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Beginning of the Reign of BOB?


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Treaty Time

I didn’t know dieties could go on trips but that’s what Carrcassonnee plans to do. She’s heading to Alice to negotiate a treaty with Kerchal, as she put it. The Bobs are in charge of the town in her absence. Personally I decided I needed to find where Hucka Doobie was inworld. But was that possible?


I wasn’t sure I liked Carrcassonnee leaving. I felt it was something more permanent than she was letting on. She seemed mad the last time I talked to her. And I don’t mean angry. Does she realize it’s close to the end?


Is this it for Collagesity? I can’t go that far, I don’t think. I’m inside the early limit of hiking season. Should be a nice Saturday for exploring. Drink Lake will most likely be a destination again. Billfork maybe. Meeting Rock. Hermania. Jonesboro. New Hope. More.

She turned purple…

… then was gone.

We turn to Bobs now?

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