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Return of the WIS Map




This mysterious WIS center that all Frank and Herman Parks seem to revolve around is obviously Red Head in a way, in a manner.

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Red Head Again

On one of Green Stream’s rocky beaches just below Red Head proper, I found a piece of blue glass. I decided to take a picture because a similar shard of glass was found just downstream on the upper limits of Whitehead Crossing several years back. Comparison picture here. LINK Since water doesn’t flow backwards I’m going to assume it’s not the same piece of glass. Could be from the same bottle, etc., obviously.


Red Head’s shallow but substantial pool, once more. Must get a name for it. Shallow Pool isn’t good enough.


Partially moss covered rock at the top of the cascades region, near the biggest rock. Again — names.


A newly discovered, larger rock on this great day of hiking, in a general uphill direction from the rock pictured above. It’s large enough to have its own type of microcosm on top, as I tried to capture a bit in the second photo below.



A smaller rock beside it with slates of rock on top. Looks like they were almost laid out there in a purposeful manner.


The top cascade, once more.


Interesting stack of tree trunks that can be seen from parts of Red Head — a landmark.


A Red Head side stream in its lower part. I believe this flows directly into that shallow pool mentioned above.


Heading uphill and out of Red Head, I came across this animal skull of presently unknown species. I’ll have to take a better picture when there’s more light, and compare with online resources.


A more interesting rock on the slowly developing path back. I’m not sure I’ll enter Red Head enough to make a stable trail, but, then again, there’s only one feasible way in basically and it goes through here.


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