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Carrcasses revealed 04

Something I hadn’t thought about before until the present: Philip K. Dick wrote a book called Dr. Bloodmoney, and I’d code named my behemoth sync Dr. Blood, with a reversal of Blood Dr. Hmm.

Anyway, here’s that promised quote about Kansas City Life from an old webpage of mine.


Well, unfortunately this is all I can find. I’ll have to extrapolate from the following clues… I’ll bold some key comments.

Hucka D. would understand that the rearranging of the marked sections of The Wizard of Oz movie within the synchronicity, 4 in number, would equate with the current teleportation methods used in Second Life. So in the synchronicity you have movements 2-5 of Reich’s City Life played in order, with the 2 minute interrupted by 200 in the center, again… and I should add here that this is the *exact* center of this synchronicity. But let me back up and say that movements 2-3 are on one side of this center, and movements 4-5 play on the other side of this center, but both are precisely 8 minutes and 42 seconds long, for a total of 17:24. When you add the 2 minute center into the equation, the total moves to 19:24 for the entire synchronicity.

City Life within Kansas City Life


Turning to The Wizard of Oz you have, in contrast, a shuffling around of the matched video for the City Life audio. We have the entire introductory Kansas part of the movie, save that 2 minute hole in the very middle, but it is rearranged as follows. To match these tile numbers better with the City Life tracks, lets begin numbering them at 2 instead of 1:

The Wizard of Oz within K.C. Life



Hucka D.:

You might as well face the fact that you’re going to return to Second Life, to Corsica in fact. In fact it’s already done. Archers. Good work. Resurrect Bracket Jupiter. He wants to study the continent. Create his book. Send him to Pennsylvania. Good work.


What about Kansas City Life?

Hucka D.:

According to Oregon (LINK), Kansas City life is Second Life. Watch it. 2 minute hole where the 2nd enters. This is 2008 for you. It’s the seed of the 2nd.


What of Pumpkintwisters.

Hucka D.:

Output. Inside out. Peter seeded Corsica at Orion’s Vale in 2008. Hole begun. Sink. Then burrow burrow burrow — pop out in Chasm Deep. In US of A, *your* US of A, Chasm is coded in New York and not Pennsylvania, but the 2 can be associated in a single US of A tile. Dorothy’s Fall. Dorothy Falls. 444444.


4 tracks surround the central Centerville of K.C. Life. 4 tracks also surround the central Dental Hygiene Dilemma of twinned Pumpkintwisters. They are from the Smashing Pumpkins double album Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness. Billy Corgan may be a member of an Academy.

Hucka D.:

Maybe. You’ve not used the Pumpkins before or since. Nor Reich really. And Reed only in Quadrospirited, and only 1 song there — or 2 songs in 1 tile. You shoudl study 200 Motels again. Work on Foreign One. That’s where it all went down. Study the Village Green mythos. Pet a baby on its head today. Get out. Get down. Thank you.

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Carrcasses revealed 03

Pumpkintwisters > Kansas City Life (con.)

I’m just going to insert here that I know more about Centerville now than then. I know at least

1) Centerville is Ballykissangel (town)
2) Centerville is Piedmont (town) from the movie Andromeda Strain

Centerville is probably a lot of things. Its, er, central. It’s kind of a sink hole, and even seems to form a type of wormhole with the obviously paired “Dental Hygiene Dilemma” from the same 200 Motels movie.

Centerville is a kind of false middle or 2nd movie in the, if so, equally false synch KC Life. This makes the paired Dental Hygiene cartoon the 1st second movie used in a baker b. synch, but ironically the same movie as the false second movie. This is from 2004’s Pumpkintwisters. The dubbed audio comes from one source and involves one cue in this new, true center: The Kinks’ Preservation Part 2.

An example of the possible wormhole relationship between Centerville and Dental Hygiene Dilemma from 200 Motels is here. This is another Second Life based model, specifically from a virtual mainland continent called Corsica (or Corsica Prime) which contains precisely 2 defined sinkholes, or what on this graph are called Egg Hole and, in the other half of a possible chicken and egg paradoxical relationship, another larger sinkhole lying directly south called Chasm Deep.


