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By Neptune 01

Sign for Neptune. Mirrors the Trident streams in extreme western Frank Park, and also Herman and Frank Parks taken together. But Neptune is unseen by the remainder…



… until Gene Fade reaches fabled Red Head and builds a dwelling place on the “northern” shore and calls it Neptune (or North Star). All that was unseen becomes seen with (one of his biographies), entitled “By Neptune’s Beard!”. Neptune becomes the outermost planet of our Solar System starting in 1846. It is the only one that cannot be C-een by the naked eye. It becomes a symbol of the darke night sky, then. Carrcassonnee.

Beyond the planets and into the darke night: stars. All revolves around North.


North Star was platted in 1852[6] along the road between Greenville and Celina, approximately midway between the two cities. Its name was derived from its location on the edge of the Great Black Swamp, as it was the northernmost point in Darke County that was not wetland.[7]

The Great Black Swamp is The Abyss, the static nothingness of the Universe all around us and through us and into us. Only TILE saves. TILE is the effect of the C-een planets on the nothingness. Tennessee.

But then, beyond TILE is Still(water) and beams of light.

And I borrowed the page
From a leopard’s cage
And I prowled in the evening sun’s glaze
Her head lifted high to the light in the sky
The opening dawn on her face…

Charles Ives” “The Cage” with lyrics.

Annie Oakley is from North Star.

Annie Oakley (August 13, 1860 – November 3, 1926), born Phoebe Ann Mosey, was an American sharpshooter and exhibition shooter. Oakley’s “amazing talent”[1] led to a starring role in Buffalo Bill’s Wild West show. Her timely rise to fame[2] allowed her to become one of the first American women to be a “superstar“.

“By Neptune’s Beard!”

Great Black Swamp:


In the 1850s the states began an organized attempt to drain the swamp for agricultural use and ease of travel. Various projects were undertaken over a 40-year period. Local resident James B. Hill, living in Bowling Green, Ohio, in the mid-19th century, made the quick drainage of the Black Swamp possible with his invention of the Buckeye Traction Ditcher.[6] Hill’s ditching machine laid drainage tiles at a record pace. The area was largely settled over the next three decades. The development of railroads and a local drainage tile industry are thought to have contributed greatly to drainage and settlement (Kaatz, 1955).

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Heading down to Mythopolis for at least a couple of days, perhaps through Sun. Mon? Tue? Have a choice whether to keep the Rubi property into May now or sell the land. I have no real attraction now to any other location in Second Life besides this spot — around the Rubi Forest. This is it for Second Life, unless I just start renting in basically random places. I haven’t worked on Collagesity town in a while. I was thinking of just destroying the town except for the Falmouth and Red Umbrella galleries. But I can’t quite make myself do it yet. Well… anyway I don’t think the decision will be made until I get back, which might be May 3 at the earliest.


Hucka D.:

I have no thoughts on this. Thank you.


I am up in the sky, in the air. Release me. From pain.


Not in this.


Looks like it’s up to me to get rid of Collagesity. Sounds like Carrcassonnee would like to be released from the burden. I might need it, however.

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Confessions of a Rainbowologist 09



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X-ing Times

Might be able to get down to Whitehead Crossing after work today. Probably should have gone yesterday but decided otherwise. Wrong decision, I believe. I *did* trek down there on Sat., despite a forecast of showers. Rain never really materialized. This place is so fickle weather-wise! But anyway, I spotted *people* at The Crossing, a first. And I may not have been able to remain hidden during the spot had one of ’em not been sporting a bright yellow raincoat, it appeared. I believe they were heading to the teepee, and probably they built it as well. I wasn’t close enough to get a good look — see their age, etc.

A collection of Toy Avatars are now at Whitehead X-ing, Red Head to be more specific.

I’ll share some photos of the related visits soon.


I also think a new spate of collages might be coming up soon, perhaps early next month.



