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watch out! (he or she’s okay)

23 22 (male; 2009)

22 23 (female; 2012)

Maybe this blog will turn into Google Earth oddities and veer away from Second Life© stuff. Finding *so much* in Picturetown (alone!). If only Hucka D. could weigh in.

102 utility box, 2009 (absent)

102 utility box, 2012 (present)

EXACTLY 200 meters between the two, which JUST became a blog tag last night. And in the center? YORK, which eventually turns into MARY. Mary York = Charlene the Punk (= Wheeler = Her Majesty the Bigfoot/Yeti), who just talked to Giant Tiger in Rubi.

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gentlemen’s preference

“So you see, Hucka D. The 3 cars closest to the portal represent the alchemical witches I just met over at your gym, with the 4th missing, just like the Citrinitas stage is often left out of the alchemical process.”

“That’s *us*,” uttered the witches in unison. “*We’re* the cars,” and then they cackled like a pack of hyenas. Flushing Baker Bloch, a skunk with a rash as far as they were concerned,  had forgotten who he was speaking to. Certainly not Hucka D. “*Hardly*,” as each of them would say in turn, I’m sure.

But what of the 4th? The 4th could save them all. If she could figure a way into the X-ed out square. Picturetown. Those clever, evil witches!

Earlier (2009):

“*Here* Mr. Archer,” she said, seeing one of the witch’s cars at last. “A temporal opening I can finally wedge through. You’ll have to stay behind, pull me out by the rope if needed.”

“Just like Niagara,” Peet said under his breath, looking down at her sweet, wee yellow head.

“I’ll warn you. I’ll be much heavier when I return since it will be 11 years later; you’ll have to hold tight.

He estimates his 200 meters of 3/16 inch braided nylon beside him should do the trick just fine.

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Pickle 02

“More Bigfoot art,” Harrison Ford Jett whispers in the waning light to no one except himself. “It’s all here.”

“A cave! Marked with green again. Pickle. Pickle Too. Let’s go!”

The underwater rock cavern was pretty long; about 200 meters.

More of that type of art? Harrison F. Jett found these identical, half filled bottles of unknown alcoholic content wedged together in a rock opening and was unable to move them.

The rocks holding the stash penetrated the roof of the cave, making a distinguished marker. Watch out passing Bellisarian ships!

The rocks even appear to have feet.

The man who was also an ant back at the Hideout said I knew Bigfoot. Something about my shirt… should be getting back to NWES City and meeting up with Charlene. Maybe she would have some ideas about what the odd superhero or supervillian or whatever he is, was talking about. He recalls she studies these type of things, and her dissertation she’s hard at work on late into the night is about a somewhat similar creature called the Loch Ness Monster. And she talks of another “monster” called Knobby (actually: Knob Noster, *not* Knob Monster!) — maybe that’s what her paper is about instead (he intuits in the cave, staring up at a rainbow hued crystal cluster in the ceiling).

At any rate, she certainly lives in the land of Paperville. Hmm, odd thought — where’d that come from?

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more Picton pics


Muffled voice from within: “Is it spring yet?”

“Just kidd’n. I’m over here now. But what happened to Yellow’s?”


“Ahh so. Ye11ow’s. 11 instead of ‘ll’.”

“And only 200 meters away as the crowbird flies…

… but still hidden, hmmmm.”

“Hold on. What’s that over there? Just at the end of the street?”

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snowy peak (!)

We pick up the treasure hunting trail of Dixon Too a little beyond where we last saw his brother Dixon One. Phillip’s ultra-thick stand of Linden trees protected Young Duncan from detection once more. Snowwhite’s not going to be happy.

Ignoring a couple of local yokels to his right, he checks out one of those primitive bamboo planes the Durexians use these days. “Bombed them back to the Stone Age we did,” he mutters proudly, again wondering how his life might have changed if he’d joined the Trojan air force instead of the army. “Well, not quite but good enough.”

He turns toward the gorilla and the caged man. “You hear that over there!” he called defiantly. “Close enough to do the job!” No answer.

He looked back at Highway 8 bending into the heart of Mountain Country. Better move on, he thinks. Put some distance between him and this backwards spot before darkness hits.


About 200 meters directly north, the actual treasure location remains unseen.

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Switchies 02

Newly formed Roger Pine Ridge decides to sneak by snoozing Cyberpaperdoll on the lower floor and go visit friendly, understanding neighbor Tammy Whatammy in her cabin across just across Old Cannon Road to tell her the news. But Tammy was nowhere to be found within. The entire cabin had basically been cleaned out — no sign that she had ever been there.

Only one object remained: the town’s generic media player. And on it, the Sunklands post had changed once again.


Greg Ogden was trying to ignore all the commotion going on behind him in order to focus on his painting. The subject matter, as always it seemed: Treasure Hill, now about 200 meters north of his chosen perch. To its right, Middletown lay just beyond his draw distance from here. He liked it that way. Treasure Hill alone and without tag-along berg, just like in olden days. Pre Gulf War days, he thinks while listening to a new round of shots from in back. Then a fierce explosion rocked the land, totally ruining an attempted first brush stroke. Greg Ogden had decided to give up for the day when Rocky Raccoo reached his perch from the ravaged camp below, smoking gun in hand.

“Axis or Allies?” he called toward the harmless artist. “Choose or be shot anyway.”