There is an elongated (read: egg-like?) Egg Hill in Centre County Pennsylvania and indeed a direct link can be made between virtual hole and real hill here, consciously constructed this time ’round. Continuing along, the Second Life virtual continent of Corsica and its central Egg Hole sink can be seen to resonate directly with our grand state of Pennsylvania here in the US of A. Was the associate created on purpose by the terraformers of Second Life? No, I don’t think so, and obviously Pennsylvania is not modelled after Corsica, although there is a town called Corsica in Pennsylvania with other attached oddities.


I’ll not go into detail why I strongly feel Corsica, although not consciously designed as such, still acts as a Pennsylvania “stand in” on the Second Life game grid. Maybe in another place and time. I will go on here to segue into another huge mtn. of information and state that besides Pennsylvania or in addition to it, Corsica represents my most ambitious sync project creation I’ll call Dr. Blood, a behemoth of sorts. It can also take the form of an elephant. If so, Egg Hole sink may represent the (weakened) eye and Chasm Deep the (strengthened) ear, complete with gray elephant-like ear flap. Again I’ll just leave it out there as that, adding these pictures beginning with a quote by science fiction analyst Alexei Panshin from Elephant, Pennsylvania.





An = Android
Hc = Highcastle
V = Valis
U = Ubik
ZC = Zap Cannon (probably PKD’s Zap Gun)
S = Solar
Ar = Archers

Two additional sims I’ve decided to include on this list now could kind of act in tandem with each other: Archers and Android. The Transmigration of Timothy Archer is Philip Dick’s last published book, often included as the third book of the VALIS trilogy (although Dick was writing the actual third novel at the time of his death). Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? (1968) is another famous Dick work, the basis of the 1982 movie Blade Runner released just after his death. Both Archers and Android are found on Corsica Prime, and although Archers is a number of sims northeast of Solar, Android, in looking at it again, is caddycorner to Highcastle, and also directly below Deep Chasm containing the largest Corsica sink. I think, then, that Android and Highcastle must refer to the respective PKD works. Archers I’m still unsure about.


Ben eats eggs and reads Dick’s Valis in the LOST episode “Eggtown”.


Chicklettes shop found in Chasm Deep.


But what about KC Life and Pumpkintwisters? I hear you the reader asking now. Again, Egg Hill (from Hole) sink and Chasm Deep sink *are* K.C. Life and Pumpkintwisters, or at least their central, shared movie of 200 Motels. I remember now that I wrote about Kansas City Life before in another time and place. Let’s just revisit it next.

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Carrcasses revealed 02

Pumpkintwisters > Kansas City Life

Okay guys, thought I’d rewind the time machine back to summer 2004 and explain what was my first synch involving 2 movies. Actually I’ve already kind of told a lie. Let’s backtrack even further to a work called Kansas City Life from late 2001 I believe, or shortly before the evolution of Shared Fantasia. It’s not the best of synchs, and I actually pawned it off, in a manner, to another syncher who became a fiction double, a pseudonym. However, Kansas City Life taught me some things about Dark Side of the Rainbow. Again the 1939 Wizard of Oz is used, but only the beginning Kansas part. The second movie is Zappa’s 200 Motels, the same 2nd movie that will be used later on in Pumpkintwisters, the first *baker b.* 2 movie synchronicity. On the audio side for KC Life we have Steve Reich’s City Life and Lou Reed’s Metal Machine Music. The 2 minute exact center of the synch (dead center) involves the coupling of the first 2 minutes of Metal Machine Music with the first part of the psychedelic Centerville visit by Flo and Eddie (formerly of The Turtles) in 200 Motels.

You can get a precise example of the 2 minute central section on the video side here

where the sign for Centerville (0:38) comes 2 minutes before a natural break in the Centerville madness when we switch to 2 girls exiting a “rancid boutique” (2:38). This 2 minute excerpt of Centerville also comes exactly in the middle of KC Life, as it turns out. 200 (Motels) also equals 2:00 (minutes).

