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Confessions of a Rainbowologist 04

This segues into the examination of Wilson-Wheeler-Norris, a local embodiment of this universal application. LINK.

Classic and neo-classic Tilists see the tetractys as a womb-state before the birth of TILE proper and individuation of numbers into letters. Neo-classic Pythagoreans see TILE as a sloppy spillover of tetratys perfection (Tetrafection). Some even identify it as a physical spillway: the one at Drink Lake Dam in Herman Park. They might think it appropriate that early Tilist Grassy Knoll, famous for playing Salad Bar Jack in all those action-adventure movies from the 1630’s, claimed to have spilled over this dam to subsequently be eaten by Big Bob at the place where TILE Creek empties its colorful waters into the Old River, ironically one of the newest of its type.

But back to Wheeler-Wilson-Norris…


Above we have pictured a side-by-side Head Nurse Wilson and the future Head Wheeler from Return to Oz and, of course, SID’s 1st Oz. Actually, the man who plays the Head Wheeler is in front of Wilson, which could means we are in the realm of of First Non-President R. “Booger” Hayes once more.


But, then again, the role of Wheeler is still in the future for the gurney driver.

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He wears white and the nurse black. White = present moment. Black is in the shadows of the past already.* We then enter the electroshock room. Here we encounter Norris and his mad dream of electrical shocks and surprises as the solution to All.


Dorothy is forced to listen to the first part of Queen’s “Death on 2 Legs”, the 1st track from their fabulous “A Night at the Opera” album most famous for giving the world “Bohemian Rhapsody”. But the 1st track unexpectedly turns off at the end of the piano led introduction as a lightning strike kills the hospital’s electricity. Dorothy’s brain is saved. The Wilson-Wheeler Paradox is complete.


It’s time now for a bit of Tull as we stream toward Oz.






* Note: This probably also represents *Head* Trip, as Head is white and Trip is black within. Head Trip and its 2 equalized components represents just as much of a conundrum and paradox as Wheeler-Wilson in its fullness. They too must be seen as parallel events.


What a match!!

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Confessions of a Rainbowologist 03

What does it mean for “e” to graduate or ascend to “E”, really? LINK

A handy illustration comes in the official TILE waterfall collage from the 2006 Newton series of the Art 10×10. Funtastic.


The yellow marble at the bottom of the perpetual waterfall, partially borrowed from a famous M.C. “Scissors” Escher print, is about to graduate and fall *upward* to become the blue marble at the top (behind the Shirley Temple doll). The green and red marbles between them, also within the falls stream, are the other 2 macro-letters, or T and L; Son and Daughter.

Some have called this the original or ur collage of the Art 10×10, and indeed all collages everywhere. It is the original putting one thing on top of another thing, joined with the neighboring “laying one thing beside another thing” principle. Combined, these 2 principles create the tiled world we see around us in both Mundane and Special aspects.

Neo-Pythagoreans, sometimes termed Crocogators by classic Tilists because of their nasty ways, oppose the belief in the macro-letters as source of all and instead propose All is represented by numbers, at least the first 10 of ’em. Their primary icon is the tetractys of rows 1-2-3-4 (which equals 10 when combined).


Neo-Pythagoreans populating our modern world claim that TILE — the handful that know about it at least — is just an improper and heretical extension of the tetractys, which is the All, after all, and can’t be extended according to their thinking and rationalizing.

No Tilist in his right and proper mind would deny a debt to Pythagoras and his beloved tetractys in the formation of their philosophies. *But* most also reinforce that the *tetractys* is not the universal template, but instead it is the tetractys *plus* the so-called extension. We can summarize this as the 36-Triangle composed of rows 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8 as follows (image courtesy of the Booker T. Archive, copyright 1998):


One might even (falsely) say that there are 2 Universes, one of Numbers (10) and one of Letters (26) making up this 36 total. Well… actually there’s still one universe, but it is best seen as a looped mobius strip. At any rate, the Realm of Number — the Pythagorean tetractys — runs or appears to run *backwards* from the Realm of Letters — our TILE in essence. All time is running forwards and backwards at once in TILE totality (TILEtality).