I’m hoping to get down to the Red Head part of Whitehead Crossing at least a couple more times before the woods “close up”, as I put it. The plants come back, the snakes, the poison ivy, the gnats and mosquitoes. Critters in general. I’m unfamilar with the Red Head territory during the summer months. I know I can go back to Whitehead Crossing proper during that time. I would like to have a kind of woods project this summer to focus on, like I did 3 years ago with Concreek. The problems with the last 2 summers?: Well, in 2013 the summer was broken up by our 2 week trip to England and preparing for it and then recovering from it and all that. Also it rained… and rained… and rained… when we returned, from July into August. And then during the summer of 2014 my back was still giving me problems from an injury incurred at the end of fall hiking season the year before. It’s pretty much healed up now — takes a long time for a back. Getting old I suppose. Concreek might be a good candidate again. Maybe… *maybe* even Red Head. We’ll just have to see. I always have Boulder to walk around in summer months. And I can always head down to Middletown if things get really boring up here. So everything seems good once more.

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Very cool crop circle map/database

It’s not quite complete, but: excitement!

More on this later…

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Confessions of a Rainbowologist 08

I’m going to confess something that I haven’t done anywhere else on a public site. The length of all tiles of the TILE within Dark Side of the Rainbow are the same, and that time is 71 seconds. Night before last, the wife and I watched a new Dr. Who episode about a mummy who killed exactly 66 seconds after first appearing to the victim. There were no deviations. This is similar to that.

Interesting that the killing actually occurs at 71 seconds into the video.

Likewise, a metaphorical stopwatch begins as Dorothy topples into the Kansas pigpen at 4:00 into Dark Side of the Rainbow. Exactly 13 x 71 seconds later we go through the front door of her aunt and uncle’s wrecked Kansas farmhouse and into Oz. This is A-M, the first half of TILE within Dark Side of the Rainbow. This is the “I” plus the “E”: 5 + 8 = 13. This is the perfect half of TILE within the synch, the Kansas part.

Start the stopwatch again as Dorothy enters Oz in crossing the door’s threshhold. More specifically, we have crosssed from Kansas to Munchkinland, one of the 5 main regions of Baum’s Oz. 12 x 71 seconds later we are going to assume a permanent move away from Munckinland in the movie in segueing to the Scarecrow’s cornfield where he’s stuck on a pole, unable to dance and sing like he wishes. Soon Dorothy will take care of all that. “Brain Damage” is the commence-to-jiggering tune. But back to TILE…

When the scene changes in the Oz movie to the cornfield, we have effectively exited TILE — Realm of Letters — and moved back into the Realm of Numbers. Lucky us. Also remember that the Oz half of TILE within Dark Side is missing one tile of 71 seconds, and that this has been instead moved (hidden) within the numbers realm. This signifies Ozma, true ruler of the land.

I will share another confession now. I believe that *CHRO* is hidden within Oz/Munchkinland of TILE here. CHRO is composed of 12 differently colored elements, just like Muchkinland has been deviously reduced from 13 to 12 tiles.

This examination lies beyond the scope of the present study.


Let’s take some more questions and answers, this time through email.

Billy the Syd writes from Utah, Pennsylavania:

“Hi Baker B.! I’m a big fan of your blog and read it regularly once every 5 months. I have a question about the newest posts I scanned today. They concern rainbowology. Actually I have several questions. Actually I have 5 questions, one for each month. First, do you wear a hat like Baker Bloch in real life? I’m going to assume you don’t have a blackbird perched on your shoulder all the time, hee hee (or haa haa). Second, where is Baker Bloch’s father Space Ghost now? Last I heard he was in Noru, and I believe you’re in Rubi now. Right? Third — and I’ll attempt to focus on rainbowology now — you say that TILE is within Dark Side of the Rainbow, or it comes from there, like a baby I suppose. What does that have to do with the enneagram that jump started this whole series I just finished perusing? Fourth, does the wife approve of your blog and does she read it? And, five, if you could take one part of the blog to a deserted island, which part would it be? Thanks for writing so much and keeping me entertained every blue moon! Peace, Billy.