This is overlapped, again, with the 1st 2 minutes of Metal Machine Music, one of the most peculiar albums in the annals of rock ‘n roll history.

Without knowing anything else about the synch we already have some strange bedfellows to deal with. There’s this concerning Zappa’s posthumous induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame…

If anyone out there is wondering why Lou Reed (who never had a good word to say about Frank Zappa during Zappa’s lifetime) was chosen to induct Frank into the Rock ‘n’ Roll Hall of Fame … well, so is the late rock musician’s family.

Says his widow Gail Zappa: ‘Ten days before the actual ceremony, we still hadn’t received invitations; the producer said, “Oh, that’s unconscionable! We can give you two free tickets and arrange for two of you to fly from LA to New York.” Well, there’s five of us, of course … He said, “Well, we can sell you additional tickets at $1,500 a piece … but you can’t sit together.” I just laughed. He said something about non-profit organizations, but they can kiss my ass about non-profit organizations, especially when they were going to exploit it this year as a TV show!

‘But Moon had expressed interest in going, so we decided she’d accept the award. A week before the ceremony, they called me and said Edward Van Halen – who would have been perfect – had turned down their offer to induct Frank because he doesn’t do these things. So, I suggested Johnny ‘Guitar’ Watson, who Frank knew, loved, and had worked with. They said, “No.” I won’t say why, because I don’t want to hurt Johnny, but I did tell them that Johnny was one of the most lucid and articulate people I’ve ever heard interviewed.

‘I suggested Aerosmith, but was told they were going to induct Led Zeppelin. So, I suggested Led Zeppelin. Again, they said no.

‘I asked them who chooses these things, and I was told “the Board.” I asked if there were any musicians on the board, and, more importantly, are there any black musicians? They had to call me back, and they replied: “Yes. One. Berry Gordy.”

‘They called back, and said “We’ve invited Lou Reed to do it!” I was laughing. It was just so ironic. I said I’d talk to my kids, and they were against it; they believed Lou had millions of chances to make up with Frank. EDIT.

More soon hopefully…

2 turtles in a central location later found in Second Life (read: Kansas City Life, KC being MO’s “second” city)

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Carrcasses revealed 01

I hate to be an old fogie but I guess I am. I’m old school when it comes to audiovisual synchronicities. I like to watch them on the tellie with the speakers cranked loud. I do not yet have a home stereo system directly linking digital and analog sources together in an easy manner. Plus I’m stuck in some kind of no man’s land between synching and mashing, with no way to easily share my work. I’d like to reintroduce the idea of levels in synching sometime. No level of the 3 (I know) is worse or better than the others. Just level 3 is more complicated than level 2 and level 2 methods produce more complicated work than level 1. It is difficult for me to justify level 3 without examples, however. Each level builds one on top of the other in a logical manner. I’m about on the verge of sharing a synching work that at least starts to move from level 2 to level 3 for me called Billfork. This was over 10 years ago. I have not taped that one all the way through, but have the bits and pieces fixed, to collage together. The next large one I created, also almost 10 years old, is Head Trip, and this is moving much more into level 3 territory. That had limited exposure to what remained of the synching community at the time, but already we were far into the process of splitting apart after the Shared Fantasia peak. SF, by the way, is level 2 in my definition, but not a peak level 2. Stegokitty’s Darkest City is another example. My SID’s 1st Oz also represented a level 2 sync, and the most dead center example I know of. I would call Billfork, perhaps, an “aged” level 2 sync or synch.

My next large one after Head Trip — again we’re talking 9 1/2 years ago still — was a full level 3 project, a task I wasn’t really ready for at the time in retrospect. Whatever true creative connections with the community I had, they were broken by then. I was on my own. The thing is that after this huge work I went back to level 2 for the next project (spring 2006). But I never really went back to level 1. I would consider all levels audiovisual synchronicity, as each is built on a single cued region or collection of such. If you would like to know more about this I’ll be glad to share what I can. I might also be able to produce some more Head Trip DVDs soon… perhaps.

