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Blue Duck, er, Drake

General idea: Blue Drake formed or energized or crystallized in 1978, same year as the release of both Duck Stab/Buster and Glen by The Residents and also Strange Days by Story Room. 2 fer 1.


All important Rubisea separated dark (Lycanthrope sim) from light (Blue Drake sim).

At the same time, baker b.’s CHRO system was seeded and started to expand *on a diagonal*. Later it was found both Strange Days and DSBG were built upon a Diagonal (starting at Six Feet Under + Constantinople), as recently explained to Chuck at his namesake loop in Frank Park. This is also where baker b. and Chuck separate as composers. What is the relationship of Chuck and Artie J. Spongeberg and baker b. now? They still seem blended.

Yes, it probably isn’t coincidence that Rubi has its own well documented Diagonal (now stretching across an entire virtual continent!).

Gene Fade’s Mtn. certainly seems to have a lot to do with music these days.

Maebaleia background story from the Baker Blinker Blog:



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