Thoughts: Chesterton Etc. 02


“… reversed in Louisiana, with Lions the plural instead of Tigers. Instead it’s Tigerville, singular. In Chesterton yesterday there were 2 tigers on opposite sides of Wireway 61 from a lion. But at any rate, Wireway 61 resonates with Highway 61 which is, in turn, the Mighty Mississippi River itself.”

LOOK UP: How Miss. divides Lion and Tiger from each other, formerly joined at the hip. This separation also spells end of Oz rulership. Real Life begins. Birth.

Breaking of First Hoop in Chesterton at some point in the moving in of these wireways also parallels this end and new beginning.

U.S. Route 61:

U.S. Route 49:

At Jackson, U.S. Highway 49 shares an alignment with segments of Interstates 20 and 220 before turning northwest to Yazoo City. A split in the highway, rare in the U.S. system, begins here, with both routes heading into the Mississippi Delta, U.S. 49W serving the towns of Belzoni and Indianola, where it junctions U.S. Route 82 and its four-lane segment ends, while two-laned 49E serves Tchula before encountering U.S. 82 at Greenwood. Both routes continue north from 82 and are linked again at Tutwiler, Mississippi. Continuing northwest, the highway passes through an interchange with U.S. Route 61 as it enters Clarksdale. It is at Clarksdale that Highway 49 encounters “The Crossroads”, the legendary junction with State Street (an old alignment of U.S. 61) where the great blues musician Robert Johnson is reputed to have sold his soul to the devil.[6]

From Clarksdale, Highway 49 continues north toward its crossing of the Mississippi River, where it enters Arkansas near the town of Helena.

NOTE: Robert Johnson has come up in 2 separate ways recently in this blog. First, the Crossroads legend focusing on the 49-61 junction in Clarksdale has resurfaced through the crossed wireways of Chesterton, which have been identified with the 2 highways. Second, in Second Life, Quito has surfaced as a keyword in BoB (Birth of Bogato) LINK, and the Mississippi town of the same name (origin: unknown) was found to be one of 3 sites in Leflore County where Robert Johnson of 49×61 fame was reportedly buried in an unmarked grave.

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