I probably need to give up Collagesity in Minoa in a couple of days, but can I manage it? I just talked to Carrcassonnee, who made a brief reappearance in the town’s temple. She said to remember her for who she is, and also that she would return. She recently had a baby — wonder what happened to it? But I suppose that might just be my keyboards (arriving Tuesday!). So what I need to do is save *all the town’s art*. I’m not going to worry about saving the altered Fal Mouth Moon structure. I’ll just re-create it as needed later on. My Sunklands site is up for renewal in August, and I want to make sure that will continue. I suppose.

Amazing new developments out in the *real* woods. Yesterday I found a whole new section of Whitehead Crossing which, quite peculiarly, seems to be blocked off from the main part. That’s why I hadn’t found it before. But Sunday was different. Now — perhaps even today — I have to figure out an easier way to get into it. I believe this to be the Mossman’s Red Head, mentioned here on this old map (top right)…

… but only hypothetically. Another name, then — looking at this map — could be Burnt Head, like on Monhegan Island along with its already employed Whitehead and Little Whitehead. I’m going to leave Blackhead alone, however.


Now I know what’s behind the Red Door.

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