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Whitehead X-ing Notes 02

Study: WIS maps. Red Head may equal the central WIS?

Mall Meadows (famous for its 5 shot lattes) may have also been called Five Points (source: Washington County, FL).

An important concept is that the bees, like Hucka Doobie (or anthropomorphized bees) use to live at Whitehead Crossing before being basically forced to move to Greenhead to escape persecution. Uncle Zoe and Aunt Joe plugged up their main hole, the Mammoth Hole to them, like the entrance to Mammoth Cave. They found another (smaller) hole at Greenhead. Waxy greeted them as they were released to freedom. The bird beats the bug.

So the bees may have been the original inhabitants of Whitehead X-ing. Did their honey attract Pooh, then?

The Bees still met other Whitehead Crossing related species at Mall Meadows.

Direction Rock: one of the WH Xing wonders?

GNIRPS may have been started or maybe moved to WH Xing in the past. GNIRPS is a computer or computer program based upon US maps. Maps about *us*.

Map Rat may be in at least partial charge of GNIRPS (source: MO). If so, Rat (conj. Map) is connected to the mythical Giant Rat of Sumatra. Cousins: Elephant of Celebes (Max Ernst) and Rose Hobart (Joseph Cornell; location=Boreo).

Map Rat is assoc. with Gang of Willard (1 member).

In short, Map Rat is from Real Life Sunklands. Source of that equals MO again, specifically Shannon County.

This is still very important: There is a direct link (portal) between my Little Whitehead in WH X-ing and Little Whitehead Summit on Monhegan Island, ME. And it probably generates all the other Maine related synchs in area, including Norum(bega), Nautilus Island (reached exclusively through Whiteheads), Gray with its lone Southern soldier and also Blue Feather Gallery on Brown Street, and also the reversal of North and South in Oxford County (Mexico-Peru to Norway-Sweden-Denmark), and also Bull Rocks at Dixfield. Maine is much about Whitehead X-ing. Believe it!


White Rock, Whitehead Crossing, has power. Extends this into the White Rocks of TX, pointing out Petty/Pettiway (Petty + Ewa) and also the White Triangle of White Rock – Whitewright – White Rock. This is just beyond w. line of Fannin County, as the White Rock near Petty (and Petty, in turn near “High”) just beyond *east* line of Fannin.

We now also know that Petty is connected to Tom Petty, who is probably referring to being high in the song “Running Down a Dream” featured in Carrcass-10.

In Spring 2013 during another run of Whitehead X-ing related posts, I figured out that Seal Stone sits atop Grey Rock, making “Grey Seal” in toto, like the Elton John song. The spring beside it with no name quickly became No Title Spring (after the song before Grey Seal and after the title song of the album, GYBR: “This Song has no Title”).

The very shallow pool just discovered in Red Head may have been named Big Blue Pool in the past (source: Washington Co, FL again). Much deeper in past. It definitely has a story. You can’t easily get from Red Head to Whitehead X-ing from this direction, as reinforced to me just yesterday (!).


Zebra Station at or near the mouth of Concreek points to Head Trip, which may be coded within a computer there. Black and white, like a Zebra. Zebra, Missouri and nearby Damsel Island is the source, however. It lies on the edge of Korean Channel, which is a important *tile* within Head Trip, perhaps what it was all built around.

This is a way beyond Billfork. This is Head Trip. Solidifes Whitehead X-ing as *the* place to create an art happening in the future, perhaps a cabin even.

Green Turtle also “found” in Spring 2013, along with the Wilcoxson cemeter and the Totem (Land of Blue and Purple).

4 Sticks also known as ZoSo, perhaps degenerated to SoSo. Big Log also named Spring 2013.

Yellow Bricks hidden at Tinsitiy originally come from WH X-ing and it’s “Rocky Trail”?

Imp. Whitehead X-ing related post here to review carefully:


The Emerald name also coined Spring 2013.

Diamond Rock found late spring 2013. On Diamond Beach of Whitehead Brook. (a 4×7 magic diamond? like centers my opus 1 drawing)

Walk the Contemplation Loop this summer when and if possible.

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Whitehead X-ing Notes 01

Birds beat the bugs at Greenhead, after the bugs (bees) were defeated at Whitehead X-ing (Mammoth Cave hole double — see Falmouth collage 61!). Bird = Waxy symbolically (bird like formation at Greenhead hole). Traditionally the bird and bug are both *Martin*, like the knob (Allen to Martin Knob). Once Allen Knob becomes Martin Knob then all will be revealed. The location of Whitehead X-ing. The Art. All.

For now, Martin remains the primary falls on the Mountain. But in the future: Martin to Allen and Allen to Martin (source: KY, SD, NE, more).

