Bentmore 01

Proposed new mythological zone of the Middletown area. Will hopefully check out more this weekend. May act as a new balance to Otanoa, replacing Alexfin developed in the early 90’s to the north (and also on the same “Bent” river). Map soon.

Bentmore center may be a type of Dead Center *Hole* (or Holl), to balance Dead Center Hill and perhaps a Dead Center Hall (center of Middletown Circle?). Must keep in mind that county to north of where these are located is a Magic Square of Mars situation, and, so, pointing to Jack County, Texas through the Wizard Cube. Middletown is the birthing place of Mythopolis and its created planet Mythos, also directly related to the Wizard Cube (green Wazob on 1 side and red Ur on the other). Like Ur, Alexfin built around dump, which is no more. Replaced by prison in effect — imprisoned. Center no longer present but maybe can be approximated still. Look back at 1990-1993 notes to find out more about Alexfin mythos which may now become obsolete or lose its center to Bentmore. Otanoa, in the meantime, has gained in strength since that will be the site of Future Home. Even the home will garner a name most likely. Gradually, gradually, it is filling out.


Also seeming to be defined in the Bentmore-Alexfin relationship is the dimensions of the county itself as framed by The River. There is no parallel big river for my present county with Blue Mountain. I don’t think this is the Bent River but am not totally sure of that. It is both the Bentmore River and the Alexfin River somehow.


Hucka D.:

Centre County is between Far North/Hi and Far South/Lo. There is no need to go further except to look for colonies. Even Blue Mountain and its Frank and Herman Park will serve this middle soon. Dead Center Hill is center or middle, yes. Middletown Circle is middle. Future Home is middle. All these are middle. Alexfin marks the location between middle and north — middle north. Bentmore marks the location of middle south. There will be more added to this. It is not Dead Center Hole (in Bentmore), then, but just a Bentmore Hole. And there is no Dead Center Hall except in Fun Fun Town, USA.


Brazil, then.

Hucka D.:



Additional note: Forest Home (AL) directly related to Future Home? Saucer? Fake Herbert? Cardinal Roads’ beginnings and ends?

Measurements in miles of Centre County Pyramid composed of Alexfin (center), Bentmore (center) and Future Home, then.


Length of pyramid base: 11.14. Length of each slant height: 8.68.

Notice the calculated 6.66 distance between Future Home apex and middle of pyramid base, which has also been identified with a particular home, current in that case and not past or future exclusively. I’ve visited the home in Google Earth Streetview not surprisingly, and found nothing to note as yet.

To complete, then, the length of both Alexfin-Hi and Bentmore-Lo is 5.57 miles. This is the pyramid fitted into Centre County.

(to be continued?)


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