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Ready to take on a witch.

And fail.

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HF 02

“Hoomer. Hoooomer. It is I. Carrcassonne. Come to take you back. You come back, I come back.”

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show i can all

Old Reading Man and Little Reading Light were the first to arrive, and, big surprise, each whipped out a book from their deep pockets and began reading.

What LRL was scanning had more to tell. St. Croix’s Diamond Keturah, but the Keturah was missing. A seismic activity earlier in the day had temporarily erased it from the island’s map. But the name would return soon enough. Such things always do.

Later, Biker Jones and Ranger Johns guarded the entrance to the meeting room, keeping out riff raff like the “reading twins” as they jokingly called them. “This is an *action* room,” they said to Old Reading Man and Little Reading Light after arriving themselves, telling the the two to remain sitting in their seats and just keeping on doing what they’re doing and stay out of it.

Meeting room. Action galore. Tronesisia led the charge, but many more straggled in between 7:47 and 8:01, with Carrcassonnee the last to arrive, saying she’ll just, “squeeze her big butt in against the wall over here,” as she put it. So: Carrcassonnee lives!

Others present, going counterclockwise from Tronesisia: (floating) Wyn Galbraithe from Lapara, Cardboard Derek Jones (no relation to doorman Biker Jones that I know of), Redbot, Old Man Baby…

…. and then, continuing to circle around, Carrcassonnee, whom we’ve spoken about, then, er, I guess that’s Doogie Martin (?), then Grey Seal who just wallowed out of the nearby sea to join in, then Furry Karl (another resurrection?!), and then a figure most commonly called Pietmond Boy in the blog, I believe.

Let’s pause here before continuing the character introductions to gander at two art pieces on the wall, the first hung directly behind the seated Pietmond Boy. It might be familiar to regular blog readers, being, at the base, the same as the famous painting “My First Sermon” by John Everett Millais, mentioned in Martin Gardner’s “The Annotated Alice” as probable direct inspiration for Tenniel’s illustration of Alice riding in a train in chapter 3 of “Through the Looking Glass”.

But there’s some twists here. Parts of what appears to be *another* picture bleed through around the edges in mysterious, blobby patches. We see the image of several ducks — or at least their heads — just behind or beyond the seated girl, for instance.

And then on the opposite side of the door from this, a now sideways Bunneh 02 and his egg and candle holding cushion cover up what appears to be another figure, perhaps from a bathing beauty poster, say, like in a mechanic’s garage.

Then continuing our introductions, we have Ben Thar (Mr. Bean cutout, actually) beside the Bunneh 02 art, then Bluebot (counterpart to Redbot across the room), then Second Lyfe founder Philip Linden standing behind Tronesisia in the corner, and lastly Ross C., another robot who may be a servant or some equivalent to the central Tronesisia.

Out in the hallway, yet another robot, named Claude — a golden hued gezzer made in ’25 — attempted to do the unspeakable to same just before the meeting (about 7:47). To excuse him *just* a bit, he *does* remember Tronesisia from Bennington when she was a mere pleasurebot and not the important and distinguished Collagesity novel character she’s known as today. But at any rate — and very justly of course — he was then promptly banned from the Meeting Room by Tronesisa who obviously spurned his advances. Get to reading the Collagesity graphic novels, Claude! Tronesisia has come a long long way from where she use to be back in those dark days.

Claude was only there because his perpetually smoking and toking brother Punky was acting as receptionist for the gathering out on the front porch. Claude had to drive his sibling around since he lost his feet in that rabbit tossing accident in ’92.

Punky was also known for his womanizing ways, and, similar to his brother, made little to no attempts at hiding it. Many times they had fought over the same “floozy dame”, as they sometimes labelled them.

In yet another room of the house, Original Eve (still macabrely clutching her dead child Oliver), Pigpen from the Grateful Dead, and couch sitting Norris/Harry waited for their chance to join in. It never came.

Nor did it for the 3d Venuses who just showed up at 8:15 with *way* too many friends and were barred from these kind of meetings for life.

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A next logical candidate for deletion on Baker Blinker’s property to make much needed prim room was Carrcassonnee over in the Temple of TILE. But Baker Bloch better confer with his female counterpart before going any further.


He looks over at Collagesity East’s Kidd Tower as a preface.

