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away 02

Little Katy Kidd watches from the Northeast Tower of the Southwest Castle at her future self seeing off her future husband Jack Snow (played by actor Jack Toadswallow in seasons one through three) one last time at the docks of the Northeast *Castle*. This would be his last war, his ship sunk at sea by a giant piece of cheddar broken off from the Arctic Cheese Shelf on the way over to the Heterocera continent. How sadly, sadly ironic given the instigation for the conflict. Little Angus Girl, then just plain ol’ Lucy Saffold, accompanied her to the past-future viewing, but ended up staring more southwest than northeast from the Southwest Castle’s Northeast Tower, toward the now deserted Splinterwood Castle just over the border from this here Hilling sim. She even pens a song on the spot about the eventful moment(s), later expanded into Redeye’s first full blown concept side of an album called “Confusing Directions,” derided by early critics for its seeming lack of focus, before the full genius of Redeye’s leader was understood by the confused masses.

Lucy ends up talking her childhood friend into exploring the smaller castle this day, if only to take her mind off the sad, sad future events unfolding in the opposite direction. She’d heard the electricity had been turned off, as in a no scripts area. They’d have to take flashlights, or, else, facelights.

But there was nothing within its dark walls except a bed. Someone had used it recently; it was warm to the touch for them. But who?

On a hunch, Lucy climbed onto the railing at the head of the bed so she could peek out the high window behind it toward the Yuiselle Peaks. Extending her draw distance to the maximum 512 meters, she could barely *barely* make out herself and her future band members below them,  playing the greatly expanded version of the very same song she’d just composed. Two past-future viewings in one day, then. Barely.

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Camouflage (new character?)


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The Hooks






“I have one more thing to do here, Karl. You can just wait in the boat.”

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big >little

All it took was a handshake between two beings of reversed electrical charges. Ka-BLOO-Y. There goes the whole southeast quadrant of Olde Lapara Town. Luckily, All Nancy’s from the Grand Lapara Hotel bathroom was on the scene almost instantly, reversing the blast with her powerful reversing powers.

In the end, all that out-of-control fission energy was just reduced and condensed into a small, mushroom shaped house thanks to our local ghostly entity. Little Tonshi Ashokan steps out the front door, wondering about her atomic dream. Was it a dream? Seems so.


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Underground 02

“I can’t believe how much taller I am than you, Wheeler. Okay, so show me how this works.”

“Are you coming with me, then?” she asks Baker Bloch, looking up.

“Nah, I’ll stay here and contact you through wegee if you can’t get out. You’ll be dead, you know.”

“Oh I can get out. Up the River Styx if needed. *But*: not the opposite way. One way in and one way out so far. But I’m looking for another.”

“This OD dude or dudette said the Graphic Artist cutout is the safe way in. You have a safe way back. *Bee careful.*”

“I just sit on one of those triangle things sticking out, aaand…

… I’m in.” Her voice echoed off the walls of the underground.

She stood up from her pose position. Walked confidently past the blue passage leading to her River Styx, as she’s named the water flow, Wheeler heads toward an opening in the distance and new territory.

This place is certainly big, she thinks.

Multiple ways to go. She decides to keep going south as much as possible.

More turns…

… and then: a gallery, it appears. Has she already found another exit?

Doors to the left, stairs to the right. She chooses stairs.

She’s out again!

2nd exit found.

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