map happenings 03

So we’re back to Clyde and Big Chimney.

Clyde (excerpt):


Hucka D.:

You were fishing for an answer and you were pointed toward The Mouse[ again]. Not just A Mouse mind you. *The*…


… yeah, I know. *The* Mouse. How did R. Booger Hayes then know about The Mouse? And I guess we’ll be entering that queer territory of “Mouse-speak” here, once more.

Hucka D.:

It didn’t, but it will.



Hucka D.:

Not in that way, but in that way. Half and half.


Will we ever get any straight answers about this?

Hucka D.:

Big Chimney is a folder. Q109 but R110. Half and half[ again]. Abbaddon… a bad one. Kills us all.


Sounds like Satan, Hucka D.

Hucka D.:

He is. Or she. He probably. Half and half?


I decided to let Hucka D. rest for later. One curious thing struck me about the entire list of Clyde pop places in our US of A. If you alphabetize by county, Clyde in Pennsylvania is in an Indiana County and immediately below it we have a Clyde in Iowa County from the state of Wisconsin. I looked both up on topo maps — turns out Clyde, Wisconsin is near a Wyoming, which is also in Iowa County. Then in looking up a map of Indiana County in Penn. online, the town name Utah stuck out from among the rest.

That’s a Wyoming (town) in Iowa (county) in Wisconsin (state), and then a Utah in Indiana in Pennsylvania.



I wondered how many towns with the same name as a state existed in a county with the same name as a different state which existed in a state different from either of the other two. So I decided to check… didn’t take too long, about 45 minutes. Let’s even include Washington in the results. Here they are — not many.

This is the first that came up in my search, just starting with Alabama (town) and moving forward in the alphabet. A California exists in a Washington County in Pennsylvania. This is perhaps interesting because the town has come up before in this blog, because of its variant name of Philipsburg [LINK].


So here’s the rest:





But if we eliminate anything connected with the name Washington, by far the most common state name on all 3 levels, then we are left with our two original examples and Kansas in a Delaware County in Oklahoma. Oh but by the way, a Carolina and a Wyoming exist in Washington County, Rhode Island, just to be complete about all this.

Kansas-Delaware-Oklahoma doesn’t strick me as odd as Utah-Indiana-Pennsylvania or Wyoming-Iowa-Wisconsin. For one, there’s 6 Delaware counties in the US, as opposed 2 two named Iowa (Wisconsin and Iowa itself) and our 1 Indiana county (Pennsylvania). So let’s say I stumbled upon a unique map oddity through just a single extrapolation of Clyde town names across our country. Does it mean anything? Why these 6 states in 2 triads? Well, let’s take this angle. If I had to choose between the 2 triads in question, I might give the nod to Wyoming-Iowa-Wisconsin as being stranger, since Wyoming, Wisconsin is still a village and Utah, Pennsylvania appears to be extinct as far as I can tell. Also, Clyde is much closer to Wyoming in Wisconsin than Utah in Pennsylvania. So… Iowa and Wyoming have actually been coupled together with yet another state in this blog before to create a joke character called Ohiowa Oming. That’s 3 states again, with Ohio subbing for Wisconsin then, as it were. As it is.

Speaking of the Sam Parr State College enrolled students for its initial session, Hucka D. follows the introduction of Redd Foxx with this:


Who else has enrolled? I guess we should end this surrealism soon.

Hucka D.:

Dumbgo the Insignificant. He’s probably the worst of the bunch. Patty Pepper Mint herself has enrolled for a jewelry class.


I believe that one got cancelled.

Hucka D.:

Oh right. A shame. Story Room themselves will teach the class called “Composing with the colors red, yellow, blue”. That should be exciting.


Kind of a Piet Mondrian effect, then.

Hucka D.:




Hucka D.:

Who else? The B. R. Cyrus twins Idaho Oker and Ohiowa Oming. Oh, and Fredrika Mercurious, the famous dump truck driver. And Pletiosaurus Rex. I believe that might be it.


Thank you, Hucka D. Good night, and we’ll get to those collage interpretations soon.

Ohiowa Oming and her sister Idaho Oker (obvious play) as the twins of B. R. Cyrus, who is probably the same as Billy Ray Cyrus or, more probably, a variant BRC. Surely you the reader or readers have heard of Hannah Montana and Miley Cyrus by now. Of course you have unless you’ve been living in a cave. I only live in a cave during a complete loony eclipse, but we won’t go into that. B.R. was or is the coach of the Chilbo high school football team. Sad I’ve just left that virtual area, but now I have the Rubi Woods again (yea!). I guess I’ll have to wait for Hucka D. to wake up again around dusk before getting more answers. See you then!

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