“6 prims is all you have currently, Baker Blinker. Mr. Babyface rezzed a tiny version of Big E on his upstairs table over there and the wall map he was comparing it with at the time vanished before his very eyes. The renters — *your* renters — need more prims to rezz stuff. We have to have a cushion of say… let’s say 20 or so.”

“And Rocky hasn’t even come to town,” ruminates Baker Blinker.

“Nor Greg Ogden, although he should be here tomorrow. We should get that cushion up and running before he arrives.”

“What about Gregg Oden?”

“He’s not going to return, although he’s out of jail. *No one* stays in jail over in Gaston more than a day, it seems. Prison breaks are a given.”

“Hmm. So it will be the more normal looking Greg(g) showing up tomorrow.”

“Appears so. We need to talk about the town in some depth.”

“Yes,” says Baker Blinker with a smile. “I would consider it the best small town in Second Life.”

“Me too,” adds Baker Bloch. “But we’re a bit biased.” He looks toward the opening to his right. “Ahh, the garson with our food.”


I’ll just give a summary of what was decided by the two town owners at this meeting. First, the 420 sign on the side of the Bodega Market had to go — logical choice; 6 prims saved right there.

But scrounge as they did, The Bakers couldn’t find anything else of significance in Collagesity East to delete. Both pairs of eyes then turned back to Carrcassonnne in Blinker’s part of Collagesity North.

“We have no other choice,” Baker Bloch offers, standing in front of the damaged deity. “For now.”

“Sorry old friend,” they said jointly before deleting the likewise 6 prim object.

And then its All Seeing Eye.

A 20 prim cushion exactly now.

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“Sooo. You wanted to see me Carrcassonnee. But you can’t talk without your eye. And Spider is inanimate as well. Hmph. Why am I here, then?”

Spotting it behind a boulder to her right, she used the teleporter again. “And *here*?”

Think Rock


“OMG. SoSo South has been destroyed!”

I, as her user, then realized what had occurred. I’d accidentally linked a teleporter to SoSo South when working on it in the Collagesity skybox the other day. The teleporter happened to be in Carrcassonee’s gazebo when I moved the whole thing back to the ground, which Wheeler Wilson teleported to when trying to reach the skybox from Blue Feather. But in using the teleporter again, everything went haywire, seemingly.

Baker Bloch, posing as Bookworm up in the heart of the SoSo Mall at the time, was called in. He moved all the pieces — which were still linked, thankfully — up to the skybox and went to work. He asked Wheeler to log out to give him room and decrease the likelihood of more wonky things happening. He lowered his graphic options and logged out and back in for the same reason. He searched for and then found the skybox landmark in his inventory. Baker himself headed upward.

In under 10 minutes he had everything about righted. He could check later with a full version of this gallery, which is a Linden build created specifically for the Zindra continent. Baker hadn’t made any significant alterations to the original design. Which was good in this case.

Crisis averted.

But Wheeler had been spooked. She became convinced that Carrcassonnee did the sabotaging, and was trying to communicate with her from “the beyond”, as she put it. “Something is happening,” she finishes.

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Just Walking Around 02

Collagesity South or Collagesity Proper — haven’t decided exactly what to call it yet — remains largely unchanged from before.

House Orange, Space Ghost’s former residence and also the site of Furry Karl’s previous bar before he moved up to SoSo Mall, is still empty. Possibilities, then.

We have a new entrance point for the SoSo galleries: Central Tower. Makes more sense now. 80 of the 100 collages of the “Art 10×10” exist within, with the only series missing being Greenup, the earliest completed. Fabulous. I simply couldn’t delete any of this mall, the heart of Collagesity in many ways, when shifting the town more toward the west. Baker Blinker now owns part of the land it occupies. So attached to the SoSo Mall are Norum (an Art 10×10 wing); Bodega Market and Karoz’s upstairs apt., if he still lives here; SoSo South (Art 10×10 wing); Starbuccaneers coffee shop; SoSo North (Art 10×10 wing); Central Tower; and Furry Karl’s new bar, Joker’s Wild. 7 buildings directly attached to it, then.

There’s land to the immediate south of the mall that could be used for development, but not a lot.

Poppy Pond still exists. Mary might find it a proper fishing hole when she returns. If she returns. I think she will.

Beside it, “City Hall” remains empty.

Duplicate Carrcassonnee in the South Gazebo. Which is real? Both? Neither? No answer coming from Carrcassonnee herself. Either one.

