to the worlds, or “Ages”, that the books describe. From the panels of their books, Sirrus and Achenar both tell the Stranger that Atrus is dead, Sirrus hypothesizing that he must have died since he hasn’t returned from looking for evidence against them, while Achenar claims Sirrus murdered him. Both plead for the Stranger to help them escape. However, the books are missing several pages, so the sons’ messages are at first unclear, and riddled with static.

As the Stranger continues to explore the island, more books linking to more Ages are discovered hidden behind complex mechanisms and puzzles. The Stranger must visit each Age, find the red and blue pages hidden there, and return to Myst Island. These pages can then be placed in the corresponding books. As the Stranger adds more pages to these books, the brothers can speak more clearly. Each brother maintains that the other brother cannot be trusted. After collecting four pages, the brothers can talk clearly enough to tell the Stranger where the fifth page is hidden. If the Stranger gives either brother their fifth page, they will be free. The Stranger is left with a choice to help Sirrus, Achenar, or neither.[9]

Both brothers beg the Stranger not to touch the green book that is stored in the same location as their last pages. They claim that it is a book like their own that will trap the Stranger. In truth, it leads to D’ni, where Atrus is imprisoned. When the book is opened, Atrus asks the Stranger to bring him a final page that is hidden on Myst Island; without it, he cannot bring his sons to justice. The game has several endings, depending on the player’s actions. Giving either Sirrus or Achenar the final page of their book causes the Stranger to switch places with the son, leaving the player trapped inside the Prison book. Linking to D’ni without the page Atrus asks for leaves the Stranger and Atrus trapped on D’ni. Linking to D’ni with the page allows Atrus to complete his Myst book and return to the island.[9] Upon returning to the library, the player finds the red and blue books gone, and burn marks on the shelves where they used to be.

Myst is a direct antecedent to Second Life, especially translated through legendary explorer Salazar Jack.



Quoting again from this:

No coincidence, either, that Hucka D. becomes involved, early on in his SL existence, with the audiovisual synchronicity Tronesis, with music provided by the Peter Gabriel led version of Genesis. Peter/Pinky, in a way, is Peter Gabriel as well, as seen in the celestial mechanics of the Cross of the Lamb.

This has to do with a lot of other things, apparently, like (perhaps) the fact that the Mole Hill convexity on the island appears as a Mountain from a distance (another WV or West Virginia idea). Speaking of which, the *sealed* hole also represents West Virginia, I think, especially The Jug region of Middle Creek Island.

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Owl > Centrahoma

One of few US Owls. And the encompassing Coal County has already made a blog appearance here.

Centrahoma is located in Coal County, north of State Highway 3 and fourteen miles west of Coalgate, the county seat. The town’s history began with the establishment of a post office at Byrd (nine miles northwest of Coalgate), Choctaw Nation, Indian Territory, on March 3, 1892. In July 1894 the name was changed from Byrd to Owl. On June 11, 1907, the town was moved to a point several miles northeast of Owl and the name changed to Centrahoma, taken from the phrase central Oklahoma.

OWL, formerly called BYRD. In Coal County, 9 miles northwest of Coalgate. Post office name changed to OWL, July 10, 1894. On June 11, 1907, the post office was moved a few miles northeast and the name was changed to Centrahoma. Took its name from nearby Owl Creek, a branch of Leader Creek, a tributary of the Clear Boggy River.

BYRD, Post office established March 3, 1892, and named for William L. Byrd, governor of the Chickasaw Nation. Name changed to OWL July
10, 1894.

Then there’s this:

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“There can be….

… little doubt




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This is a favorite place of mine. I’m sure that some people don’t even know it’s hidden in the depths of Port Ludlow. The entrance is between two small islands called The Twins that open onto a bay about the size of Quest Stadium. Anchorable depths provide for two, maybe three boats, but I was there alone. The dense woods on the steep shores are only moderately punctuated by the gardening of the homes that line the bay, so it’s still a relatively idyllic setting.

Another Dart besides 3 already blog recorded (Washington). Historical, however:


Matching Oklahoma/Texas set (reversed from above):


(continue to)


December 20, 2013 · 1:53 pm