Confessions of a Rainbowologist 03

What does it mean for “e” to graduate or ascend to “E”, really? LINK

A handy illustration comes in the official TILE waterfall collage from the 2006 Newton series of the Art 10×10. Funtastic.


The yellow marble at the bottom of the perpetual waterfall, partially borrowed from a famous M.C. “Scissors” Escher print, is about to graduate and fall *upward* to become the blue marble at the top (behind the Shirley Temple doll). The green and red marbles between them, also within the falls stream, are the other 2 macro-letters, or T and L; Son and Daughter.

Some have called this the original or ur collage of the Art 10×10, and indeed all collages everywhere. It is the original putting one thing on top of another thing, joined with the neighboring “laying one thing beside another thing” principle. Combined, these 2 principles create the tiled world we see around us in both Mundane and Special aspects.

Neo-Pythagoreans, sometimes termed Crocogators by classic Tilists because of their nasty ways, oppose the belief in the macro-letters as source of all and instead propose All is represented by numbers, at least the first 10 of ’em. Their primary icon is the tetractys of rows 1-2-3-4 (which equals 10 when combined).


Neo-Pythagoreans populating our modern world claim that TILE — the handful that know about it at least — is just an improper and heretical extension of the tetractys, which is the All, after all, and can’t be extended according to their thinking and rationalizing.

No Tilist in his right and proper mind would deny a debt to Pythagoras and his beloved tetractys in the formation of their philosophies. *But* most also reinforce that the *tetractys* is not the universal template, but instead it is the tetractys *plus* the so-called extension. We can summarize this as the 36-Triangle composed of rows 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8 as follows (image courtesy of the Booker T. Archive, copyright 1998):


One might even (falsely) say that there are 2 Universes, one of Numbers (10) and one of Letters (26) making up this 36 total. Well… actually there’s still one universe, but it is best seen as a looped mobius strip. At any rate, the Realm of Number — the Pythagorean tetractys — runs or appears to run *backwards* from the Realm of Letters — our TILE in essence. All time is running forwards and backwards at once in TILE totality (TILEtality).

This segues into the examination of Wilson-Wheeler-Norris, a local embodiment of this universal application. LINK.

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