Thanks for the email Billy, and thanks for checking out the Baker Bloch blog now and then.

1) No. I wear a cap at times that advertises the Blue Mountain Greenway.
2) Elderly Space Ghost is still around. After all, ghosts can’t die (haa haa).
3) Good question! I forgot to tie all that up. The enneagram of Dark Side of the Rainbow is a triangle that comes from without the synch and enters it at a specific point, which is the 3rd roar of MGM mascot Leo the Lion that acts as original cue for the synch. There are 3 clearly defined 3rd lion roars in the 1939 Wizard of Oz movie. The ennegram space is filled by combining the 3rd (uttered instead by the Cowardly Lion of Oz, in the Winkie’s haunted forest) with the 1st (aforemention Leo’s 3rd roar at the beginning of the film). That’s the short answer. This fill in the *gaps* left in the original audio-video mashup. Again specifically, these gaps filled by the *death moment of the Wicked Witch of the West* (end of “Time”) and Dorothy’s return from Oz to Kansas almost at the end of the Oz movie (at the end of “Money”). Again — nice query!
4) Yes. She doesn’t read it nearly as much as I do (smile).
5) I’d probably take one of the hybrid sections to said island, perhaps “6 Weeks of Shining” or “Baker Bloch in England” or perhaps one of the sections analyzing collages.

Peace to you as well my friend!

Barely Singwright of Steptoe, Washington pens:

Baker, do you have a minute? I have a question about where to score some good dope in the Spokane area. I’ll be 2 miles from downtown on the west side this coming Sunday. A quick response is much appreciated.

Sorry, Barely Singwright. Can’t help you there! I don’t partake and I don’t live anywhere at all near you. Sorry for the confusion!

Let’s tackle one more email…

Ginger “GiGi” Gilligan of Skillet, Nebraska writes:

I wish to speak to Hucka Doobie about the Time Lords. He knows. Let me speak to him through you the channeler. Let me know if there is a problem and I’ll attempt to communicate with him another way. Thanks in advance, GiGi.

That is an interesting request, GiGi! Let’s see if I can summon him up. It’s more difficult during the day, because he’s allergic to The Sun. “Your Sun” as he likes to disown it.

Hucka D.:

Tell GiGi to stop waking me up in the middle of the day and, yeah, try to communicate with me another way. See you tonight perhaps baker b.!


And there you have it. Confessions of a Rainbowologist part 09 coming up!

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Confessions of a Rainbowologist 07

bb: Hucka? LINK.


Neo-classic Pythagoreans tire of keeping track of all the branchings of TILE. “See?” they point out. “This is what you get with extensions. You get refractions. Just like in the picture from that album. What is it: Passion Play?” “No,” I reply, and exhale deeply. But they’re right about the branchings. TILE and Tyle. Special and Mundane. Board oriented verses Waterfall oriented. There are as many parts of TILE as there are colors of the rainbow. And that’s the point, I believe. A spread out point, true, but a point if you look at it from a long enough distance still. We must step back, way back. Further back than that, even. Further. There. We’re at the point of analysis. Let’s begin again.

TILE is born in Dark Side of the Rainbow. This is the belief of a fundamental Rainbowologist. I might believe this too. This is my confession. I am a Rainbowologist and I believe TILE truly begins in Dark Side (of the Rainbow). That’s it drawing way back and taking a look-see. There, that wasn’t so hard.



We are now able to look at more meaningful details. Where exactly does it start, this TILE and Dark Side fusion? One can say it begins when Dorothy falls into the pigpen at her farm exactly 4 minutes into both the synch and the album.