There was what we determined as a golden age of synching from about 1999-2003, when people as a group were moving beyond Dark Side of the Rainbow and Pink Floyd and exploring new synching ideas and crystallizing many new synchs. It was an exciting, blooming period. If you listen to Mike Johnston’s original set of synching podcasts created in 2007-2008 I believe, you can get a sense of Shared Fantasia’s central role in all this.

As I’ll always see Dark Side of the Rainbow and attached phenomena as the seed or even core of film/album synching I’ll always be a part of any synching community as it exists through time, larger or smaller. DSotR, traditional style, is level 1. It is the ur synchronicity. A very different type of synchronicity analysis can be created from matches within, and I don’t think that analysis is done by a long shot. A study called, let’s say, *rainbowology* could be created even now.

All levels I speak of are technically a mashup, even DSotR. But it’s especially in levels 2 and 3 where a distinction should be set up. I don’t consider myself a filmmaker, yet, ironically, it can be said I have made many films by now, a good number being feature length and sometime beyond. Synchronicity penetrates the levels top to bottom.

If anyone is interesting in all this I can write more about the subject. Thanks for your continued support of the film/album synching community. 🙂

I appreciate your continued ventures outside of the realm of the easily replicatable. It’s the same reason I love Zaireeka, which is predicated on the in-the-moment experience and the openness to randomness.

Thanks for the like and comment MA. I printed out my post here to read on a break. My thoughts are that level 2 and 3, without going into detail yet about them, are actually more replicatable in ways than level 1, which usually involves longer, sometimes much longer single cued regions, or what you probably remember I personally like to call “tiles”. On the other end, when you start breaking apart video and audio sources to smaller and smaller discreet parts, you also move more into mashup territory (art for art’s sake, in a way), although not necessarily. I’ve telescoped down to breaking apart or faceting, I suppose you could call it, a single song into 4 different cues for audio overlap, but that’s about it. Billfork contains an early example for this (perhaps the earliest in my stuff), and I may be able to youtube that particular section. It’s a funny one, because it involves a surreal tv show based on gluing impossible things together on the audio side, which should be “glued together” as one audio tile in the synchronicity. On the video side, we also have a kind of single narrative, but still nonlinear according to movie order. In other words, the video is broken down into 4 related but still chronologically separated parts according to movie order, and arranged to match a continuous audio track. Since the audio resonantly references gluing (or collaging, as it were) the combination of the 2 can be called archetypal in a manner, like it was meant to happen or appearing as such.
Randomness is another exploration of synchronicity that has much promise, however. And there’s the whole debate or potential debate over whether you can actually, successfully “fix” an audio and video source together in a single tile. Is the whole process random, one could ask, for example. I personally don’t think it is, but that doesn’t mean there can’t be multiple ways to create a single tile, or variations thereof. This can be traced back, in ways, to the different lion roar starts of Dark Side of the Rainbow. Ok, I really need to end my break. 🙂

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… heading to Ashville this weekend, or at least Fri night and Sat day. Will probably head to Dead Center Hill with Edna (but not Dead Center Hall). We’ll both take plenty of pics I’m sure. Fall hiking season is winding down or has wound down, what with the coming of a cold weekend in Blue Mtn. (I’ll be away thankfully) and the end of daylight savings time Sun. Will I switch creative blog energy back to Second Life? A possibility. Another possibility is working on and perhaps MapS or UMapS. Billfork. I’d like to keep a steady virtual presence — galleries and temples and overarching towns and such. The good news is that Collagesity is still certainly around. Didn’t give up my Noru land. So I have a foundation already in place. But should I just move the town elsewhere? Perhaps Yd Island — and expand it? Probably not. Will probably just build on what I have in Noru. What have I learned, then, this fall hiking season. I deem it very successful. Well, all the things I discovered in Ashville only verified that it is a nice place to live. Not quite as nice as Blue Mtn. during its peak months (March-May, Sep-Nov), but better in other times perhaps. Winters not nearly as harsh in Ashville… big plus. Summers — we have the whole urban jungle to explore. I don’t get into the woods in the summer, usually, with an exception being the exploration of Con Creek in 2012. I thought Frank and Herman Einstein would focus almost exclusively on the woods, as I shifted away from Second Life as the latter gradually died out. Hasn’t quite happened that way.

