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Greg and Gregg

“Interrupted your little party you were planning tonight, did I Baker Bloch? Thought you were going to start the Greg Ogden story without me, did you? You and your fancy town here. I have a town too. Would you like to see?”

Not staring at it, Greg Ogden turned toward Baker Bloch on the couch, who is also looking away. “Which one of us is *real*??” he demands.

“Don’t do that.”

Unseen artwork upstairs (“Hidden Vilage”).

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Whitehead X-ing Studies 02 > Blood Curdling Tells of the Forest


“You see, Hucka D., when you enter Lego/ into the GNIRPS oracle machine these twinned Winfields come up, and we know that Winfield is the same as /Winesap/ through Kansas.”


Hucka D.:

Yup. But you’re losing your few readers, once more.


This can’t be coincidence[ however].

Hucka D.:

Of course not.


It goes back to or enters “Map Synching Feeling” again and all that labyrinthian stuff.

Hucka D.:

A way in, a way out. That’s all you can do[ at this point].


“Let’s go this way, then. The Contraption begins to show up again in the Sam Parr series following Falmouth, where it initially appears.”

At this point, I realized I had to go meet Karoz over in his one room apartment above the Bodega market through Baker Bloch. I rang him up and asked him if he was cool about visiting the galleries for a bit, and that I wanted to take some pictures for the blog. He said okay.

Soon we were in the Red Umbrella gallery Fal Mouth Moon, looking at pieces where The Contraption first shows up.


“These are the two aspects of me,” he said when seeing these two matching green images in collage 57. They are… the 2 Roger Pine Ridges? Explain that Baker.”

So I, through Baker Bloch, explained the story of the 2 Roger Pine Ridges to Karoz, and how both visited our house last summer. My nephew had just mentioned Roger “Syd” Barrett on a facebook post today, because it was his birthday. I started to defend the music of Barrett more to my nephew, but decided against it. Best to come to the blog and do a solid night’s work. Best to talk about Barrett here, if anywhere.

“I understand Furry Karl thinks Syd is still in the woods,” says Karoz. “Do you think this is the same as Roger Pine Ridge?”

“I guess so, Karoz.” Realizing the tour wasn’t going to work since one of them falls asleep while standing up when the other is active, he suggests they go back to Karoz’s apartment and begin the interview.

“Haven’t we done this before?” Baker Bloch asks while walking with Karoz to the market. “I mean, didn’t we start an interview before and got sidetracked?”

“My memory is not what it use to be, Baker. Do you wish to consult the blog before proceeding?”

“Maybe we should Karoz. I tell you what, I’ll catch up with you tomorrow night if you don’t mind. About the same time?”

“That will be fine, Baker. Goodnight.”


When arriving back at his house on the western edge of town, Furry Karl was waiting for him on the porch.

“Hey Baker Bloch, um, do you mind if I crash for a couple of nights in your front room? The heat broke over at my bar.”

“Um Karl, you’re missing the lower half of your body.”

Karl looked down. “Oh my God. Oh-my-God! What just happened here?!”


Half an hour later, after Karl’s full body had returned and he had calmed down some, he admitted he was lying about the bar’s heat being broken. It was the woods again. Baker himself had heard some kind of noises in that direction last night.

“You shouldn’t have released that book “Blood Curdling Tells of The Forest”, Karl,” voiced Baker. “And what about that typo — “Tells” instead of “Tales”? You didn’t like the original title?”

“Well, it was the initial reviews, which weren’t so hot, Baker Bloch. So I just let the admittedly rather massive typo stand; deemed it fate. This fellow *Blood Curdling* who tells stories about the forest is the one who doesn’t write so good, not me. And now I’ve invented his profile on facebook, so I guess he’s legit and all.”

“I’ll find him and friend him tonight. I’ll rez you a sleeping bag, Karl. I know your own inventory is rather light.” Baker decides to be a nice guy this evening to poor Karl. He’s just released a pretty bad book about hauntings. He’s *just* recovered from losing half his body all of a sudden.

He tucks Karl in, and then unwisely begins to read “Blood Curdling Tells of the Forest” before turning in himself.



The next day a compromise was reached. Baker and Karl jointly decide that it would be best to move the Hole in the Wall bar to Collagesity, and above the Confluence Pool directly behind the town diner. It was a tight fit, but seemed to work after a little terraforming.