Entrance to a sealed off portion of the village (complete with seal) featured in “Collagesity 2017 Early” LINK.

Within: VWX Secret Society. More stories here fer sure.

Perch, Gloomy Gus, Blue Feather, Darkly Manor, Fal Mouth Moon from the forest.

It’s good to be back. 🙂

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Carr. Talk Returns


*Seven* book deal??


Why not. You asked for three (more) but let’s just stretch it out to cover all the way to the end. Not your death but just the death of your job, your steady steady income. And then we’ll also have the 11th. Collagesity may not exist in Minoa much longer, thus Wheeler’s granting of my wish to return (here). But my play form of speaking has now been rendered obsolete, it seems. Same as with Hucka D.’s before me. You already have ideas of the 4th. You see its shape in colors. Dark blue. Blue — black. Rounded corners. Complex. All will return: you, Baker Blinker, Hucka Doobie, Karoz Blogger, Wheeler. Does Wheeler have a last name yet? I think he or she should. You need David Bowie going forward. He is a core. He lives inside Wheeler (for now).


Karoz should work on his TILE religion. A return to Crabwoo could be interesting. Peter SoSo.


So so many directions to go. You couldn’t have predicted Snowlands. You thought…


Sorry to interrupt, Carrcassonnee, but it’s Wheeler Wilson. (pause) Or Wilson Wheeler if the shoe is on the other foot.


You will analyze the first 3 books. You will identify trends, patterns. You will speak of them separately. I can come back at times and help but I am not around much any more. And as I was saying…


Wheeler Dale, Baker suggests again.


If you please, Baker Bloch. My time is limited (here).


Sorry. Just came to me. Go ahead. I won’t interrupt again.


You *thought* you would head to Muff-Bermingham for the end of this one (Book III, aka “Collagesity 2016-2016 Winter or C1617W), but you head to Snowlands on Sansara instead. This was always in the cards, in the books. But yet you find Muff-Bermingham within. That cabin. What is the name? Pope Project?


No Carr., that is (the title of) a different (Clifford) Simak book. This one is Way Station. It was defined several times in the book, once by me.


There you have a secret room. The Table can meet there. You do not need the Blue Feather. You can dismantle it. You can dismantle all of Carrcassonnee… Collagesity I meant. I mean. But I am not mean when I say this. I will be dismantled.


So the seven book deal doesn’t depend on the survival of Collagesity in Minoa?


Not in Minoa, no.

BBloch (after a pause):

Well, tell me more about the upcoming books. Especially the next one, the 4th.


Open doors left at end of 3. 4 is 1. This time you go to a (foreign) place at the end and stay. Snowlands. You have already promised Woody Woodmanson that you would stay. You said he is the key. So you must stay. Wheeler is there in her Way Station snug against Livigno. Also in Livigno lives or lived another two headed being you didn’t even get to mention in Book 3.


No. But one of his/her paintings is on display.

Or actually it is a Piet Mondrian, which always catches my eye in Second Life…


… because of Pietmond, yes. Piet Mond. And Mabel from that Gravity Falls, and her brother, are from Piedmont. *Old* Mabel will stare at that painting and remember. She will remember Pietmond and Piedmont together.


How is that possible?


You ask me to tell you the future…


Right. I did. So what else?


Arosa obviously. Satan Santa. A love interest for Snowmanster who is both man and woman at once. All Santas. There are many. Much to be explored. All the snowmen or “snowies” as well. Meribel — you haven’t tapped much into its past and the college and Plain Wayne and Mid Hazel. Why did Hazel have Wayne killed?


Reversing that, why did the town of Hazelwood decide to disappear into Waynesville, North Carolina in, let’s see, 1995?


Wheeler-Wilson again. Forwards and backwards and backwards and forwards at once. Plain Wayne had to be murdered because he was, well, he was just simply plain. Too plain. Mundane as the Potter people might say. Muggles?


I think so. And so Mid Hazel’s college is something like Hogwarts.


Maybe. We talk about it and it begins to take shape. Mid Haze’s woods… put up a picture. That’s where the slaughtering happened.




Very very white, yes. Close and white the trees (are). Hard to see in there. Yet you must. You must find more inside Story Room. Freezer, locker. Locked up. Safe. Open. Door. Muggles. Thank you.

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