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Frank *What*bert?

“See? Right at the beginning of Frank Albert Rd. in Fife: a (robed) Freman. This is suppose to be Frank *Herbert* Rd., and perhaps in the future it will be. If the descendants of Albert agree to it. And why shouldn’t they? With some kind of compensation. We’ve been in Tacoma before? I know we have,” she answers herself. “Proctor St., I believe. Another road, a foreshadowing. Don’t you think?”

There were no blue eyes, but the resonance was still unmistakable. Speaking of which…

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He was dreaming again, hence the tie. “This is a little f-ed up,” he said to the woman nearby, who didn’t reply. No, he didn’t like this place. He had found a limit. Wendy would not be his daughter or something. He’d leave all that to Toothpick and Elberta and their Deep South ways (!). He’d have to talk to Eraserhead Man about this shoot, compare it to DaBob in that other production he worked in, the one less famous. Or was it more famous. Snap out of it, snap out of it! he cried inside while snapping his fingers, which, of course, passed through each other. Tarboo Bay, DaBob, The Twins… they were all together; all in on this. What does it mean? He better get Wendy to safety and out of the shiny light of revealing film while she’s still wearing that dress. He knows a guy who knows a guy in Snowlands who has a remote-ish cabin kind of tucked away in some small woods, getting smaller by the month but Barry DeBoy doesn’t know that in the present. He’d only find out about the deforestation of Purden in the future through a rogue Snowman gone good instead of the usual bad but still with a bad Santa, one called Satan, an obvious anagram (too obvious). The Snowman’s name is… well, let’s just wait. Regular readers of this here blog and derivative photo-novels probably already know the name. Let’s just make it the title of this here post.

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Two realities were superimposing themselves on top of each other, inadvertently (perhaps) creating chaos and confusion. He simply didn’t know; he simply couldn’t understand. In the moment.

I’ve created the bare bones of a consignment store on my Rubi property not seen since the very beginning of this here photo-novel, number 22 in a series of 20. The first thing I decide on to fill out the 4 square emptiness is a Volvo station wagon, which definitely does *not* have two handles on its back door nosiree.

Let’s just prop it up outside for now against the building’s unfinished, plywood exterior.

Then I add another image inside that has become meaningful to me today: the collage characters I call Source (Male) and Lake (Female) — perhaps another version of Adam and Eve and the whole Apples story — *hiding* something. Like we are seeing through a wall into another dimension.

red dress

And since the Tacoma consignment store the impossible station wagon is driving by on N Proctor Ave in that first picture above is named Megs and Mo, I suppose Cassandra City’s Moes Bar is related somehow. The transparent Source and Lake image comes from M & M as well — very important there. More soon.

“Phil had the richest, most complicated sense of humor of the four of us,” said his Firesign Theatre partner David Ossman. “He loved what he called ‘the stupid’ and he could twist it into surreal pieces of head-beating comedy. His High School Lunch Menus, the Irish guy who taught how to paint like the insane, the Funny Names Club of America. He had the whole range. Bergman and Austin were really the Lennon and McCartney of the group.”

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olde 02

Wheeler and Buster then wandered over to the town’s new power station.

“Look, it’s one of those *real* old timey computers, Buster. And there’s Rocky’s novel again. Looks like he might be finished.”

“Is Nancy alive or dead at the end? Can you tell?”

“Who’s ‘G’, Buster?” Wheeler asked in turn.

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Boos Overview 03

I’ve about decided to name the T-Town dominating the Boos collage settings Tungaska instead of Thornberry. It is phonetically closer to the actual name of the town. The Tungaska event is generally described as the effects of a meteor colliding with Earth, and considered the largest impact event in recorded history. Meteors are depicted in several collages of the series, for example, in “Boos Attach” (collage 14). The state of Tungaska in that photo makes it appear almost to be in ruins.


Or maybe it is Tungaske.

Anyway, when I looked up the Tungasaka event in wikipedia and went to the attached “Tungaska event in speculative fiction” link, I found this close conjunction of authors named Stephenson, seemingly unconnected to each other except for using the event as a plot device in one of their recent books. Neal Stephenson (misnamed in the article) is a famous sci fi/speculative author perhaps best known for the pioneering work “Snow Crash” from 1992. Charles Stephenson is an unknown writer in comparison. Both put forth different theories in their books about the cause of the event. Neither involve meteors.

In Seveneves: A Novel by Neil Stephenson (2015), after the Earth’s moon explodes in the first pages of the novel, it is suggested that a small speeding blackhole, such as was hypothesized (and disproven) to have caused the Tunguska event, caused the moon’s explosion.

