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I am (of course) contemplating a move in Second Life since tier payment is coming due in a couple of days. Big surprise, eh? But in walking around Collagesity tonight, am not sure I can give it up. More to be developed there. I’m thinking of eliminating the X Spot Gallery that connects Falmouth, Power Tower, and Kidd Tower. This would free up the sky a bit, and give me more prims to work with. It’s a really cool structure, but it messes up the city’s skyline. Sam Parr State College will remain. Although I may empty it of art, the Toxic Art structure will stay, since that’s making up part of the roof of the underground (which I also don’t want to eliminate). Noru Museum, Tired Falls, House Orange, Power Tower all will remain. Bodega supermarket, X Spot (groundside), and the new gallery behind it will remain. Looks like I’ll have to develop in the sky for further fun. I could have as many as 500 prims freed up soon.

Bracket Jupiter may come to live in Collagesity, and above the Bodega market again. I know he wants to write a history of the Corsica continent from the family’s perspective — he’s a native, after all. Edwardston Resident was going to write a parallel history of Heterocera, but he turned into Baker Bloch’s father (old Space Ghost). A town meeting might be in order to determine a future course.

Hiking season is over here in old cold-as-mold Blue Mountain. F–ing Blue Mountain. No, really, I love the place, or at least I use to. Still think I kind of do. But it’s hard with 6 inches of snow laying on the ground outside your door, and we’re just at the first day of November. Daylight Savings Time ends tonight, meaning it will almost be dark as soon as we get off work now. Time to focus on Second Life again for consolation. And our *f–ing* furnace went out tonight (!). I blame our fuel company — it’s been 2 weeks since we called them for a delivery and they haven’t showed up yet, and we’ve been getting fuel in 5 gallon containers from the convenience store since then. My thoughts are that the nozzle clogged up because of sediments stirred up at the bottom of the tank from these frequent refuelings. Pretty sure. But now we’ll have to call the furnace guys to fix it. And its f–ing 25 degrees outside right now with steady winds. This place gets less attractive each year we stay here. Poor little, frosty cold, student packed Blue Mountain. I always thought I’d die and be buried in it.

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