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Baker Bloch hiding behind a big potted plant at the rental plaza, just trying to get an idea of who passes through these here parts. None spotted in the time he was there.

Just dummies around.

He’d missed the appearance of Ruby  — Alien version — by a country mile, let’s say. Despite the lack of pavement where the Black Lake Bunch usually hang out in the Chicken Pen, Jen had covered her dusty, dirty tracks well, with lady of the night Nancy Pantsy doing her part 02. I recall little Alysha listening to it all from her own hiding place in The Burro, another alley across from the first. And Dogg… who could forget Dogg? I didn’t.

Deeper we go!

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Middletown subway:

“We found a dogg, Police Chief Vice Chancellor Inspector Martha Wiggins. But *not* in *this* Lyfe.”

“Where, then?”


“*Where, then??*”

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Burro Alley

Andrea Stoorm (killer) and Duncan Avocado had a followup meeting to their first at Jim’s-later-Cory’s Club but it didn’t go so well. Multiple theories were tossed around with none settled on. Blue and red remain confused and muddled.

“I have to split this damn dopple town,” thought Mary Ricardo, walking away from it all. Dopple on dopple!

Unseen Alysha knew more than she let on.

She heard the alley whispers.

Real Life Burro Alley, Santa Fe, NM

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Grand Spot 02

Another article with Brenda Robinson, painter of the Quilted Rock. This time she helped restore Big Bob, claimed to be the world’s largest handmade bass.

When the Griswolds were done painting, Robinson applied a final clear coat to protect Big Bob from the elements.
“I bet he’s good for another 50 years,” Griswold said.
The fish was built to advertise Celina and Grand Lake, with many Lake Festival queens riding on the float in the past. More recently members of the Celina Dolphin swim team have enjoyed a ride on the float during the Lake Festival parade.

History of Big Bob:
According to a 1976 Celina Lake Festival brochure, the current Big Bob is not Celina’s first whopper of a fish float.
Apparently, in the 1930s, a 30-foot-long fish float was built by Celina businessmen to advertise Grand Lake. The float appeared in numerous parades and events throughout Ohio, Indiana and Michigan.
The float was to be a part of the famous Parade of Roses in Pasadena, Calif., but was destroyed when it was loaded for the parade and never reached its destination.
The disheveled fish then was put on a small island in Grand Lake off West Bank Road where it sat for many years as a tourist attraction, the brochure says.
– Betty Lawrence






“Isn’t it clear? You must make a [“quilted”] fish sculpture. To match Waxy the Bird in nearby Greenhead. B[y]rd-Fish.”


“One Pink” (Greenup collage #11).

I just took apart the sculpture of the red/green/blue birds seen in the above collage (Opus 19) to make room in my study for the new keyboards (Baby Chro). One replaces another in effect.

Opus 19 in 1990 art exhibit


Fish+Bass in Quay County, NM.


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Hucka D.:

You must find out the Whitehead X-ing equivalent to Yreka, which is akin to the Vikings’ Greenland and Iceland in that it is the opposite of the name. We know Greenland and Iceland are equivalent to Greene Knob, which will be renamed Gene’s Knob in honor of Gene Fade and his super-opus “Fade to Moss”. Is the story of the Strange or Strang Monster a part of “Fade”?


I wonder if this Yreka is actually pre-*Leaf*? That would be odd. It looks like from a Siskiyou County map that Yreka would be positioned near the head of No Title Spring, or what was perhaps Norum Spring in the far past.


Hucka D.:

This county is perhaps a snapshot of what Leaf encountered when he entered The Crossing those oh so many years ago. All of California is like this — I think of Eric near Monolith. The Monolith was already present? Or did Leaf build it? And then what of Strange being born in Weed (NM)? Strange is a bartender/monster. Noonan. Frank-einstein.


I think Mossbrae Falls figures into this somewhere as well.


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Strange 01,_North_Dakota

Noonan was founded in 1907 and named after a family that had business, farm, and coal interests in the area. It was once known as “The White City” because of an ordinance requiring all buildings to be painted white.[6]


Glenn Strange (August 16, 1899 – September 20, 1973) was an American actor who mostly appeared in Western films. He is best remembered for playing Frankenstein’s monster in three Universal films during the 1940s and for his role as Sam Noonan, the popular bartender on CBS’s Gunsmoke television series. Strange was of Irish and Cherokee descent and was a cousin of the Western film star and narrator Rex Allen.


Life and career

Strange was born near Alamogordo in tiny Weed in Otero County, northeast of El Paso, Texas, some thirteen years prior to New Mexico gaining statehood. He was born as George Glenn Strange, the fourth child of William Russell Strange and the former Sarah Eliza Byrd. He was an eighth generation grandson of Pocahontas and John Rolfe of Jamestown, Virginia.

Strange grew up in tiny Cross Cut (formerly known as Cross Out) in Brown County (county seat: Brownwood), some fifty miles east of Abilene in West Texas.

Strange played the Monster a third time in Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein (1948), with Chaney, Jr. and Bela Lugosi.

Noonan near Devine in Medina County, Texas. The only other US Devine, in Colorado, is just below Vineland, and Devine itself is listed with a lone variant name of Vineland. My thinking in respect to WH X-ing: Devine is a central place in The Crossing’s Vineland. Below Vineland is Weed — that was already predetermined. Now I know that our Strang or Strange is from Weed as well through Glenn Strange from Weed, NM, famous for his portrayals of Frankenstein’s monster and also the bartender Noonan from Gunsmoke.

Only other *Noonan* beside the one in Texas is in Divide Co., ND near a *Strange* Siding. How odd; how strange if I may be allowed.


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New Mexico 01





In the sequel novel to The Shining, Doctor Sleep reveals Jack is also the biological father of a woman named Lucy, whose daughter Abra also has the shining meets with Danny years later. Danny realizes Jack concieved a baby at a party (shortly before he was fired from his teaching position) unbeknownst to Wendy.

The miniseries ends with a scene not in the book: Danny graduates from high school, while his spectral father looks on. It is revealed that Danny’s imaginary friend “Tony” is, in fact, Danny from the future communicating with his past self, a point briefly touched upon in the book but omitted from the Kubrick film.

Mountain air.

“Our people in Denver recommended Jack very highly, and, for once, I agree with them.”


Preliminary notes:

I’m going to leave the Hidalgo County/Charles Nelson Blinkerton material alone for now. Torrance County is interesting. I believe Mountainair refers to Wendy’s yawn in The Shining, at the beginning of the Closing Day section. She is adjusting to the mountain air. A sickly brown rose or perhaps carnation is penned to her lapel. The influence of the previous Kubrick flick Barry Lyndon and its commoner Redmond Barry may still linger. “Torrance” is obvious. Lucy is a child, according to King mythos, conceived by a mistress before Jack left Vermont and his schoolteacher position and moved to Boulder (I love Lucy may factor in). Lucy’s daughter Abra has the shining like Danny. Tony (just e. in Guadalupe County) is a future Danny communicating with present Danny, according to recently published Dr. Sleep once more. We’ve just been introduced to Tony in Boulder in the movie. Broncho refers to Denver via NFL team Denver Broncos. Jack has been recommended for the winter caretaker position by the hotel’s “people in Denver” (who Ullman openly states are quite unreliable in their suggestions!). Chilili reinforces Denver (Indiana). This will be used.


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