3M (con.)

Mashulaville is only US pop place beginning with the same 5 letters as MASHUP. Clearly this is where Jamie Maxwell Klinger Farr decided to seed his world conquest. More proof, if you need it, is found in Mashulaville topo map, where only 3 pop places are, in alphaorder, Macedonia, Mashulaville, and May Spring — 3M again, then. May Spring may be a dummie (i.e., fake) community to tag as the 3rd, and seeming to merely “shadow” Mashulaville itself (in same basic location; unmarked on topo map). It may act as pointer to nearby Macon, seat and largest town of inclusive Noxubee County and only pop place in county that alphabetically fits in-between any on the Mashulaville map (in order again: Macedonia, *Macon*, Mashulaville, May Spring). It replaces May Spring, then, if latter is absorbed into Mashulaville or becomes 1 with it. May Spring, of course, also reflects Mayberry of Farr’s Mayberry Monster Mash, as Mash = Mashulaville again. Also perhaps interesting: only 2 other M towns in this county are McLeod, just east of Macon, and Mohegan, also near Macon and Macedonia, hidden behind the description box on this map snapshot showing all the locations talked about so far in this post.


Notice also: X-Prairie to right of Macon — could mean something too. We do not know the depth of madness we’re dealing with. JMKF must be stopped.





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