Begin to think of Gene Fade’s production “Fade to Moss” again, a symbolic tribute to Mossman culture and expansion. Mossmen find Korean Channel and Whitehead Crossing location at its top. Silverberg established (Spongeberg related now?). Concreek explored and mystified. It was turned into an Alchemical Treatise.

Gene Fade wanted to use Whitehead X-ing as location for filming. Mossmen established themselves in Red Head. Bees were already over in neighboring Greenhead. All’s that was left to do was develop Whitehead X-ing, where it all went down. Rock (who became center of Fade’s tall tale) crashlanded into Mattland. Spotted Eagle Rock — Crocodile Rock. The whole of Coahoma County, Mississippi was involved (source: Dundee). Elton. Rocket Man. Came over from Sharieland in Herman Park, some say, and they may have been correct. Elton steps up from Mattland through Welcome Matt Rock, right through where the brand new teepee has been half erected. This is the southern edge of 4 Sticks, which represents ’73 and Goodbye Yellow Brick Road (and also Led Zep’s Zoso album from ’73 — and all ’73 albums really). Then Grey Rock and Seal Stone beyond its northern side, after you at least symbolically cross Big Log. This represents establishment beyond Sharieland, and the first 4 songs of Elton’s album GYBR (also: Green, Yellow, Blue, Red — TILE). No Name Spring here too.

I’m still impressed and, really, amazed how Red Head is so successfully blocked off from Whitehead Crossing. The Mossmen must surely have valued their privacy and security. But still they came to Whitehead, coming from the mysterious east and this Red Head no one seemed to be able to locate.

Blue Skies Mr.: An important concept to bridge Red Head and Greenhead energies and create the Whitehead X-ing matrix. Supposedly Rock (= Elton) created Blue Skies Mr. as a God to worship, perhaps modeled upon his own physical creator Sinclair from the Sinking Creek Designated Mystery Area in Virginia.


Elton explains love of Blue Skies Mr.

Climactic scene to “Fade to Moss” might have occurred on Grey Seal. Threat of a fall?

Edward Stone or Edward’s Stone becomes a complement to Grey Seal (Grey Rock plus Seal Stone). Edward Stone then becomes Edwardston, and a sity is established, like the Emerald City. Elephant. Sharon Stone. Moss. Meade. Greenberg. Green Turtle (One of 7 Whitehead Crossing Wonders?) points this out, as there was a Green Turtle city next to Edwardston city in Mythos. The Emerald (grass growth) as well.

Wonders (will work on more later):

Diamond Rock
Welcome Matt
Green Turtle
Grey Seal (Grey Rock plus Seal Stone)
White Rock (?)
No Name Rock (?)
Edward Stone (>Edwardston)


Orange Hill (site of Fal Mouth Moon with its *61* collages). Orange Hill, some say, is the Crossing itself. 61×49. 2989.

Fal Mouth Moon was originally known as Castle Dundee before its conversion into an art gallery. Man named Dundee (with his wife) lived there. Cause of curse?

Fal Mouth Moon is direct bridge between Real Life (Whitehead Crossing) and Second Life (Collagesity). This portal was sealed by X-ians in AD 100 (After Dundee 100). Rock with cross topped Orange Hill, then, as in Falmouth Collage #__. Dingo appeared at top, and Fox below, at bottom of (Orange Hill) cliff, also known as Cliffs of Dundee.

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Red Head related names

2 Greenheads in US, both with an elevation of 144 feet (12 x 12). Synchronicity or chance?


Greenhead, FL, with nearby Red Head. This is only Red Head pp in US. A low summit of this name exists in another Washington County, in Maine.


I think here of Anne of Green Gables and her red hair, which she accidentally turned green just before she was accepted by Marilla to stay at Green Gables.

Anne’s red hair

Anne’s temporarily green hair — misery!

Obviously when one’s hair turns white with age, you no longer have to worry about your original hair color unless you dye it. Accepting one’s [red] hair equals acceptance of oneself. Accepting one’s white hair equals acceptance of one’s *older* self. We are all figuratively white in the end, if we live long enough.

Whitehead in Da Woods.

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I probably need to give up Collagesity in Minoa in a couple of days, but can I manage it? I just talked to Carrcassonnee, who made a brief reappearance in the town’s temple. She said to remember her for who she is, and also that she would return. She recently had a baby — wonder what happened to it? But I suppose that might just be my keyboards (arriving Tuesday!). So what I need to do is save *all the town’s art*. I’m not going to worry about saving the altered Fal Mouth Moon structure. I’ll just re-create it as needed later on. My Sunklands site is up for renewal in August, and I want to make sure that will continue. I suppose.