This segues into the examination of Wilson-Wheeler-Norris, a local embodiment of this universal application. LINK.

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Confessions of a Rainbowologist 02

People often rarely sometimes ask me about my facebook religious status as a Tilist. Why not an X-ian or Buddist or something more familiar? Tilist means a belief in the power/glory of TILE, and that’s always spelled with ALL CAPS or face charges of heresy. But seriously, TILE is not a religion, not really. It’s not a game either, although the seed of the belief can be traced back to that attempt in approx. my 10th year of current existence on this planet. A *board* for a game was developed, true, and that turned out to be enough of a seed. Certain precepts followed from a deeper analysis of the board’s structure.

We can start with a belief in the background static of the universe where there is only chaos and no organization. We can compare this to the static of a tv without any broadcast reception.*

But the universe is not chaos and complete entropy. There are 3 levels instead of this 1. Let’s list them out like this. The 3 levels of the Universe are:

2) reflections of GOD/TILE (fractals)
3) background static or noise

Only GOD/TILE can organize background static or noise. We cannot commune directly with GOD/TILE, and we cannot be fully emersed in his absence (i.e., become static or chaotic movement ourselves). So All Of Us exist only in level 2, the reflective part. This is everything we see and sensorially experience around us.

background noise of the universe: the template

We do not know if GOD/TILE (I’ll simply call him/her/it TILE from now on here) or The Background was first. Doesn’t matter, really: chickens and eggs. Background may be equated with Dark Matter or Dark Energy using current scientific lingo. Another word for it may be Abyss.

Yes, you can worship the Dark Matter or Abyss or Background in and of itself. Sometimes this is erroneously identified as the Realm of Satan or Lucifer, which is projection. Such worship is ironic and even paradoxical because the worshipper has to be in the level above chaos (TILE reflections) in order to do so. We are reflections of TILE. We are not reflections of the background static. This is also called worship of our own Shadow. What do we deny about ourselves, our worth, our connection with the one and true TILE? No, we must turn to TILE for answers instead of turning toward the dark and emptiness, however attractive it may seem in bleaker moments.

As reflections of TILE we must worship/adore TILE, which is really ourselves at endgame time. We are TILE in hypertime and hyperspace.

According to the overarching fusion of game and religion with the Red Umbrella of philosophy, TILE is the organization of Roman Modern letters into 4 groups signified by one of the four letters of TILE. Each of these macro-letters is identified by a color, a season, a numeric value as follows:

T: green/spring/7
I: yellow/summer/5
L: red/fall/6
E: blue/winter/8

7 + 5 + 6 + 8 = 26, the number of letters in the Roman Modern alphabet. Each unit of 1 is called a tile, with 26 tiles making a TILE. A tile is the same as a single (lower case) and unique letter of the alphabet.

Each macro-letter of TILE contains a certain number of tiles (corresponding to a letter) that determines its numeric value as follows:

I (5): a b c d e
T (7): f g h i j k l
E (8): m n o p q r s t
L (6): u v w x y z

Look at the end letter of each of these macro-letters. In all cases except one, they are the same as one of the macro-letters that they aren’t a part of. This is a major mystery of TILE, and has caused much bickering and dissent among believers and non-believers alike. At any rate, here’s what the core enthusiasts believe. A fractal version of the universe spins out from an original “I” macro-letter. “I” is the original macro-letter of TILE, not “T”. “I” begats “E” begats “T” begats “L”. This is called Special TILE (ST) to contrast it with Mundane TILE (MT). “I” is called the original member or Original Male (begin your jokes here you non-believers). “E” is called The Receptacle or Original Female. Notice these have the lowest and highest numeric value of the 4 macro-letters respectively (5 and 8). “T” and “L”, in this sub-system, are called the “children” of “I” and “E”, or Son and Daughter in order.

