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They were on another circular island quite larger in size, although not far away. The associated club was called D’Vine, resonating with both Devine and Vineland in Colorado, especially since the name is a play on Eden’s fruit vine with the cursed apple and all. I knew because the neighboring sim was Danshire (with the much smaller, circular island we’ll get to soon) that synchronicity was strong here. This is the spot — a direct extension of Danshire — to continue our story…

I called in Wheeler to reprise her role of Heidi Hunt Ives from Gaeta V in novel 7. I knew she’d be up for it. Also remember that Tom Casey beside her is a method actor, going deep into the role of Casey One Hole he’ll always be identified with.

“Are all my fingers here?” she started, worried about the doubled manifestation. Two alts in one location sometimes spells trouble. But then she counted to 10 and moved on, an old practice. She looked over at Tom Casey, noted the coal black eyes staring into her. Good! It’s a role of a lifetime, she feels. To work with the great director Eraserhead Man on a new project, to go into the Red Room again and face a faceless man who has information he *wants*, not needs, and then, when not getting it once more, finishes the deed he should have accomplished long ago on a continent now far far away. Or at least an ocean away. Well, only a strait away to be honest. Gaeta V I’m talking about here, the faceless continent that we probably won’t be returning too much for more action and adventure in these here Collagesity photo-novels. Neighboring Corsica continent to the west seems to be a different story. Much different as it’s turning out. The D’Vine island mirroring the earlier Danshire island just next door is witness to this. Synchronicity! How I need that energy. Back to the actors…

“Tom — Casey, I mean. Can I call you Casey?”

Tom/Casey considered what Casey would say. How deep was he? Not quite enough to answer correctly. But that was good! In a way. “Yes,” he said.

Heidi Hunt Ives noticed the slip and called it out. “But I think you *wouldn’t*, Casey *One Hole*. Do you still remember how you got that name?”

“Of course,” he replied, but didn’t go into specifics. Casey One Hole would not have gone into specifics. He was going deeper again.

“Nice.” HHI became pleased again. “So tell me about the Yankton prison, then, formerly a college as I understand or remember it now. Why do you need schematics?” This was different. Casey One Hole enjoys talking about the prison. It is what the character is centered around. It’s like this island to his story.

He managed to glance over at the center (table), wishing he was there instead of here.

And then there he was. Heidi Hunt Ives, of course, joined him. Let’s listen in.

(to be continued?)

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But is she really that evil? Instead of just… well, *split*?

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“Well *we’re* a fine pair of lost souls, Robot Derak Jones.”

“Be quiet, Campbell. I’m trying to figure out what went wrong.”

“Opp, please,” the blue boy demanded again.

“Opp, Campbell, Opie, Thelma Lou, whatever.”

He read well into the night while the Mmmmmm dozed outside in the warm New Island clime. Peace and quiet at last.

But no mention of Pervimus and the resurrection yet.

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hidden technicolor

Wheeler and The Musician realized that they weren’t going to be leaving Comfrey anytime soon.

“You stay camped here tonight, Musician, while I explore the rest of the place.”

But, still, all vacations have to end.

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Earie (The Musician) realized there were still many mysteries to be resolved concerning VHC City — like the relationship of this Sipvicious logo found in the Quincey Educational Building and the famous punk Sid Vicious who stayed in the town’s grand Hotel Chelsea. Chroma and Improvio, being rooted in a basal nature still, desired to visit the infamous Room 100 where Sid killed Nancy. The All Nancy’s ghost found in the Grand Lapara Hotel more recently is mere reflection of this tragic event, they’ve determined. The Grand Lapara Hotel itself, they say, is a reflection of Hotel Chelsea, in that both are modeled after real life New York City hotels. Earie, who has evolved beyond them now, he feels, thinks otherwise. But his main concern right now is not VHC City nor Olde Lapara Town. It’s Gaston-Berry, and finding Jacob I. and attempting to get him to explain what the heck is happening to him currently. Chroma and Improvio made up like hookers? Red and blue lensed glasses? The Lei sisters? It’s a head scratcher, he realizes while scratching his head. So it’s back to the Yellow House to prepare for a downtown visit.

But first, he must dress more appropriately for the location. Some purchases at historical Blackburns Store in Alabama or Georgia aid him.

Did he go too far with the blue eye? Yes, he determined. He did. A bit too alien, and the new landlord specified in her short rental note: NO aliens.

Good enough.

Eat your heart out Improvio, you old skunk.