Amazing new developments out in the *real* woods. Yesterday I found a whole new section of Whitehead Crossing which, quite peculiarly, seems to be blocked off from the main part. That’s why I hadn’t found it before. But Sunday was different. Now — perhaps even today — I have to figure out an easier way to get into it. I believe this to be the Mossman’s Red Head, mentioned here on this old map (top right)…

… but only hypothetically. Another name, then — looking at this map — could be Burnt Head, like on Monhegan Island along with its already employed Whitehead and Little Whitehead. I’m going to leave Blackhead alone, however.


Now I know what’s behind the Red Door.

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Carr. Returns


I only came back to tell you that the city should probably be destroyed. The Temple is unsafe now. I must leave to go back to the skybox.

bb (through Baker Bloch):

That’s it for Collagesity? Just like that? What does Spongeberg say?


Why don’t you ask him.

Spongeberg (in the air around them):

I can’t speak.


Well tell me a plan, Carr.


You must remember who I am and what I did here. I will return. I am you.



So Norubi is a concept that must end now. Collagesity as well.


The Red Umbrella will continue. Everything else can go[ for now]. Yes, Collagesity has made its run. (pause)


Sunklands. I must focus on Sunklands.


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March 29 2015 photos

New territory discovered not once but twice yesterday (Sunday). We start in Boulder — or more precisely on the edge between Boulder and Herman Park — where for the first time I poked around the mouth of TILE Creek as it empties into a fork of the Old River (ironically one of the newest rivers in not only the United States but the world). The mouth is found just off the short driveway down to the Boulder Water Treatment Plant from the main highway. Plant employees have apparently created steps down to the stream juncture; a kind of miniature park. Perhaps they go there to eat and relax at lunch and on breaks.

This is the small gorge that the Old River fork runs through just before encountering TILE Creek. Possibilities exist here for future toy happenings. I was happy to find it. Civilization lies all around this pocket of gorge-ous wilderness. 🙂


A small but very sandy beach just downstream from the TILE-Old conjunction.


This hemlock towers over it — obvious ruler. This is yet another spot that could serve as a toy happening.


A green-ing island at the Mouth of TILE. Green Isle I suppose is as good a name as any.


Then I decided to hike in neighboring Frank Park this same day and found another new and most likely more important discovery: a whole *’nother section of Whitehead Crossing*, effectively blocked off from the main part. That’s why I didn’t find it until yesterday. I will definitely be heading back to this area sometime during the next handful of days. For now I’ll say that Green Stream, Whitehead X-ing’s largest water flow, cascades through the western edge of the open area. This region has also been called Red Head in the past, and supposedly where Mossman settled in ancient times after finding the Korean Channel through the old Spoon Fork Portal System. But Red Head remained only conjecture until yesterday.

Interesting rocks at the top of one of the several Red Head cascades. I’ll most likely create a map of Red Head sometime this spring, when I gather more information. First off, I have to figure out an *easier way into it* (!).


This seems to represent a very important rock toward the northern limit of the cascade series. Additional info soon (once more).


Many interesting features in the cascades region.


And this is a shallow pool of water found nearby which I also hadn’t known about before. Most likely it will garner a name soon as well. But as hard as I tried, all paths heading toward the main part of Whitehead Crossing evaporated from this direction. I could *see* the main part through the trees and rhododendron — just couldn’t reach it.


Rotted tree near the pool.


Another nifty Red Head rock on Green Stream, this one toward the southern end of the blocked off region. South Rock?


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The Ra.



I’ve just initially explored what on the below doctored map can be called the “Mercury Ridge” of Sharieland.


Herman’s Mansion in Disguise, once more:


More soon! Sharieland may be a spring hiking focus. I’m almost healed.

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Found in a bend on the carriage trail. Funtastical! Wonder who put it there?



“Mercury Ridge” shots from Sharieland.

Quite interesting looking rocks throughout — not large but seemingly well placed, let’s say.


Mercury Ridge trees.



This represented my initial exploration of the ridge.

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I will be back in the keyboard playing world early next week with the purchase tonight of a Yamaha YPG-235. “‘Bought flipp’n time!” as IT Crowd’s Moss might exclaim. This time around I’m going to focus on CHRO, but I’m sure improvisations will come. And maybe even the composing by ear stuff again. But focus: CHRO.

Hucka D.:

CHRO is the answer to your last question on this blog concerning what made Nasty Branch unnasty and clean. CHRO took the red out of the stream and lake and made it it’s own.


I think I have some pretty good virtual neighbors now across the forest. They seem to understand the importance of the woods in their own way as well.