Why there? That’s when we separate from all those crocogator Neo-Pythagoreans and their haughty ways. That’s where we exit the corrupt Realm of Numbers and enter the purer Realm of Letters. We learn that Kansas is pure and uncorrupted at 5 and 8, or “I” and “E”. We learn that Oz is singly corrupted, missing only one letter from its own “T” and “L”. We’ve learned so much from a merger of TILE and Dark Side. And we must follow this single corruption further. Where does the missing letter of TILE go? What is the missing letter?

This one is easy easier to understand. According to Baum biographers, the creator of Oz got the name from a filing cabinet drawer labelled O-Z. This would be the same as the final 12 letters of the Roman Modern alphabet, out of 26 total of course. Split down the middle, this alphabet would contain 13 letters on each side, or A-M and then N-Z. But here we have O-Z for the second half of TILE within Dark Side. The missing letter is obviously *N*. Oz uncorrupted might then be actually called Noz. We don’t know. And then the second part of our present conundrum: where does the letter go if it exits TILE? Well, it goes into that filthy Realm of Numbers, that’s where. Hidden and further corrupted.

We even know what this missing piece truly stands for within the Baum mythology. It is the same as Ozma, true ruler of Oz as we find out in books beyond Baum’s original one, The Wonderful Wizard of Oz (basis for the first movie). Here’s the story from the mythology:

While still an infant, Ozma, the baby daughter of the former King Pastoria of Oz, was given to the witch Mombi of the North by the Wizard of Oz. Mombi transformed Ozma into a boy and called him “Tip” (short for Tippetarius) in order to prevent the rightful ruler of Oz from ascending to the throne. Thus, Ozma spent her entire childhood with Mombi in the form of the boy Tip, and had no memory of ever having been a girl. During this time, Tip had managed to create Jack Pumpkinhead who was brought to life by Mombi’s Powder of Life. In The Marvelous Land of Oz, Glinda the Good Sorceress discovered what had happened and forced Mombi to turn Tip back into Ozma; ever since then, the Princess has possessed the Throne of Oz (although many realms within Oz remained unaware of her authority).


In SID’s 1st Oz and the parallel Return to Oz movie, Ozma is returned to her rightful place as Ruler of Oz. She is De Queen. TILE is thus fulfilled, like Oz is fulfilled at this place in time. SID’s 1st Oz becomes a complete TILE. But wait… not quite. Because we have that troublesome kink at approximately the 3/4th point in the synch.


No, not that Kink. Instead it comes at “Dark Globe” by Syd Barrett. He’s tatooed his brain all the way by now. Dorothy is Helen Keller blinded about how to proceed. She must find Scarecrow and the other Oz characters who have been turned into ornaments. But how?? At the end of Dark Globe, all’s she can do is close her eyes and spin around and around and wait to stop.


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Confessions of a Rainbowologist 06

Tull is the “l”, the “t”, the “e”, and then not the “i” but the *”y”*. It is Tyle, not TILE. But still: close! And as Tull is Tyle not TILE, then we have SID not Syd (Barrett) to balance. This is not Syd’s 1st Oz, but SID’s 1st Oz. The link is Walt SIDney. More soon on that, perhaps.

SID’s 1st Oz regions and their tiles, with Tull tiles highlighted in an appropriate TILE color:

T (Kansas; 7): f g h i j k l
E (Oz; 8): m n o p q r s t
L (Nome King; 6>7): u v w x y z a
I (Return; 5>4): b c d e



I’ve been getting complaints from readers a reader that I’m just wandering in this series and getting nowhere in particular and becoming more and more diffuse and just not explaining myself well and so on and so forth. What’s rainbowology got to do with this and that and the other thing? they query. Well, I think I’m getting to that. Remember we’re in the “T” of SID’s 1st Oz, which can be seen as a complete TILE. Macro-letters I’m talking about here( once more). This is the beginning macro-letter of SID, composed of seven separate tiles each making a one-to-one match between audio and video pieces. I call this “region” of SID — one of 4 again — the Kansas region, because it all basically takes place in Kansas except for the very end where we have Dorothy arriving in the Deadly Desert surrounding Oz, accompanied by the first part of Jethro Tull’s A Passion Play album from 1973. Yes, the same year as Dark Side of the Moon. Yes, if you listen to the album those are very similar opening heartbeats to Dark Side. No, I don’t think A Passion Play is an homage to a fellow 1973 album. Actually they were on the Billboard charts at the same time (no. 1 and no. 3 here)…




I’m going to open up the phone lines for a bit. Hold on…

Continuous Blog Reader:

So are you saying Dark Side of the Moon and A Passion Play are clones?