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Bible Truth

Rocky’s novel begins in the Magill House on The Hill, or the Magill Hill House or just the Magill House or Hill House. Yes, a woman named Lil lived there, who everyone knew as Nancy. Piggies were at bay in those times. Marshmallow men had yet to appear. Confetti always in the air. Parades galore. God Bless America.

Despite being prime real estate, the place is curiously empty these days. Just look at the view from the top porch!

Spectacular waterfalls can be seen tumbling down mountains towering above the town to the north, some of the highest peaks in Second Life I’ve been told. It’s a grand setting.

Yet within the house Buster Damm senses sorrow still. In the mid 20’s, a young lad named Daniel or Danny courted the tall, fetching Magill girl, the only child of Steve and Richard. Danny was shot 3 times and killed during a 1926 4th of July party at a local gay saloon owned by Nancy’s fathers. He managed to crawl to the dry-goods store next door to die at 1 minute past midnight on the 5th, a legal threshold. The shooter, Gideon “Spider” Murphy, former lover of Danny and leader of the notorious Purple Gang, was in turn, shot to death by Nancy while incarcerated at what was then the Lapara jailhouse, now designated as the primary landing point within Olde Lapara Towne itself. Completing the triangle of tragedy, Gideon was turned into the city’s first vampire the following week, with his original human victim being none other than our fair Nancy.

It goes without saying that Rocky’s novel has everything to do with this tragedy and then some. Including the fact that Buster Damm certainly isn’t a stranger to this town. He stares up at the place of the killing. Not the first or third but second.

His own.

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“That’s very nice Wheeler.”

“Thank you. It’s a cat. It’s Bowie.”

“Yes I thought I recognized it. But it’s time to stop painting cats, Bowie, I mean, Wheeler. I found some doors.”


“I don’t know Wheeler. Doors. Leading to you know where.”


“Let’s just go. You can return to this project.”


“Red doors,” says The Musican, stating the obvious.



But they didn’t go through immediately. The Musician returned to the chair beneath the Ear/Bar sign, testing out if he could see the doors from this perspective. He could not. However, upon going inside the bar and sitting down on the couch, the doors were in plain sight.

“Wheeler,” he calls through a window again. “Wheeler! Come here. I have more information perhaps.” Wheeler heard “Wheeler!” but that was enough.


“I’ve seen these doors before recently (but not recently). Portal. Neighbor. Portals, actually.” The Musician takes another sip of his red cosmopolitan. The Painter does the same with her blue hypnotiq.

“Show me,” she requested. “Put the image in my head along with accompanying metadata. Like we trained for. The Before.”


“I’m going to spill my pretty drink all over this expensive demo jacket if you don’t tell me about those doors.”

The Musician sent another picture to further explain. Opening. Red door. Doors. Reds.

“Octopus jar,” he then said, confusing the lot of us.


Wheeler was not mad any more. She had put one and one together and then broke them apart, eliminating the right. Or left. “I found a shop that could help. Key shop. I knew something was up there but only reduced it down presently.”

“Let’s go,” requested The Musician eagerly.

“I wish I could remember where the two ones were that I eliminated the first. Or second.”

“Purposeful mistake. Think hard.” The Musician stared at her, encouraging. She then remembered that the page had been edited, not the post. She returned to the post. It was the room with the colored brain.


The Painter started heading the wrong way but then got her bearings right. She walks by the Ear Bar again, past the furniture store and the Baha Bullet rezzer straight into the next plaza which they were told not to enter. Her hands trembling, she looked west south-west. Key store.

But they had been here before. That alleyway.

Nothing had happened. Where did she get the idea that this place was verboten? There was nothing to fear. She would walk into the key shop, get a key or perhaps even two (one for The Musician as well) and then leave, going back to her safe bar and accompanying plaza. Something had happened in the meantime, she realized. It was the cat. Or cats. Bowie. Bowie was missing. Björk instead. Then painting the Bowie cat over and over in order to restore. Hucka Doobie karma. The Musician said that Hucka Doobie was sending good vibrations over to VHC Town for healing. Hucka Doobie forgives Wheeler for turning into a bee that Halloween night and almost killing her in her classic bee avatar form. She couldn’t walk straight for weeks. Karma. What else was in store for Wheeler? She had done wrongs, she knew. Printer? Is Printer another 13 pack of karma coming ’round the bend?


She waits for the keymaster. “Where’s The Musician?” she says to herself. “He was suppose to be right behind me. Maybe the doors weren’t locked after all,” she then speculates. “Maybe he went in without me.” But then The Musician was there, appearing around the corner after checking out the alleyway again where they had sat the day before. He puts another image in her head.

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