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Bloom (City) is also near both Boaz KY and Boaz WI, and thus also near Metropolis/Gotham. Blooming flowers are often put on graves. Bloom pop places have already arisen in this Frank and Herman Einstein! Blog here.


“First off, Hucka D., there’s this tiny place called Bloom just north by northeast of Winfield in Carroll County, Maryland, the one already identified as next to Legos Choice which brings up an assoc. with Winfield, Kansas in Cowley County there.”

Hucka D.:

Correct. When you looked up Bloom, Chicago Heights came up as a variant name in a rather short list. Cool! Wonder who did that (snickers)?


Yeah, and in researching our magical book came up with this yesterday… called the first successful adaptation of the book.

Hucka D.:

Well, you better not delay, and look up Winesburg, then. Why don’t you broaden it with Wines/. That’ll catch the sap.

The Bloom in Graves Co., KY is unlisted, thus historical. It is a Dead Bloom.

Also appropriate here may be Bloomer, as here in Madison County, IN:

First, notice the Anderson county seat.

Aroma, Lapel, Bloomer

Not shown: Clare + Fisherburg. Results: Dead, as in Six Feet Under. Bloom, Lapel, Aroma: obviously an undertaker’s carnation or equivalent. Additional note: Anderson is a Father Figure. Anderson is the author of Winesap. That’ll catch it.

Claire Simone Fisher (1983 – 2085, age 101) — The youngest lived to be the oldest. Claire went on to become a world-renowned photographer and even taught at NYU. Her obit says she had numerous memorable magazine covers. Taking her mother’s advice to be a strong woman, she never took her husband Ted’s last name, presumably because she married him later in life and didn’t want to change it in light of her successful career. Stylistically, two things stand out for me as we watch Claire pass. One is that the future doesn’t look all that futuristic. The second? Claire’s eyes. She must have had cataracts or something similar because they’re glossed over, white, and devoid of life. How sad to think that the one thing she needed to truly achieve her art was taken from her. She couldn’t see any of the pictures she had shot in her final years.

Just like that, Six Feet Under was over. Now’s your chance to sound off. TV Squad only sort of covered this show when it originally aired (well before my tenure here), but I’m curious to know what every thinks. Am I off in saying this is the best series finale ever? Do you think everyone’s death did their character justice? Watch the final moments first if you need to jog your memory and remember, “Everything. Everyone.

This brings us back to Chuck or Charles, since the video in the link makes a direct synch with perhaps his most famous of all tunes: Constantinople. Try it and see!

Constantinople = Death. And so it begins (again).

Waits 4 No 1.

Fishers of men(1), fishers of men
Up one side and back again
Along the river of men


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