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Revisiting “Marlin”




1904 Pettis County map (same year as the circus train wreck mentioned above with the gorilla escape). I’ve indicated that Beaman use to be called or has variable name Marlin.


Other non-Marlin based variable name besides Beaman in above is Laboratory. Here is a Falmouth collage dealing with just this combination of names: “Beemen” (or 2 Beeman), related to alchemical laboratory, that may or may not be same as meth lab, a la a Breaking Bad. If latter, 2 beemen here are Mr. White and Mr. Pinkman.



Then in “Beeman,” the following collage, I originally had a giant turtle peering over the rock at the 2 beemen. This represents Green Turtle, which is a rock directly behind the rock pictured in the collage, Hucka D.

Hucka D.:

Is that the legendary Edward Stone? At last?


Unsure. But anyway I decided the turtle didn’t fit into the collage, as I kept adding in lego works originally found in “2989” a couple of weeks ago. Or maybe it was just a couple of days back that I created it. So many collages in so short a time (!).

Hucka D.:

54 and counting. You’ll reach 61. The magic number. Then your work will be done.

(to be continued)


“Green represents safety. Green represent protection. The turtle protects. Where is the cat part? Not needed to know yet.”


So this is like Jessee and Walt’s lab on Breaking Bad. Interesting.

Hucka D.:

The lab is an alchemist’s lab, not technically a chemist’s lab. The red-blue death is beyond the rock, out more in the real world. Edward Stone shelters the two individuals, busy as men bees, from all that. Until the end[ of Season 3].


Edwardston’s number is 3, Hucka D.

Hucka D.:

Now if we look at that picture (“Beemen”), we can see more the process. It deals with TILE. The blue lego piece at the top gives first clue that this is the top of the TILE Waterfall, and the tile/lego is about to drop down. Falls. The only reason we do not have a type of death at the bottom of the fall or falls is The Contraption. The Contraption must be a perpetual motion machine, and it is. It works backwards and forwards in time[ as stated]. It powers the fall of TILE. The lego pieces are like the marbles that fall. Pull up a picture of Newton 09 if you wish.

Then, as we already know from early in Collagesity’s history, we have a link between Falls County Texas and its central Marlin (largest pop place of that name?), and Tired Falls of my virtual village, along with the falls pouring out of the front of the town diner. Perch.



I am becoming CH. Geneva+Houston County Alabama shows this.

*Then*, Marlinton has just come up in a Frank and Herman Einstein! blog post related to August and Pink Cone (=Pinkie?) and Big Island mythos stuff. Here’s that link again, but it’s actually the post just below this.


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