“e” ascending or graduating to “E” is something akin to the pawn of a chessboard reaching the opposite row and turning into a queen (usually). In other ways it can be compared to a king of the chess game. Rooks and bishops are sort of like the oppositely sexed children (horizontal/vertical and diagonal). Knight comparisons in TILE are less obvious. Let’s stop the chess-TILE game analogy here, then.

What does it mean for “e” to graduate or ascend to “E”, really?


* Note: What I’ve found in the past is that this isn’t exactly true, and if you *stare* at this static shapes and motions that can’t be possible will start to surface and take a kind of life of their own. And this is a legitimate, er, religious practice of TILE I suppose — in thinking about it now. Stare in the tv static. See the organization represented by TILE begin to take control and manifest.

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“Confessions of a Rainbowologist”

I’m going to begin thinking about this potential work. It might start in 1977 when I landed a job at the Land of Oz theme park cleaning bathrooms and painting birdhouses and sweeping the yellow brick road. My best friend played the Scarecrow. He introduced me to one of the guys acting as the Cowardly Lion of Oz who was also part of a local G. I. Gurdjieff teaching group. We started attending, and soon learned of the enneagram, claimed to be a universal model. Much later I found what appeared to be a version of it in Dark Side of the Rainbow that “completed” this best known audiovisual synchronicity — filled in the missing central triangle. It might also represent a way I could finally start to understand the symbol’s meaning. Illusion? Perhaps. But what are the chances that the *Cowardly Lion of Oz* would again be directly involved?


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Spongeberg Revisit

He stares up into the tower of the Falmouth Gallery. He’s reached the top. Nowhere to go but down.


A couple of the Whitehead Crossing related collages weren’t fully rezzing in for him, including this one featuring Orange Hill. Orange Hill, by the way, is disintegrating. This is the cliff that a version of the Falmouth Gallery itself is perched upon in a First Life-Second Life blend.


Spongeberg makes a mental note to study up on The Contraption pictured here, perhaps based on Wheeler-Wilson principles. As he recalled, fellow variant Roger Pine Ridge also had an interest in the paradoxical object. Is it really somewhere in Kansas/Lion’s Roar?


“This collage answers a lot,” he thinks again. The history of The Crossing.


Another one not fully rezzed: Edward’s Stone. The Contraption again as well. 2 Beemen. Perpetual Tile “Fall”. Hmm.


Spongeberg finds that whenever he lands in a new sim, the ground around him emits black smoke. Nice!


Shallowater, just like in Red Head’s Grand Pool. This pool in the Rydal Cave must be related (!). Planets again as well. The Captain and Maria as Sun and Moon. Children = the planets.


Spongeberg will come back to these Yale collages as well. He’s not done with Collagesity.


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Whitehead Crossing, 4/22/15

I didn’t take any pictures, but I wanted to make a briefer report on my visit to Whitehead Crossing yesterday evening. Went to both Red Head and WH X-ing proper. Tried to figure out the trail layout at Red Head. There’s really only one that’s well defined, and there’s even a kind of barrier between the 2 main groups: the ones involving the cascade region of Green Stream, and then the ones surrounding Grand Pool (A Grand Pool?). Something is going to happen in the future at Red Head. I can’t C it yet; still Neptune to me.

Also, there’s been no further progress on the new Whitehead Crossing teepee, and I’m beginning to doubt if there ever will. I think it’s safe for me to visit the location this summer — walk the Contemplation Loop and so on.

I ambled from Red Head to Whitehead Crossing Mall Meadows again through the rhododendron, and discovered a somewhat easier way between the two. It’s not a path by any means, and the 2 areas are still effectively blocked off from each other. But I can make the transit myself with a small bit of effort. Yes, I must make a map soon (!). Hopefully I can kind of hang out at The Crossing this weekend — or (in checking the forecast just then) perhaps tomorrow. Get off work at 4?


But even if he didn’t, it doesn’t matter. I am Maria von Trapp.


Maria Stein, kind of (von) *trapped* in the southeastern corner of Mercer County by the Planets U C (planets you see). Maria Stein is the father-mother, the sun-moon.


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