Charles Stephenson’s 2013 novel The Face of OO culminates with the explosion over Siberia. In this story a hijacked airship, which is carrying a ‘divine weapon’ mentioned in the Indian great epic, the Mahabharata, explodes causing the massive blast.[1]

In the “Boos Attach” collage, 12 Oz Mouse’s head is pinned down by a meteor. But he’s okay. The meteor has landed, however. Umaps gives us additional clues, seemingly, about the impact (or “impach”), relating it perhaps to the “inch” measurement, for some reason. Inch, ounce, pound?


Another place we see the same cartoon meteor from 12 Oz mouse is the 6th collage of the series called “12 Pound Mouse Mound”…


12 Pound Mound is a terraforming anomaly in Nautilus City recently re-discovered (and newly named) by Baker Bloch. In the collage, the anomaly transforms into the new body or torso of 12 Oz Mouse himself, his head awaiting the impact of the meteor, per the accompanying video seen in this earlier post.

So “Boos Attach” is a completion of the event first seen in the earlier collage “12 Pound Mouse Mound”: before and after pictures. The meteor has landed.

And with it, perhaps the (fictional name) Thornberry Tungaska Tungaske, Sask. is born.

The meteor gives birth to something new instead of destroying.


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12 Lb Mound

I’ve found what I think is the exact shot from 12 Oz Mouse that is the *source of the mound*. It’s right before Mouse’s head gets pummeled by a meteor, when he’s laying on the pavement after falling down in a drunken daze. Mouse’s green body (on pavement) = the green mound (on pavement). I’ll share the accompanying video clip again at the end as well.



I mention meteors in several other posts of the Sunklands blog, including here:


Meteor, Impach, Inchelium.


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“Story Room” Animation (!)

My first real animation, modest as it is. Based upon the Otoe series collages, and the way they work best with each other in my mind. Created in Windows Live Movie Maker; excited about this (!)

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Steptoe Series 06: Other Considerations

(continued from?)

Giant Ear of Listening.

Close Encounters was used in Carrcass+2, a candidate for the best carrcass, plus or minus. Wyoming’s Devil’s Tower is featured in several ways. It represents place of contact. In real life now, Frank Park’s Bill Mtn. seems to represent a place of contact for me personally, transposed down from TILE Mountain in Herman Park just to the north. TILE Mtn., in 2006’s Carrcass+2, becomes directly related to CE’s Devil’s Tower. In Collage 04, in its 4 parts, we have what well might be symbols of this new contact, since a bull’s ear is indicated. Bill and Bull become one here through Bullrocks. Slowly but surely we slide into spring hiking season resonances. What’s next for these parks? (etc.)

Steptoe Butte is another form of Devil’s Tower is another form of TILE Mtn. is another form of Bill Mtn.


Fascinating that Kubrick most likely linked the Overlook Hotel’s mountain to Devil’s Tower as well.

Wendy’s projecting lid reminds me of the ear projecting from Steptoe Butte in Collage 04. She has removed the top of the mountain/can, making it flat on top.


A link with The Beatles’ Abbey Road can be made through the VW(s) and white lines.



Since it is a bull’s ear and not a bulls eye now, Danny’s dart suddenly becomes useless (theory). It transforms into a cigarette (or maybe a joint?) as useless becomes useful again. Jack partakes. Lloyd shows up as the supplier (“What will it be?”).

Lloyd is the best bartender from Timbuktu to Portland, Maine… or Portland, Oregon. West and east coast combine as one. We begin in Washington state from the other side. Lloyd is there, on Steptoe Butte. People are now lighting up legalized marijuana joints all over that state now, as well as in Colorado, setting for The Shining. Probably factors in. We had a joint in our car when we were beamed up into Grayson space.

Mr. Beam.

Hucka D.:

So now you know that the bull’s ear is the Bullrocks. What are you going to do about it? You are at Bullrocks and you see twins, right?



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Mystery Eye (yellow).

It doesn’t belong to anyone in the photograph. It is like the eye in the Rubi Forest that stared back at me. Hucka?



Hucka D.:

Are you saying that there are 199 trees, er, people in that photo, baker b.?


Dunno, Hucka D. Surely a 1:1 match isn’t taking place.

Hucka D.:

Plus you don’t like 1:1 matches any more. Film/album style, I mean.


No I suppose I don’t. I’m up to level 3.

Hucka D.:

A rarified point indeed. But you better start to solidify the backlog. The Shining is getting you some attention. You are figuring things out. Where are we on Texas?


Well, I’ve revealed the basic bones of Carrcass-10, perhaps the final carrcass, as The Shining represents the Omega point.

Hucka D.:

Correct. And [ delete name] are now Story Room, the band. Red, yellow, blue; Circle, triangle, square. I suggest you return to Steptoe Butte for more collages. Here…

Put some heads in that one.


Which one.

Hucka D.:

Oh heck. Wait, then.