I did try to hike today, and it makes for perhaps an interesting story. I was planning to hike on the Bill Mtn. road, but I was strangely blocked. There was a car parked in my usual spot there, just off The Way. An old car of some sort, refurbished. I parked off the bank of the road, then, and proceeded down the dirt Bill Mtn. road, intending to get to at least Tiny Wiltshire and perhaps the creek behind Rust Spot. Well, someone had altered the dimensions of the road a bit, and plowed it deeper, making it difficult to pass the wet spot near the creek at its beginning. While attempting to get around this literal road block, a park ranger’s car got stuck just off the Way between my car and the antique car. It kept spinning and spinning its wheels, and then the ranger turned his blue lights on. This was still just above me as I continued to try to figure out a way to get past the swampy area in front of the creek — no success. So at one point I went up to the ranger’s car, joining another, and asked if we could push him out. Turns out he was stuck on the pavement itself, and would have to be towed. So I continued my walk down the creek, and gave up going to Bill Mtn. after reaching the point where it flows under The Way. Was finally getting the message. Oh, I got the dreaded wet foot at one point. Then I thought, well, I’ll just cross the road and head to Whitehead Crossing perhaps. But this was not to be either. I decided just to return to the car; at this point the ranger’s car had been dislodged. Edna was about to get off work and I phoned her. I would do something with her instead.

Is Bill Mtn. somehow cursed? I’m beginning to think so, as this is not the first time strange doings have occurred that turned me away from this place. Rust Spot remains an iffy visit. It shouldn’t be that way.

What if it’s a meth lab instead of an “alien lab”? No… thinking about it only a little further and I have to go with the alien infestation hypothesis still. They *know* what I’m taking pictures of. And for the record, I had my camera with me this day, ready to record again. Hmm.

There’s still a chance I’ll have a woodsy hike on Thursday before we leave Fri for Ashville. And then upon our return Sat night I can hike on Sun, which should be chilly but sunny. So there’s a little bit of a hiking season left, potentially. But I don’t think I’ll attempt Bill Mtn. again.

Hucka D.:

Whitehead Crossing would be an option. Harrisonia… you didn’t give it enough of a chance. What can I say about Bill Mtn. that hasn’t already been said?



Hucka D., what is the relationship between Bill Mtn. and Dead Center Hill, remembering that you called it Bill Hill at one time?

Hucka D.:

As you’ve guessed, I cannot make comments about that much. A transfer of energy has taken place. Blue Mountain to Ashville.


Is this further deflection?

Hucka D.:

Do not go too far into the Bill Mountain mystery.



Hucka D.:

Yes(!) Dead Center Hill is *not* offbounds, at least by our judgements.


Hucka D., it’s simply too odd that there’s a black and white rock framing Epsi (near northern edge of Bill Mtn.) and then a red rock appeared at the creek just below this past winter. You talked about a red rock in Epsi at the time. Black, white, red all over. What’s black and white and red all over is Epsi.

Hucka D.:



Can I go to Espi on Thursday and perhaps Sunday.

Hucka D.:

Epsi is on the margin. There’s a black side and then white. Epsi is half and half. See red.

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3M (con.)

Mashulaville is only US pop place beginning with the same 5 letters as MASHUP. Clearly this is where Jamie Maxwell Klinger Farr decided to seed his world conquest. More proof, if you need it, is found in Mashulaville topo map, where only 3 pop places are, in alphaorder, Macedonia, Mashulaville, and May Spring — 3M again, then. May Spring may be a dummie (i.e., fake) community to tag as the 3rd, and seeming to merely “shadow” Mashulaville itself (in same basic location; unmarked on topo map). It may act as pointer to nearby Macon, seat and largest town of inclusive Noxubee County and only pop place in county that alphabetically fits in-between any on the Mashulaville map (in order again: Macedonia, *Macon*, Mashulaville, May Spring). It replaces May Spring, then, if latter is absorbed into Mashulaville or becomes 1 with it. May Spring, of course, also reflects Mayberry of Farr’s Mayberry Monster Mash, as Mash = Mashulaville again. Also perhaps interesting: only 2 other M towns in this county are McLeod, just east of Macon, and Mohegan, also near Macon and Macedonia, hidden behind the description box on this map snapshot showing all the locations talked about so far in this post.


