New Animation

It appears that the brand spanking new Gila collage series may contain an animation in the middle of it after all. The old Gila 07 collage is transforming into a Gila 06 and a Gila 07, with the old Gila 01 instead being relegated to a pre-Gila test sort of collage. I think. Anyway here’s an early look at what seems to be turning out as Gila 06 and Gila 07… these are just tests still, mind you.

gila06 gila10

Edna and I had, just last night, watched a British Comedy episode featuring a red door (and the mysterious thing behind it). Right after this I discovered a new photo of Ironmonger Lane where the 2 cyan colored doors in the original Bryan Robert Marshall camera shot have instead been painting the opposite color of red. In the caption for his Ironmonger Lane photo taken in November 2007, Marshall states that the, “narrow alley is one of several that run at right-angles away from the main road, the A4 old coaching route. The turquoise door at the far end is the European Shiatsu School’s premises.” Apparently the next year, the European Shiatsu School sold out to The Old Barn Yoga Center, who subsequently painted the cyan doors red. It’s easy to tell these are the same doors because one of the photos included in the Yoga Center’s site is taken from essentially the same angle down Ironmonger Lane. These two photos are the basis for the projected animation in the middle of Gila.


1/29/13 update: I believe these 2 collages are now finished, and make up the 6th (left) and 10th (right) work of the Gila series.

Hucka D.:

What to do? Go to Marlborough and be A. Mann or chicken out and not go. That’s the story of the 2 collages in a way.


But there’s something deeper. The cyan colored doors “magically” changing to the opposite color of red… seeing the Red Door episode of The IT Crowd the same night as finding this red door photo… The alley is blocked in Gila 06 by the black horse with rider. The white horse is no problem in the 10th, for it’s way up in the air, and also Patty/Selma has moved off to one side to allow passage to the now red doors. A paradox, Hucka D. A conundrum.

Hucka D.:

Even though…


Even though half of, let’s see, that would be [ blue clad] Selma, is seen in 10, it equates to seeing the whole of the more diminutive [red clad] Patty in 06. This is because of the shortened perspective for the added background photo with the red doors in comparison to the Marshall shot of the cyan doors — the same, exact doors again but coming later in time (post-2007).

The white horse in the sky of 10 is like Marlborough’s own white horse, diminutive itself in comparison to most Wiltshire white horses.

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