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Love Lady, Pickett County, Tennessee.

Just thinking of Static, and on lark looked up Lady immediately afterwards. Only 1 in VA near Glass and Ordinary and Achilles that we’ve already discussed in assoc. with “Strength of God”. But broadening search to lady/ brings up interesting Love Lady in Pickett County, TN, and same county as *Static*.



Myst contains a library where two additional books can be found, colored red and blue…. Both plead for the Stranger to help them escape. However, the books are missing several pages, so the sons’ messages are at first unclear, and riddled with static.


books_lot_26 (2)

static/: 2 of 2:

He also grew bold and reaching out his hand stroked the face of the woman on the floor so that she was ecstatically happy.

He kissed them ecstatically.


Static is UMapS without signal. We have reached an end trap between red and blue. No way to departe.


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