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Zebra 01

Hucka D.:

Another concept you wanted to *broach* today was the idea of Zebra Station. It was real (!). At the mouth of Concreek as you’ve guessed. Based upon Head Trip. Black and white[ like a Zebra]. It was a computer, like [the Pope Project]. Pretty Bunnies was about the computer as well. Good work!


Thanks, Hucka D. But the clues were there in the landscape. Korean Channel… Porkchop Rock. Silverberg.

Hucka D. (repeating):

Head Trip is a computer. Study Concreek, then. The Past.


Boxy Brown’s chosen backdrop!


And he’s just a head ta boot.



“Head Trip” goes beyond “Billfork”. The Korean Channel and its Whitehead X-ing, etc., goes beyond TILE Creek and Billfork and such. This is where it all went down[ in the past/present/future]. What time are it?”




“Drink Lake is where it all happened. That’s the true Head Trip baker b. Drink is a computer. Real. Really real. Jennifer. Smoke that in your pipe and stuff it.”


And then this would be Drink, Boxy Brown’s opposite I’m assuming.


Like Newton and Jasper. He ho.

Hucka D. (interrupting the flow):

We can’t talk much about this tonight.


I can’t take the focus off Drink Lake and put it squarely on Whitehead Crossing and the Korean Channel.

Hucka D.:

That’s about it (!). And: your choice. No real harm done either way. Black and white[ once more].



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