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Weekend Plans

Baker Bloch rarely goes outside the immediate Rubi area these days. Here he poses in the Tower of TILE, gazing out at his beloved virtual forest. But is a trip back to First Life in the works soon, a la a “Baker Bloch in England”?



“Should be a nice weekend for hiking, Hucka D. I may return to Red Head — probably will. Why not. And then Gene Fade’s Mtn. is a target again. I’d like to go back to the Weaving Spot.”

Hucka D.:

That’s where everything became unraveled.



Easy peasy

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Gene Fade’s Mtn.

Below we have a shot of Supersity, currently with a winnebago perched on top where its Super Hoop use to be. I can’t return to these rocks until the “squatters” leave. But that’s okay — I have my pictures. And it’s slightly outside Frank Park anyway.


But the 80 post fence art *still stands* on the north side of neighboring Gene Fade Mtn.. Coolie! I suppose passing hikers keep this up, because the rocks are more numerous now than ever on this 80th and last post. Original *post* on this subject here. LINK.



I believe this is an apple tree, with an open arch at its base.


Rock cliff overlooking the Trident Stream region to the west just off the same trail with the 80 post art piece. Granddaddy Mtn. looms in the distance.



Interesting, fairy-like base of another tree. This could be in the location Hucka D. has called Priorsburg, where a direct ancestor of Gene Fade use to live (“Gene Prior”). I don’t think Gene Fade himself has visited the place, however. Could be wrong. This Priorsburg is on the west side of Gene Fade’s Mountain. Gene himself was born on the east side, at Jupiter Rock. But again all this history isn’t quite nailed down yet. Several new developments have come about on the mountain recently, including “Chuck’s Loop.”


The Weaving Place revisited. I don’t recall this twinned tree at its center…



… nor these similarly twinned rocks. More on all this soon, I’m guessing.


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