Baker set some pretty strict personal boundary rules right off the bat, since Karl was practically next door to him. Karl had to *call* him before coming over — couldn’t just drop in on a whim. And Baker rationalizes that it’s going to be quite wicked to have a bar just around the corner to wet his whistle. “Hey, you call me too before you come over,” requests Karl, and then laughs it off. But one thing Baker Bloch knew is that Karl didn’t need to live over there in the middle of the Rubi sim by himself any longer. Next to the heart of those woods. No he didn’t.

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Genes 02

Bloom (City) is also near both Boaz KY and Boaz WI, and thus also near Metropolis/Gotham. Blooming flowers are often put on graves. Bloom pop places have already arisen in this Frank and Herman Einstein! Blog here.


“First off, Hucka D., there’s this tiny place called Bloom just north by northeast of Winfield in Carroll County, Maryland, the one already identified as next to Legos Choice which brings up an assoc. with Winfield, Kansas in Cowley County there.”

Hucka D.:

Correct. When you looked up Bloom, Chicago Heights came up as a variant name in a rather short list. Cool! Wonder who did that (snickers)?


Yeah, and in researching our magical book came up with this yesterday… called the first successful adaptation of the book.

Hucka D.:

Well, you better not delay, and look up Winesburg, then. Why don’t you broaden it with Wines/. That’ll catch the sap.

The Bloom in Graves Co., KY is unlisted, thus historical. It is a Dead Bloom.

Also appropriate here may be Bloomer, as here in Madison County, IN:

First, notice the Anderson county seat.

Aroma, Lapel, Bloomer

Not shown: Clare + Fisherburg. Results: Dead, as in Six Feet Under. Bloom, Lapel, Aroma: obviously an undertaker’s carnation or equivalent. Additional note: Anderson is a Father Figure. Anderson is the author of Winesap. That’ll catch it.

Claire Simone Fisher (1983 – 2085, age 101) — The youngest lived to be the oldest. Claire went on to become a world-renowned photographer and even taught at NYU. Her obit says she had numerous memorable magazine covers. Taking her mother’s advice to be a strong woman, she never took her husband Ted’s last name, presumably because she married him later in life and didn’t want to change it in light of her successful career. Stylistically, two things stand out for me as we watch Claire pass. One is that the future doesn’t look all that futuristic. The second? Claire’s eyes. She must have had cataracts or something similar because they’re glossed over, white, and devoid of life. How sad to think that the one thing she needed to truly achieve her art was taken from her. She couldn’t see any of the pictures she had shot in her final years.

Just like that, Six Feet Under was over. Now’s your chance to sound off. TV Squad only sort of covered this show when it originally aired (well before my tenure here), but I’m curious to know what every thinks. Am I off in saying this is the best series finale ever? Do you think everyone’s death did their character justice? Watch the final moments first if you need to jog your memory and remember, “Everything. Everyone.

This brings us back to Chuck or Charles, since the video in the link makes a direct synch with perhaps his most famous of all tunes: Constantinople. Try it and see!

Constantinople = Death. And so it begins (again).

Waits 4 No 1.

Fishers of men(1), fishers of men
Up one side and back again
Along the river of men


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Red Head related names

2 Greenheads in US, both with an elevation of 144 feet (12 x 12). Synchronicity or chance?


Greenhead, FL, with nearby Red Head. This is only Red Head pp in US. A low summit of this name exists in another Washington County, in Maine.


I think here of Anne of Green Gables and her red hair, which she accidentally turned green just before she was accepted by Marilla to stay at Green Gables.

Anne’s red hair

Anne’s temporarily green hair — misery!

Obviously when one’s hair turns white with age, you no longer have to worry about your original hair color unless you dye it. Accepting one’s [red] hair equals acceptance of oneself. Accepting one’s white hair equals acceptance of one’s *older* self. We are all figuratively white in the end, if we live long enough.

Whitehead in Da Woods.

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stuffed maps 01

Ordinary, VA


Smoky Ordinary, VA


What might be happening:

Smoky Ordinary next to Dolphin linked to Warfield, indicating former Miami Dolphin great Paul Warfield.

Another Warfield (WV/KY):


Another Warfield (GA):


“We need to go back to Willard-Note, then, and look at more examples perhaps. Willard is a note in the Book of Music known as Winesap. We know what Winesap is. It’s in Herbert Domain. You can make Cash off of it. Get Credit for it. At the top is the 2 Hermans and the 2 Fishers. You know what this is. A door, an opening. You know that Bono *shuts* the door after ’23. Faulkner County is deadened, but that may be a green book behind the blue and red book we are dealing with. You know that too.”