Notice also: X-Prairie to right of Macon — could mean something too. We do not know the depth of madness we’re dealing with. JMKF must be stopped.,_Mississippi


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Harrisonia tomorrow and Tue and maybe Wed

Will take the toys. Harrisonia is an important microcosm. You’ll see. Inspired by microcosm found on Beach. “A Rubi friend”? Strang.



Powerball “Winner”

A ticket sold in Winner for the May 27, 2009 Powerball drawing won the jackpot. The ticket was claimed at South Dakota Lottery headquarters in Pierre, on June 5. The winner, Neal Wanless, chose the cash option, and received approximately $88.5 million after withholdings.[11]

North Carolina, coached by Dean Smith, won the national title with a 63-62 victory in the final game over Georgetown, coached by John Thompson. James Worthy of North Carolina was named the tournament’s Most Outstanding Player.

North Carolina State, coached by Jim Valvano, won the national title with a 54-52 victory in the final game over Houston, coached by Guy Lewis. The ending of the final is one of the most famous in college basketball history, with a buzzer-beating dunk by Lorenzo Charles, off a high, arching air ball from 30 feet out by Dereck Whittenburg providing the final margin. This contributed to the nickname given to North Carolina State, the “Cardiac Pack”, a reference to their often close games that came down to the wire — in fact, the team won 7 of its last 9 games after trailing with a minute left in the game. Both Charles’s dunk and Valvano’s running around the court in celebration immediately after the game have been staples of NCAA tournament coverage ever since. North Carolina State’s victory has often been considered one of the greatest upsets in college basketball history.

Others: Carter (Jordan Tar Heel clone), Paxton (Jordan Bull backcourt mate).


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Weekend hikes






“A Rubi friend?”







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dead center, etc.


Princess Goddess arrives at Dead Center Hall in one. [GMIOGMD]

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Right above me is a stretch dumpster ready to speed Princess Goddess to the White Tie and Black Ribbon affair at Dead Center Hall.

There a replica of the solid platinum chord the doctors pulled out of her back, making it possible for her to speak again, will be auctioned off, along with Rose Mud, the mud board she was riding at the time of her final encounter with a land mine on the slopes of the English Alps.

Mars Hill, MarsHall (in Ashville):


We thinks the Mars Hill MarsHall combo in Madison Co. points to 5×5 Magic Square of Mars beyond 4×4 Magic Square of Jupiter (see 5 Weeks of Shining). Specifically, the 5×5 such square embodied in the animated Wizard Cube based on Jack County, Texas, pheh.

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have a decision whether to head to Ashville again today, Hucka D., or remain in my beloved Blue Mountain for the weekend. Which would you choose?

Hucka D.:

I’d go to Ashville [if I were you]. Direct link between Bill Mountain aliens and Dead Center Hill. Fulfillment. Blooming. That’s an outlet. Do you see?


I suppose, Hucka D. Long drive there. And back.

Hucka D.:

Stay over in Mythopolis. No pressing items Monday and you can finish your database document and also enter some acc. Time to ketchup. Can you mustard the needed energy?


I relish the opportunity (smile).


So it looks like I might be heading to Ashville again today, after getting a bit more sleep. Or else I spend time at Harrisonia — take the toys. Maybe the latter. Maybe head up to the True Labyrinth again, even. False Labyrinth. If so I must make a symbolic gesture of reestablishing a toy avatar center in Blue Mountain. Harrisonia may be the most powerful center outside of Frank and Herman Parks themselves, and perhaps Granddaddy Mountain. And I have a new spot there to focus upon — take pics. Will be a beautiful weekend.

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