… heading to Ashville this weekend, or at least Fri night and Sat day. Will probably head to Dead Center Hill with Edna (but not Dead Center Hall). We’ll both take plenty of pics I’m sure. Fall hiking season is winding down or has wound down, what with the coming of a cold weekend in Blue Mtn. (I’ll be away thankfully) and the end of daylight savings time Sun. Will I switch creative blog energy back to Second Life? A possibility. Another possibility is working on and perhaps MapS or UMapS. Billfork. I’d like to keep a steady virtual presence — galleries and temples and overarching towns and such. The good news is that Collagesity is still certainly around. Didn’t give up my Noru land. So I have a foundation already in place. But should I just move the town elsewhere? Perhaps Yd Island — and expand it? Probably not. Will probably just build on what I have in Noru. What have I learned, then, this fall hiking season. I deem it very successful. Well, all the things I discovered in Ashville only verified that it is a nice place to live. Not quite as nice as Blue Mtn. during its peak months (March-May, Sep-Nov), but better in other times perhaps. Winters not nearly as harsh in Ashville… big plus. Summers — we have the whole urban jungle to explore. I don’t get into the woods in the summer, usually, with an exception being the exploration of Con Creek in 2012. I thought Frank and Herman Einstein would focus almost exclusively on the woods, as I shifted away from Second Life as the latter gradually died out. Hasn’t quite happened that way.

I did try to hike today, and it makes for perhaps an interesting story. I was planning to hike on the Bill Mtn. road, but I was strangely blocked. There was a car parked in my usual spot there, just off The Way. An old car of some sort, refurbished. I parked off the bank of the road, then, and proceeded down the dirt Bill Mtn. road, intending to get to at least Tiny Wiltshire and perhaps the creek behind Rust Spot. Well, someone had altered the dimensions of the road a bit, and plowed it deeper, making it difficult to pass the wet spot near the creek at its beginning. While attempting to get around this literal road block, a park ranger’s car got stuck just off the Way between my car and the antique car. It kept spinning and spinning its wheels, and then the ranger turned his blue lights on. This was still just above me as I continued to try to figure out a way to get past the swampy area in front of the creek — no success. So at one point I went up to the ranger’s car, joining another, and asked if we could push him out. Turns out he was stuck on the pavement itself, and would have to be towed. So I continued my walk down the creek, and gave up going to Bill Mtn. after reaching the point where it flows under The Way. Was finally getting the message. Oh, I got the dreaded wet foot at one point. Then I thought, well, I’ll just cross the road and head to Whitehead Crossing perhaps. But this was not to be either. I decided just to return to the car; at this point the ranger’s car had been dislodged. Edna was about to get off work and I phoned her. I would do something with her instead.

Is Bill Mtn. somehow cursed? I’m beginning to think so, as this is not the first time strange doings have occurred that turned me away from this place. Rust Spot remains an iffy visit. It shouldn’t be that way.

What if it’s a meth lab instead of an “alien lab”? No… thinking about it only a little further and I have to go with the alien infestation hypothesis still. They *know* what I’m taking pictures of. And for the record, I had my camera with me this day, ready to record again. Hmm.

There’s still a chance I’ll have a woodsy hike on Thursday before we leave Fri for Ashville. And then upon our return Sat night I can hike on Sun, which should be chilly but sunny. So there’s a little bit of a hiking season left, potentially. But I don’t think I’ll attempt Bill Mtn. again.

Hucka D.:

Whitehead Crossing would be an option. Harrisonia… you didn’t give it enough of a chance. What can I say about Bill Mtn. that hasn’t already been said?



Hucka D., what is the relationship between Bill Mtn. and Dead Center Hill, remembering that you called it Bill Hill at one time?

Hucka D.:

As you’ve guessed, I cannot make comments about that much. A transfer of energy has taken place. Blue Mountain to Ashville.


Is this further deflection?

Hucka D.:

Do not go too far into the Bill Mountain mystery.



Hucka D.:

Yes(!) Dead Center Hill is *not* offbounds, at least by our judgements.


Hucka D., it’s simply too odd that there’s a black and white rock framing Epsi (near northern edge of Bill Mtn.) and then a red rock appeared at the creek just below this past winter. You talked about a red rock in Epsi at the time. Black, white, red all over. What’s black and white and red all over is Epsi.

Hucka D.:



Can I go to Espi on Thursday and perhaps Sunday.

Hucka D.:

Epsi is on the margin. There’s a black side and then white. Epsi is half and half. See red.

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