Hucka D.?

Hucka D.:

Yes. In the flesh.


Thanks for showing up. We have a little time I suppose.

Hucka D.:

Always time for me, right?


Yes. So the trail leads to the Beech Grove which is the Beach City — for Willard — and inside this grove he thinks of Kate Swift. The reverend who has broken a corner of the Glass in his bell tower study also thinks of Kate — the Lady. He thinks the lady who smokes in her bed and reads is sinful but he also remembers reading books of ladies’ smoking so perhaps it is not so un*Ordinary*. Smoking is ordinary. Smoky Ordinary.

Hucka D.;

Yes. You are doing fine. Good night.


Thanks Hucka D.


“So continuing… I also believe Lovely and Beauty relate to Kate Swift, as described by both Reverend Hartman and also George Willard. As Lovely is also Love + Lee, this may related to the Civil War and Confederate Army led by Lee, and war fields involved, many of which are in Virginia. We’ve already encountered Love Valley in various disguises.”


I thought you had gone to bed, Hucka D. Maybe you should turn out the light.

Hucka D.:

Oh… just borrowing your computer for a while. Couldn’t you sleep?


Kept thinking of Warfield and Paul and wars in general. Civil War.

Hucka D.:

Me too.



I see that a Warfieldsburg is only several miles north of Winfield in Maryland, Hucka D. Missed that before.

Kermit also here:

Hucka D.:

Didn’t Kermit the Frog with the face of Cardboard Derek Jones greet Baker Bloch in the afterlife at West End? Think so. And also Kermit has come up regarding that rock in Sharieland, the one that looks like a frog. *Wait*, there was a *Dolphin* Rock as well there. Wasn’t there?


Sho’ ‘nuf.


(to be continued)

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map stuff more 01


Daniel conj. Day in Maryland obviously refers to Daniel Day-Lewis, but the Lewis most referenced may be this one. We don’t know.



Lewis from the Drew Carey Show. Coded in Arkansas. Drew County (Drew, Lewis, *Line* — maybe Lineboro MD is associable here).


Drew Carey is a famous registered Hollywood Republican.

NC Republican map

Daniel Day in the middle now.

There will be Blood I suppose.

Bertie County again.

Next up: Atlanta?


(to be continued)

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November 16, 2014 · 7:35 am

more map stuff 03

“Bizarre, Hucka D. Atlanta is Baltimore[ in Cowley County]! This indicates sister and before that brother.”

Hucka D.:

Obviously (!)




I think of Atlanta also in Nebraska, the state above this, and the relationship with Sacramento, as in Carter to Reagan.

Hucka D.:

Okay good.


That indicates a democrat and a republican that cancel each other out, causing neutrality. Which paves the wave for Norris. George Norris.

Hucka D.:

Don’t go in that direction quite yet. But: yes.


“Plains to see,” I suppose you could add there.

Hucka D.:



So what is Cowley County? Wilmot is a Hapax_legomenon.

Hucka D.:

Anagram. tom-wil-ard.


But that’s from the *last* story of the collection. Our “Rock” is the first. But Rock and Wilmot here [in Kansas] are very close.

Hucka D.:



Now the *bridge* here is obviously Cowley. He wrote the introduction to the book in the its most definitive version. And that’s also the name of a character in the book, although probably no relation to the other.

Hucka D. (repeating):



Oxford again. West by southwest. Hold on!


“Gist[, Maryland] may stand for druggist.”



Republican, Hucka D…


… then Sherwood[ edited]…


Hucka D.:

Faulkner is off limits now, even though he’s the stronger. Beyond Herbert’s Domain, ya know.



Hucka D.:

Dune. Paul. New Home.


“Anderson may lead to Lafferty. Obviously don’t know how yet.”


“”Let’s Roll”. New meaning to Carroll County’s Roller and proximate Plane No. 4?”

The 9/11 Commission later reported that the plane’s control wheel was turned hard to the right, causing it to roll on its back plow into an empty field in Shanksville, Pennsylvania at 580 miles an hour, killing everyone on board. The plane was twenty minutes of flying time away from its suspected target, the White House or the U.S. Capitol Building in Washington, D.C. According to Vice President Dick Cheney, President George W. Bush had given the order to shoot the plane down had it continued its path to Washington.

“Beam/… hmm, where have we seen this before?”


“Darkest before the dawn, I guess, Hucka D. Then sunbeams arrive. All is better. Lightsville.”

(to be continued)

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