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Warren + Wilson shows up recently on James Franco…


At the 2012 Toronto International Film Festival press conference for “Spring Breakers” that took place on Friday, the young starlets Selena Gomez, Vanessa Hudgens, Ashley Benson, and Rachel Korine wowed journalists and photographers with their subtle-but-sexy outfits.

The film’s male star James Franco, however, made a more peculiar wardrobe choice.

Beside his lace-and-leopard clad costars, Franco wore some snappy jeans, sneakers, black jacket and a bright blue T-shirt with the words “Warren Wilson College” emblazoned on it.

… who starred with Winona Ryder in several recent movies, including the arthouse style The Letter from 2012 (which I just watched and was *frank*ly pretty confused about; and coming from the same year as the above picture).


Some of the interesting background of Winona here. Fun trivia (among others): Timothy Leary was her godfather.




Winona Ryder, Actress (Ryder was born in nearby Olmsted County, Minnesota but was named after the city.)




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what could I do?

Logged in tonight and found out cheapest parcels in Second Life available on mainland were right next to the Rubi Forest. So I abandoned my Noru parcel and bought ’em. I feel like I’ve come home. There’s some regrets, true. But… like the title says, what could I do? I haven’t developed my Noru property, really, since August. And I can sell the land and make a profit this time I’m sure. So, yes, I feel good about this heading into the winter season. We’ll see what develops!


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