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Leaving the sim…

They had now reached the High Mountain Road where Baker Bloch sat the night before. Of course, Baker had long left the scene. He could be summoned, but Wheeler and Buster didn’t see the point. They seemingly faced another choice: to go back down to Olde Lapara Towne and deal with the changes (the carnival had left town for one thing) or move upwards more into the high hills of northern Lapara to theoretically meet this Little Tonshi Ashokan spirit who dwelt there.

And boy was the latter quite a climb. 200 meters basically straight up between a waterfall and thick forest (!).

Feeling his little legs ache already and thinking about what lived inside the nearby tunnel, Buster offered a 3rd alternative.

High Mountain Road Tunnel, Lapara… and rats.

Looking up the mountain once more.

Little Tonshi waiting patiently near the top. They would return.

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Nautilus Waters 02

Wilson goes back to Hipper to take a closer look at the sword that perhaps killed Doreena long ago. It makes her think of the differences between herself and Baker Bloch. Wilson’s decides to call the summit the sunken ship is positioned upon The Hill of Skulls and Bones…


… because there’s not one skull but two there. She doesn’t think the second skull is that of Cerdunk, however. And she’s starting to theorize that Doreena and Cerdunk are not lovers but perhaps siblings, kind of like Baker Bloch and Baker Blinker. A lot of possibilities are suddenly manifesting.


The two circles of 4 fish above the ship’s skull and sword — same grey color as the ship and sword — form a rough vesica piscis, with one centered on the sword. The ring next to the skull is also a circle.



The vesica piscis itself is directly associated with fish.



More color coordination between Nautilus sea fauna: pink fish with pink squids.


A “Queen” statue in Dybur almost directly faces the more disrepaired of the two Poseidon statues fronting the Nautilus City harbor about 200 meters to her south. But this is not the only alignment we’ll find in this specific area, and also not the most exact of ’em. More to come!


A row of vases just off the Nautilus City island coast.


Meet Yvonne, another Nautilus ocean ghost for certain like her cousins Doreena and Cerdunk from up north. What water sim is the ghost haunting this time? Well, its *von* Spee — Y*von*ne of *von* Spee. So we’re starting to see a pattern, and it’s leading us to conclude that the names of the ghosts in these 3 sims *can’t* be an accident. They must be named for the sims they haunt/inhabit. Yet why? Why why why? Yvonne’s hair is yet another Alli and Ali Designs product, aligning her with Cerdunk. In appearance and pose she more resembles Doreena — each have no animation override and simple stand in place when manifested, not moving an inch. Cerdunk at least fidgets around in his spot. And he’s an older avatar, first rezzed in mid-2014. Doreena and Yvonne come from Jan and Feb 2015 respectively.

Yvonne’s profile contains absolutely no information beyond the 2015 birthdate. No groups, no picks, no bio, nutt’n.


Tired from his day of fantastic finds, Baker decides to check out rental land in Nautilus City and soon runs across a home owned by his friend Kedar in the raised, central part of the city, called The Citadel. Judging by our correspondence, I assume Kedar is the same as Quito from Jorondip. He’s really done a nice job designing the place, and certainly tows the line of the island’s nautical theme. That tree outside reminds Baker of the Queen, hmm. But no more deep pondering tonight.


In Kolchak, Baker finds two 3 eyed fish, pink and blue, circling around a toxic waste dump. Cute!


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It took Karoz 3 minutes 3 days to build another spacecraft. He improved the design; made the pressurized module safer.* He felt it fate that a relatively unimportant character like John Lockfry was sacrificed for a greater good. He will be assigned the status of a martyr — Karoz will make sure of that.

For the second attempted flight to the moon, a prim and proper one this time, Karoz recruited Baker Bloch to accompany him.


“The first multi-man journey,” proclaimed Karoz, standing in front of the rocket launcher across Central Stream from him. “But it will be tricky, as I’ve explained. I’ll sit in the rocketship first to launch it, and then when it is in the air you’ll have to quickly sit in the craft as well. Else you’ll miss the trip.”

“Yes, we’ve been over this many times. I’m prepared as much as I’ll ever be.” Baker Bloch hadn’t told Karoz that he had done all this before back in Rubi’s VWX Town. He didn’t want to confuse or distract his friend any more than necessary in these times of heightened emotions. Indeed it will take some concentration to pull this off. And John Lockfry wasn’t any more dead than anyone else in Collagesity, including Karoz and himself. But of course he hadn’t voiced this either.

“Do you have your draw distance set at 200 meters like I suggested to follow me further into the sky if needed.”

“Roger that, Karoz.”

“Okay, are we ready?” Karoz peers up at Baker Bloch.

“Do it,” states Baker Bloch levelly. He has no deep worries, but still is nervous. He wants to locate and sit in the ship as soon as possible after it clears the house.

Karoz stretches his arm toward the launcher, bringing the menu up. “Three, two, one… SIT!” Karoz disappears from Baker’s side. The rocket fires. Baker waits for the clearance of the ship.

The capsule flies upward much quicker than expected. It is already well over 100 meters in the air before Baker Bloch even spots it. Desperate, he tries to touch and sit, but it is too late. The ship is gone. “Darnit!” he says, truly frustrated.


Karoz is on his own. Baker Bloch realizes he’ll have to deal with Baker Blinker now, who won’t take the news well. She was depending on him to make sure Karoz was safe and out of harm’s way. But nothing could happen to his old friend. Could it?

“I *knew* it! Overconfident dickhead.”


* One of the most important changes Karoz made was reducing the 100-percent oxygen environment of the module, originally intended to lower the weight, with a mix containing about 34 percent oxygen, and making the spacecraft’s walls significantly thicker to handle the increased pressure.

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