Baker Bloch then finds Carrcassonnee back in Collagesity, but at the skybox. He tries to coax out an answer to why she’s there but she seems to have at least temporarily lost her voice.



No, I can speak. How’s Spongeberg doing? Has he been doing a good job[ taking care of the town] in my absence?

Baker Bloch:

Yes. He’s… well, he hasn’t really said much to me. He toured the Fal Mouth Moon the other day.


He went inside, didn’t he? He couldn’t resist.

Baker Bloch:

Yes, Hucka D. said he did. And I can’t find him anywhere today. So he could have gone inside… back to Whitehead Crossing.

Carr. (correcting):

No. *Forward* into Whitehead Crossing. Did you get the impression he was running backwards from real time?

Baker Bloch:

Um, yes. I think I know what you mean.


What of his stars? Red, green, yellow, blue… like TILE.

Baker Bloch:

Yes I suppose so, Carr. How’s your brain doing, your mind? Did you get everything straightened out with Kerchal? Did you effect the treaty?


Yes. Kerchal has agreed to buy the art in the Toxic Gallery, but no date was set for the actual transaction.

Baker Bloch:

And that’s part of the treaty?


Part of it.

Baker Bloch:

Funny you can talk now that the sun has come up. I couldn’t see your eye when I found you here at night.


I’m a sunny girl, what can I say.


Baker Bloch:

Well, what are you doing hiding up here?


I’m 7 now, like Oklahoma. Dark Side of the Moon.

Baker Bloch:


Carr. (quickly):


Baker Bloch:

Well happy birthday (!)


7. Not 6 plus 1 any more. Perch and I are married. We went on our honeymoon to Kerchal.

Baker Bloch:

The forest.


We stayed with Alice.

Baker Bloch:

The smaller forest…


Yes. I had a baby while there.

Baker Bloch:

Really? A mental baby?


No, a real one. A virtually real one. I call it Crow. Would you like to see a picture of it?

Baker Bloch:



Baker Bloch:

So Crow is a keyboard. The keyboard baker b. just bought.


Yes. Wrapped in swaddling clothes. Program the little baby. Make it your own baby[ too].

Baker Bloch:

Are you going to come back down to the temple? What about your color? You’re red now (!).


No, that will fade. Like genes Gene.

Baker Bloch:

We need you down there.


What about Spongeberg? You might be happy with him[ as town deity] instead.

Baker Bloch:

No, I think it has to be you. If you’re truly alright now. Maybe having that baby did you a lot of good.


Oh it did. I’m more mature now.

Baker Bloch:

Well good. Where is your baby now?




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Will have to make a decision on retaining Collagesity further into the spring in about a week. My guess is that the city will go away basically either then or around the first week of May, unless something spectacular happens concerning the forest, etc., in the meantime. After that I may retire from Second Life for about a month or 2, then return as a renter somewhere, maybe utilizing a square 4096 from Lama Estates like I did before. Another wildcard in this is the possibility of another collage series this summer, perhaps 10 more to add to the Red Umbrella gallery’s currently empty second floor. That might be incentive to keep Collagesity around through the summer, then. But I could certainly develop the Red Umbrella on rental land instead. It would take up no more than a 1024 by itself. But what of the giant Fal Mouth Moon, the Power Tower, and the Toxic Art galleries? What of downtown Collagesity with its temple, Kidd Tower, World of Collage gallery, diner, and more? The ability to fit an entire town *successfully* into a 8704 square meter parcel was a hard fought victory. Can I just give it up that easily? [Probably.]

What other developments might occur this summer outside a new collage series of perhaps 10 or even 20 collages? Well, there’s always carrcasses lingering around. The last carrcass was created in August of last year — not even taped yet (!). Collages and carrcasses represent my main artistic push these days. But I’ve also speculated about a return to music using the CHRO and also TILE systems.

I’ve been able to archive at least the tapes of postive carrcasses now — almost all of ’em. Now I must begin to work on the negative carrcasses, and that would mean burning new DVDs to create digital files. I have decided not to give links to any of the postive or negative carrcasses except to friends. The audiovisual synchs up to Tronesis — these are open game for now. I’ll also prepare a new tile table for them. So much more to work with even limiting myself to SID’s 1st Oz. It’s a pure golden synch after all — still unique in that way. I never created a full platinum synch (4orrin1) except as a master plan of separated tiles. And I haven’t figured out what a 4th level of audiovisual synching would be yet. My guess is that these new musical composition yearnings may be a pointer in that direction, however. Key still equals tiling and TILE, seemingly.

Artie J. Spongeberg may discover a TILE board in the basement of Fal Mouth Moon, for example. Will try to figure out what a game based on this board would be like.

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