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Steptoe Series 05

(continued from)



So we’re at Collage 05, which is not an animation. Like Collage 01, Collage 03. Unlike Collage 02, Collage 04. I’m not sure if Hucka D. is going to help me with today’s installment of a Steptoe collage series interpretation. We’ve discussed the relation of The World tarot card with the poster behind the Grady Twins appearing to Danny in the game room of the Overlook Hotel. We superimpose Jack as The Devil (Tarot card #15), replacing The World card’s bull (Taurus) in the lower left corner. Horned bull becomes horned Devil, and also Danny is playing a game of darts when he sees the Twins, with a *bull’s eye* at the center of the dartboard.

I’ve just talked about how Jack’s shiny eye pupil, near the very end of The Shining, briefly acts as a ring for a woman behind him in the photo. I’ve called her, for this reasons, the “Ring Woman”, and I believe she’s attached in mysterious, synchy ways to Ringo Starr, who also wears a prominent ring in the movie Help, and which gets him in a lot of trouble. This Ring Woman’s right eye also becomes, again briefly in a crossfade, a very prominent and easily noticable “3rd eye” of yet another person in the photo, a male this time, and further back in the crowd than even Ring Woman, who is in turn behind Jack at the front.

If we scrub out the faces of the 4 front and present Beatles on the Sgt. Pepper album (as opposed to the b&w “past” Beatles to their right), and then superimpose Ring Woman’s face on Ringo’s to center the now backing Shining photo, the following occurs. It’s perhaps interesting that in the translation both John and George’s faces become half black and half white, with John’s face almost exactly halved (black side: right; white side: left), and George’s quartered (black to sw and ne; white to se and nw). Paul’s face becomes one-eyed, very much like that of Johnny Weissmuller to his right. Just a note here.


Back to the Steptoe collage series analysis: Jack’s hand.

Jack’s hand in Collage 05 has been replaced by The Devil’s hand from the tarot’s 15th trump or Major Arcana card. The devil’s hand from this card appears scarred, just as Jack might wear a bandaid in the Shining’s July 4th ball photograph. It also could relate to palmistry and the various lines of the hand such as heart, head, and life or health. Recall, if you will, that the subject of palmistry and the hand has come up in connection with Herman Park’s Sharieland from the past fall, and that some of its major features have been identified with palmistry ones.

In what is perhaps the last collage of the Steptoe series — Collage 07 — we have the return of this same hand, but with “1.25” written underneath it in blue, like a caption for a picture.


0.125 is 1/8th of 1. Chapter 125 of the Tibetian Book of the Dead is where we find a description of the “weighing of the heart” judgment, also probably attached to this final Shining image. The Subliminal Synchrosphere blog talks about it here…

…you can see Jack seems to be tendering a piece of paper (a message) to the heavens (above) or to us….yet a man behind him seems to be trying to restrain him from doing so or is he attempting to correct/level the scales!?


Now look at the woman in the photo….look at the single feather & the heart. I think she is referencing the Feather of Maat.

A great judgement…isn’t it?


The 20th card of the Tarot ‘major arcana’. The ‘horn of judgement’…that doubles as a prop to denote a New Years party and midnight.

Re: The synch…now if you have the music playing from 2001 : ASO (Thus Spake Zarathustar/the world riddle) and The Shining together…you’ll hear the very loud ‘brass’ sound of horns when we see this picture and the man with the party blower…denoting the horn of judgement blowing! (i only used the sound from The Shining, this time…so as not to confuse things too much, but it is important to realise the aforementioned ‘horn’ music!


In the Duat, the Egyptian underworld, the hearts of the dead were said to be weighed against her single “Feather of Ma’at”, symbolically representing the concept of Maat, in the Hall of Two Truths (Overlook lobby hall). A heart which was unworthy was devoured by the goddess Ammit (Amemet/Cyncocephalus) and its owner condemned to remain in the Duat (earthly plane). The heart was considered the location of the soul by ancient Egyptians. Those people with good and pure hearts were sent on to Aaru (afterlife, ascendence).


Arms….Jack looks like a ‘tipped’ set of scales….unfortunately for him, it denotes that his heart is heavy with sin! He is destined for the Duat or earthly plane, again!!! Heart on the right and feather on our left, as it is in the Egyptian references. Is the man with his hand on Jack’s arm also a reference to him trying to rebalance the scales…a possiblity to consider?

So in the 1921 pic he is both ‘baphomet’ (sodomy god, the beast instinct, above & below, microcosm & macrocosm) and the ‘scales’…double layering.

So I think the 1.25 is referencing this Chapter 125 and also the fraction 1/8th (more soon on the latter?). What of the rainbow shaped pattern of yellow balls in the background of Collage 07 here? I believe it represents a return to the beginning of the series and Collage 01. I imagine the location of Stipe Cememtery to be in the general vicinity of the illuminated “eye-ball” at the bottom of this rainbow, the pot at the end, if you will, but also at the beginning. We return here to Story Room and the central figure of Tom’s Petty High, also a golden triangle.

Collage 01: return from Steptoe Butte back to the Stipe Cemetery area.

(start again?)


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