In a way. Both begin and end with heartbeats, and both wax and wane in and out of the album ta boot.


Ta boot?




I came to your blog promised that it was about a different angle into Second Life and I get all this Rainbowology crap that doesn’t make any sense. Can you explain? Really, I think we, the Reader, need one.


The Frank and Herman, Einstein! Blog is suppose to be about 2 local parks at the root of it, and mainly self spun mythologies surrounding them.


Where are the parks?


Where I live.


Where’s that?


Blue Mountain.


I’ve looked that up and I found one in Arkansas. Is that the one? It’s near some mountains.


No. It doesn’t matter where Blue Mountain is. It’s in the mountains. It has a college. It has the *parks*. That’s all you need to know.


What if I want to go to these parks and retrace your steps to better grok what you’re on about here in this here blog?


I can do that privately if you wish. If I know you a bit.


Do you know me well enough?




Let’s shift to caller #2 about 30 minutes later. This person called himself Wheeler. I’ll attempt to edit out the boring parts…


That’s fascinating about SID’s 1st Oz having so strong a center, unlike Dark Side of the Rainbow. So the “T” is the Kansas — region I think you called it…




And that’s the same as the Kansas 1/2 of Dark Side of the Rainbow, or the equivalent. They’re about the same length. All you’re getting at in these Rainbowology posts is that equation. Dorothy starts in Kansas in Dark Side of the Rainbow and then enters Oz in the second half. This is the same as the 2 sides of Dark Side of the Moon. That’s easy. Then in SID’s 1st Oz, the direct followup as it were…


… as it is…


… You have Dorothy in Kansas again to begin and then heading to Oz about 20-25 minutes in, but this is only the *one-fourth* point of SID’s 1st Oz, as opposed to the one-half point.


Yes. You’ve caught on suspiciously well.


Thank you.


Are you actually a Wheeler? An Oz Wheeler?


You bet!


I suspect you may be Hucka D.


Nah. So to continue… SID of course does have a halfway point, but its the halfway point in the related movie and not the album. The Return to Oz movie. Were you suppose to say that?




And this center, this halfway point, is not a point like in Dark Side of the Rainbow but more spread out. There’s a central story of Return to Oz that matches the central one of A Passion Play here. You must begin at the top with A Passion Play and its direct relation to Dark Side of the Moon. Never forget that.


I’ll never forget that.


A Passion Play has 4 tiles in SID’s 1st Oz, correct? I know it to be so.



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Confessions of a Rainbowologist 05


We are thus already trapped within TILE, within the macro-letter “T” to be specific. But we have a way out, just like Dorothy has a way out of the jail-like corn crib. She must enter Oz, and we must follow her.


We prepare through the last letter or tile of “T”, which is “l”. The macro-letters feed upon themselves, which is good. Good eat’n. Otherwise, each would represent a private jail — split off universes, not communicating with each other, not interacting.

“And that’s a fact, (Jack).”

Tull is the escape. The heartbeats begin again. Music kicks in, culminates, then exits to leave the heartbeats, which die down as the sarcophagus closes. We are dead. We are Dorothy dead in the Deadly Desert. But it only surrounds us (“Death all around”, as Queen will subsequently preach in The Prophet’s Song).


We are alive! All we have to do is follow the stepping stones to Oz, careful not to fall off (or else: death). Thank you Tull!

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